Dragon Crisis 2: Ahhhh Shit.

I don’t usually ever do this, but it seems like I might be “blogging” (or in my case, ISSSing) this series. Why? Because the thoughts of a completely bias, rabid Rie Kugimia fan should be expressed. And since I’m the only one that I know of…well shit man….fuck it. Take in mind, however, that I could stop at anytime, skip episodes, and in all likely-hood, you’ll never hear me speak of this show again.

I’d like to just say that the first episode might have been slightly generic (okay it was mostly all generic), but in the second episode we’ve got all sorts of crazy awesome shit coming out of the woodwork. Accompanying all of this new shit, however, is flaws. Lots and lots and lots of them too.

So now we find out that Ryuji is a breaker. What the fuck is that? You’d think that it would be something at least kind of cool, because the Doc seemed really surprised when Ryuji said he was a level 10. But if being a Breaker actually were something cool, then maybe Ryuji wouldn’t have been such a fucking pussy the entire episode.

Flaw #1: Ryuji

"Myyyaaahh! Don't talk to me because I'm sad and can't cope with emotions well! Waaahhh"

Big surprise here, the main lead character is a giant fucking pussy. Who would have thought eh? Keep in mind that the seiyu, Hiro Shimono, played a role in Asura Cryin, which is a show that I will bring up again later.

Ryuji is the definition of a gigantic pussy. I mean, talk about bringing an anime down. He always looks sad, he always looks dejected….he’s a bigger buzzkill than Buzz Killington.

If I could compare him to any other character, I would compare him to a mix of Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion) and Eli Manning (New York Giants QB), who is the biggest real-life pussy ever, and can’t even fall down without fumbling the God damn football. I’d have rather signed the dog murdering Vick then deal with this pussy. God I hate Eli Manning.

One key difference in Eli Manning and Ryuji, however, is that while Eli Manning is no doubt a huge mama’s boy, Ryuji hasn’t talked to his mom in a year, and he let’s everyone know by moping around like a bitch. If my son was as big a pussy as Ryuji, then I would probably do my best to avoid contact with him too. Don’t worry though, this won’t ever happen, because Glo the Legend don’t raise no pussies.

Ryuji never even smiles, except for those shitty “pained” smiles that he gives Rose. I honestly just want to beat the shit out of Ryuji, it’s unfortunate that I’m not in this anime. Fortunately, Fang is in this anime, and does beat the shit out of Ryuji, right before stealing Rose away from him (easily). Not coincidentally, Fang is my favorite character so far. He’s a  man (technically a Dragon) who isn’t afraid to fuck shit up.

In a way, Ryuji as a character was a good reflection of this episode in general: Confused, all over the place, and filled with random crying.

Flaw #2: What the Fuck is This Shit?

I guess it just kinda slipped you mind that you had met Rose before. Personally, if I saw a girl hatch from an egg, I wouldn't forget that anytime soon......or ever.

Remember when I said to keep Asura Crying in mind? Well here come the comparisons, and that’s never a good thing.

Asura Cryin SUCKED. It was garbage. There’s a reason why I had no interest in a second season.  The animation was of the worst ever, the story was a jumbled incoherent mess, and……well that’s really all an anime needs to suck. Dragon Crisis isn’t at this level quite yet….but actually, it is.

While the animation is certainly clean and crisp, look at those fucking eyes. They’re bugging me the fuck out. YOU’RE ASIAN YOU’RE EYES SHOULDN’T BE THAT HUGE! (it’s not racist it’s a fact). But shit, if a character’s eyes were what threw me off, I’d be pretty stupid for deciding to take a chance at anime in the first place. These eyes….well they’re all just big and blocky. Straight edges and all that. Blech. The animation just doesn’t flow. It’s either blocky (eyes) or curvy (Ryuji’s cousin’s tits and ass). Okay I kinda just made all that up, but the bottom-line is, something feels off about the animation.

Now the bad part: The story. The first episode flowed nicely, and this one started off promising with the introduction of Breakers and some more information regarding dragons. I like when info is given to the audiance slowly as opposed to one big heap of shit, so when I found that the definition of what a Breaker actually is wasn’t given to us all yet, I was actually pleased. That being said, everything else is shit.

Ryuji is sad, Rose cries. then she LEAVES….this one episode felt like an entire season. There’s a bunch of anime where a female character leaves with some long lost fiancée that she doesn’t love in order to protect her true love, and then the true love has to go find her and get her back. It’s been rehashes so many times I feel like throwing up. The only difference is that this trope is usually added to the end of some shitty series, when in Dragon Crisis, they introduced this shitty piece of shit in just the second episode. I call bullshit.

And speaking of Rose, she can suddenly talk, but she still gets no lines. How can I enjoy Rie when she doesn’t really do anything? MAKE ANOTHER SEASON OF ZERO NO TSUKAIMA ALREADY!

Flaw #3: It’s Obvious

This guy is a doctor? Like he’s certified? I think it’s pretty fucking crystal clear that Rose resembles a fucking human blonde. We didn’t all need a certified scientist/doctor guy to tell us this. And did you really need to hold her hair with tongs? It’s fucking hair. Stop trying to appear scientific. You’re not.

This episode was just filled with retardedness. Between Ryuji coincidentally “just remembering” that he had seen Rose’s birth, and the doc here discovering hair colors, this episode was just filled with shit.

