For YEARS I have been trying to beat this God damn song on Stepmania! And today, one day after finally re-downloading Stepmania and starting to play again, I have finally, FINALLY Beaten this GOD DAMN SONG!!!!

(the actual version that I played is no where to be found).

That was the short version, the version I had to play over and over and over and over was about 5 minutes long or some crazy shit. I wish I could show you the steps, but if you want to know them, download stepmania, and then this song:

It’ll take like….5 seconds to do. You have to actually place the folder that the song is in into the song folder in the stepmania program files. It’s easy.

To be honest, I’m still shaking. I had a personal mother fucking vendetta against this song. 5 minutes of retarded jumping steps!!! To be honest again, the song isn’t even that good. I mean, by now I have it memorized, and it’s grown on me, but the only reason I’ve been trying to beat it was because I couldn’t beat it the first time….or the second time….I hate losing, and persistance finally paid off!

The steps to this song were retarded jumping steps, and they were AWESOME. The more I played, the farther into the song I got, the more I wanted to beat the shit out of this song (in a good way). God I’m so fucking pumped. I declare this the best (well, top 5) song in terms of steps EVER. (number one has to be Fascination Maxx Overload).

You have NO idea how pumped I am. NO IDEA. I feel like I just won the fucking Super Bowl. BAMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM.

NOTE: You may think that this totally didn’t warrant a post, but it totally did. More than you even know. I wish I wrote the whole post in ALL CAPS even.

As for my grade, I got a D, which is horrible….I remember when I used to AA a song like it was nothing….I guess taking a year or two off does make you kind of rusty.

Extra Shit

I’ve started Birdy the Mighty: Decode. It’s pretty good so far (about 4 episodes done). However, I’m kind of unintentionally putting all anime/manga on hold for a while.

I’ll perhaps continue watching anime when I catch up to 30 Rock, which, along with Stepmania, has been occupying all of my time.


6 thoughts on “TRIUMPH OVER INUKAMI!!!!

  1. I know how you feel, I was playing Super Scription of Data (Higurashi Rei OP), and no matter how well I did, always a damn A, but I finally got AA and it felt so good.

    • I remember when I used to be good enough to get AAs. Now I suck. I tried playing DDR the other day and almost fell on my ass. I’ve been away from the game for too long (years).

      • I’ve made it my goal to get AA on all the songs I have (which is about 172 now), so far I’ve won.

      • That’s ridiculous. I could never AA that many songs (probably…depends on how hard the steps are in extreme/oni mode….I actually find that the difficult level is harder that the hard level, because I’m always adding notes that I think should be there but aren’t).

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