The Debate On Grades

Okay, so a while ago, I put up this poll to see what everyone’s take on grading dropped anime was:

Somewhere between re-watching Kamisama Kazoku and doing my laundry, I have made a decision on how I am going to rate dropped shows.

Take a glance at any of my series reviews (like this post), and one might think that I grade really really really easily. This is not the case. In actuality, I just drop any show that I don’t like, so most of the time no one ever sees a grade for it. In this sense, every show that I don’t like, that would normally get a low grade, get’s dropped. This is a problem, because it ends up inflating the amount of good grades that I’ll give an anime. IE: Nothing I rate ever seems to get below a 3.

I’m changing this.

From now on, I AM going to grade any show I drop, BUT there will also be an asterisk next to the show, indicating that it was only graded from the episodes that I have seen. Also, I will be indicating how many episodes out of how many episodes I watched before dropping the anime.

In a somewhat related story, it has become apparent to me that I graded shows retardedly back in the day. I gave Kamisama Kazoku a 5^^ the first time I watched it, which was probably late 2006 (around the time where I just started getting into anime….like really getting into it). I loved this show, and after playing the OP on Stepmania, I got the intense urge to rewatch it.

I had never rewatched a show in full before. I got 6 episodes into rewatching Shakugan no Shana, and I’ll rewatch some InuYasha if it’s on TV, but other then that, I’ve never fully rewatched any show.

Not only was I able to rewatch the full 13 or so series of Kamisama Kazoku, but I did it in about one day. What did I discover? It totally did not deserve the grade that I had given it. It was a good show in my eyes sure, but no where NEAR a 5^^. I’d say that it’s a 5 at best, and that might just be me being stubborn. It makes me wonder what else I over-valued back when anime was kind of new to me. I will say this though; the OP is one of the best out there.

Lately I’ve kind of taken a break from anime (new anime at least), and have been raping Stepmania like no tomorrow.

EDIT: The last sentence isn’t completely true. Sure, I’ve been playing a shitload of Stepmania/DDR, but I’ve also been bleaching through anime. Recently, I’ve just finished Birdy the Mighty Decode (1st season). Should I write a review? I don’t know. If I end up NOT doing it (likely), then I’ll leave you with this: It was very very good.

PS: I said before that I’m getting back into DDR which is a BAD THING because once you’re good at it it’s HIGHLY ADDICTIVE)

SUPER DOUBLE EDIT/DOUBLE PS: Editing this post actually makes me want to rewatch Kamisama Kazoku again. Wtf is wrong with me here? Maybe I’ll pick up the manga.

TRIPLE SUPER QUADRUPOLE PS EDIT: The manga is nowhere to be found after chapter 6.