And back to the second picture I put up on this page…. How exactly does one “manipulate people with their imprinting?” Was Ryuji even listing to the retarded doctor? Imprinting means that a baby latches on emotionally to the first thing is sees. How the fuck can she be manipulating you?

I’m going to go watch the new Rainbow Gate….it might actually seem good.

23 thoughts on “Dragon Crisis 2: Ahhhh Shit.

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    • Oh yeah his name was Onyx…that would mean that he has 3 aliases right? If you count Black Dragon as one. They’re all pretty bad ass-names. Just another reason why he kicks ass.

      • Fang is the name is the evil organization, Onyx is the name of the black dragon.

        Many bloggers complained about Ryuji’s loss of memory but consider that he was just SIX years old when that happened. He probably lost consciousness due to the shock of seeing a girl hatching from a giant egg and later he “thought it was all a dream”. Actually I find this amnesia less deus-ex-machina than other infamous cases (i.e. Kanon’s Yuuichi).

  2. For the most part, I wasn’t a big fan of episode one. Episode 2 improved my view because for all it’s failures, Onyx is totally badass. I love that man already.

    • Onyx kicks ass. I wish he wasn’t as “high class” because it’s makes him a little less bad ass. That said, everything from his name to the arrangement of the gems on his hand is bad-ass.

  3. this site is for fags the person how made it don’t deserve to blog it was a dam good anime and people like you make me disgusted. pray i never meet you. i all ready hate your very life. hope someone extinguishes it

    • Writing a post pointing out how retarded this comment is would be too easy, so i’ll just keep it to this reply:

      As the person “how” made this site, and can assure you that while this site was not intended for “fags” as you say, I do welcome people of all sexual orientations to partake in reading my esteemed posts. if you stand by your comment that this is indeed a site for “fags,” then realize that posting a comment on this site makes you a fag, so it must be a site made for you.

      Shitty spelling and grammar aside, you should think about maybe finding a life outside anime, because you get this angry just by reading an opinion on a certain anime that clashes with yours, then you must really hate life. The good news is that if you do indeed hate life, you probably sit in your room all day, too afraid to face the outdoors, so chances of you actually meeting me are slim to none. In fact, you don’t even know what I look like or what I live.

      You’re an idiot. Go for a run or something stop getting so upset.

  4. Well, after all you’ve said… im not a critic but, i think youve got this wrong. It is your opinion, yes, but i think youre trying too hard to make your opinion a fact… (knowingly or unknowingly…) the flaws you mention are no flaws. the main character of the series is simply shy and timid at times. He doesnt want to be noticed. Im sure youd know that after watching the season. He’s emotional, yes, but the person who ,made him, made him like that to stand out. he’s a pussy sometimes, but becomes strong. thats why he can fight. Thats the flaw of your first flaw. The flaw of your second flaw, is that anyone can lose memories from such a trauma. if i see an egg, best be a bird coming out of it. to see a girl come out of it….. Yeah, i wouldve fallen into a coma after that…. In the third flaw you said, the doc is retarded. Let me ask you….. If youre a doctor or rather a scientist, and something that youve been looking for finally comes to your face after basing your research on documents, Wont you go a little crazy with stuff? A dragon? With a human look? I think you know what im getting at…. With this said, i ask you to revise your opinions. Now, thats your choice. its YOUR opinions after all, so i have no right to ask you to change it. but i thought id put down my perspective of this. I thought it would shine a little light on the series even if its just a ray.

  5. Not every main character has to be badass so don’t treat him like shit if Think was a pussy then why the hell is he fighting dragons and cursed lost preciouses I’m pretty sure no one els e wold want to do that if they did not want to fucking die but there he is risking his life to protect is friends so fuck you

  6. I didn’t actually read the comments below, so I wouldn’t know if there is a hate post as big as mine is going to be. (keep in mind that I’m mobile.) I have a list of complaints. First off lets begin with little miss Rose, it doesn’t take rocket science to figure out that she has been sheltered and uneducated, I mean the only word she knew right off the bat was a name; Ryuuji. Someone as intelligent as you should have figured that out. Secondly, lets go with the scientist shall we? This part ticked me off the most, he clearly states before seeing Rose that he has NEVER SEEN A DRAGON before. Let me repeat that. HE HAS NEVER SEEN A DRAGON. So of course he is going to question her appearance, he more than likely thought that dragons didn’t have humanoid forms. Thirdly and I will say this didn’t tick me off as much as I thought it would, but Ryuuji. A numerous amount of things happened to him one after another, he wasn’t exactly sure how to feel- or think for that matter, all of this was technically new to him considering that he had no recollection of previously meeting Rose and being saved by her. Fourthly, and I am quite certain someone has mentioned this before, if not everyone who watched it all the way through is a much greater fool than I could have ever imagined- Which involves The Black Dragon Organization known solely as Fang. If you were paying attention you will have noticed that Ryuuji’s cousin calls Onyx’s (The guy you referred to as Fang) Men, Fang or depending on the subbed version Men from Fang. It’s not that hard mate, c’mon you’re better than that, i’m sure. Last but not least and I’ll be done after this one, Is the eyes, to be honest with you those eyes went with the art work, they weren’t that bad at all, in fact I have seen far more enormous eyes than those. Anyways on a closing note, the only complaint (I’m putting two into one.) I have about the anime is that every male character (Minus adults and a certain black dragon.) looks the same and that Ryuuji’s best friend looks EXACTLY like another certain main characters best friend from CLANNAD. Anyway that’s it for my hate mail. Have a good one mate.

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