Dragon Crisis

Has everything I could hope to get in a show.

First of all, Rie Kugimiya is awesome. Any show that she’s in is awesome. This is a given. But that’s not all this show has to offer. In the opening credits, one can clearly see a heterochromian girl. I haven’t seen one of those in ages! Nice!

As for the actual content of the show; it looks promising, albeit a little generic. Of course I have no real problems with generic anime. Almost all anime is generic in some way anyway, and to be honest, the whole “dragon-girl” thing in terms of a plot isn’t that bad. I think the scene that best displayed the show’s promise was the last scene where a helicopter nonchalantly shows up at their window during breakfast. That shit’s nuts. The characters aren’t really that unique, but they don’t suck either.

Hearing Rie Kugimiya scream “Ryuji” over and over again reminded me very strongly of Toradora, and it kind of makes me wonder why they chose her for the part since she’s already played a character who shouted Ryuji over and over. It’s clearly not a bad thing though, and I must say that I rather like it. Yeah, I am completely bias.

Her character of Rose is the same in physical nature to most of her typical characters, but this is perhaps the first time where it won’t take Rie’s character 18 episodes to realize she loves the main character/express her feelings. I mean, she was all over him from the start….and if the previews to the next episode are any indication, she she’s ready to fuckin marry this kid. I think the only words she said in the previews are “Love” and “Ryuiji” over and over and over and over an-

I don’t really think that the OP was that special, but the ED was…different. I’m still not sure whether I like it or hate it.

It had a weird kind of talking singing. It’s tough to describe because I’ve never really heard anything like it before. Besides the ending, the whole soundtrack of this anime kicks ass. The types of music change throughout the show. I don’t think I heard the same song twice, which is refreshing to say the least. A repetitive soundtrack can easily kill a show (Kaichou wa Maid-sama), so hearing a soundtrack with a wide variety helps in keeping the show rolling, new, and exciting. That’s one of the best things that this show does too (so far). This episode flowed very nicely. That’s it.

Stamped With the Approval of Glo the Legend

Honestly, I’m already finding it hard to wait for the next episode….I’m going to have to [try] and wait for the show to conclude, and then marathon it later.


14 thoughts on “Dragon Crisis

  1. At least you ADMIT you’re biased. I personally found the episode to be pretty bland. I’ll keep watching the series; it just doesn’t seen like anything special.

  2. Super generic, lousy studio, if I remember right. And then to top it all off, I hear Kugimiya Rie is in it. Instant switch-off, goodbye without even watching one episode. BECAUSE I AM BIASED LIKE THAT

  3. I love Sugita to death but even my love for him couldn’t make me sit through the whole episodes of Miracle Train. I might even dropped Starry Sky soon. I’m a biased fucker but you are on another different level Glo.

    This show is dumb.

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