The Debate On Grades

Okay, so a while ago, I put up this poll to see what everyone’s take on grading dropped anime was:

Somewhere between re-watching Kamisama Kazoku and doing my laundry, I have made a decision on how I am going to rate dropped shows.

Take a glance at any of my series reviews (like this post), and one might think that I grade really really really easily. This is not the case. In actuality, I just drop any show that I don’t like, so most of the time no one ever sees a grade for it. In this sense, every show that I don’t like, that would normally get a low grade, get’s dropped. This is a problem, because it ends up inflating the amount of good grades that I’ll give an anime. IE: Nothing I rate ever seems to get below a 3.

I’m changing this.

From now on, I AM going to grade any show I drop, BUT there will also be an asterisk next to the show, indicating that it was only graded from the episodes that I have seen. Also, I will be indicating how many episodes out of how many episodes I watched before dropping the anime.

In a somewhat related story, it has become apparent to me that I graded shows retardedly back in the day. I gave Kamisama Kazoku a 5^^ the first time I watched it, which was probably late 2006 (around the time where I just started getting into anime….like really getting into it). I loved this show, and after playing the OP on Stepmania, I got the intense urge to rewatch it.

I had never rewatched a show in full before. I got 6 episodes into rewatching Shakugan no Shana, and I’ll rewatch some InuYasha if it’s on TV, but other then that, I’ve never fully rewatched any show.

Not only was I able to rewatch the full 13 or so series of Kamisama Kazoku, but I did it in about one day. What did I discover? It totally did not deserve the grade that I had given it. It was a good show in my eyes sure, but no where NEAR a 5^^. I’d say that it’s a 5 at best, and that might just be me being stubborn. It makes me wonder what else I over-valued back when anime was kind of new to me. I will say this though; the OP is one of the best out there.

Lately I’ve kind of taken a break from anime (new anime at least), and have been raping Stepmania like no tomorrow.

EDIT: The last sentence isn’t completely true. Sure, I’ve been playing a shitload of Stepmania/DDR, but I’ve also been bleaching through anime. Recently, I’ve just finished Birdy the Mighty Decode (1st season). Should I write a review? I don’t know. If I end up NOT doing it (likely), then I’ll leave you with this: It was very very good.

PS: I said before that I’m getting back into DDR which is a BAD THING because once you’re good at it it’s HIGHLY ADDICTIVE)

SUPER DOUBLE EDIT/DOUBLE PS: Editing this post actually makes me want to rewatch Kamisama Kazoku again. Wtf is wrong with me here? Maybe I’ll pick up the manga.

TRIPLE SUPER QUADRUPOLE PS EDIT: The manga is nowhere to be found after chapter 6.


19 thoughts on “The Debate On Grades

  1. Rating dropped shows is reasonable but I’m afraid certain shows(not many, of course) may get better later and it may not do them justice.
    Maybe you can just use special rating for dropped shows like ‘I’ for incomplete. Just a thought 🙂

    • I can feel differently about a dropped show. When I drop a show, I’m going to try and rate it depending on how much I watched and whether or not I think it had potential to get better or not.

  2. Maybe you should watch Honey and Clover again. Maybe you’ll realized (again) that the rating you gave it was not right.

    But like I said, rating dropping shows are valid. Why torture yourself watching a fucking crappy show (unless challenged. Fuck you, Glo) just to gave it a 1 later on when you know it’s a 1 since the beginning?

    • Too long. Kamisama Kazoku was a short anime. H&C was two seasons of constant bullshit. No twists, no turns, just boringness. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s boringness. In fact, considering that in the past I rated everything HIGHER than usual, I should probably give H&C a LOWER grade.

      • I’m an art major. A closed mind is the one thing that I DON’T have. Also, considering that the show has somewhat of a basis in art, I should have loved it, but I don’t like shows that are too realistic, and I loathe romantic-drama shit above all other things.

        Do I think that H&C is a bad anime? Not at all. I fully respect the anime, and can 100% see why it might appeal to a wide number of people, but it’s the very definition of what I detest to see in a show, which is why it sucks to me.

  3. I just torture myself by finishing everything, whether I’m enjoying it or not. Even if I hate it, like with Honey & Clover. The only exception is Gantz. I’m never finishing that and it will never have a review from me.

    • Gantz is awesome.

      Well, to clarify, Gantz the manga is awesome. Gantz the anime? Don’t bother finishing it, the ending especially was stupid.

      If you want the honest truth, the anime pretty much stopped right when the manga started to get really good. I highly recommend reading the manga.

      To reiterate, the manga is mind-blowingly awesome….nay…..outstanding. READ IT.

  4. I love to play DDR as well~

    What level do you play on?

    And also, I always watch a show all the way through. Then again, my attention span is surprisingly large. Shows that were tortuous:

    -Naruto fillers. Every single fucking episode was consumed. Approximately 28 hours of my life that I shall never gain back. I wanted to throw up after all that filler consumption.

    -Innocent Venus was SO BORING and DRAB.

    -Vampire Knight, but that’s only because I like the manga much more.

    • Clearly I only play on Expert/Challenge/Oni mode. Otherwise I’d fall asleep on the mat.

      Naruto was terrible when it came to the fillers, which were actually all exactly the same thing rehashed over and over. I finished the entire series though, because I was once like you.

      I will now never watch Innocent Venus.

      Uh-oh, I have Vampire Knight on my “to-watch list”. Bad new there if I ever get to it. A bad anime can ruin a great manga, the proof is D.Gray Man. I can’t pick up the manga, even though I hear that it’s awesome. I believe it, it’s just that the anime ruined it to a point beyond salvation.

      • I play on Expert, and I’m aiming to get better. I hope to play doubles one day. *0*

        I find that Bleach fillers are also quite gag-worthy. The Bounto and Zanpakuto arcs were among the worse.

        After watching all those Naruto fillers, it made Shippuden seem like a jewel. I can’t tell if that’s a redeeming quality or not…

        You better not.

        The creator of Vampire Knight has incredibly detailed characters. Every single hair seems to be drawn with the utmost patience and skill. I respect her for that. The anime takes that godly art and pours shit all over it. The characters are disproportionate, and the coloring is WAY off. IMO the plot isn’t that great either. I was expecting sexy vampire men fighting other sexy vampire men, and romance similar to Twilight’s. The boys were certainly very sexy (in manga form, of course), but everything fell short by one hell of a lot. “Action” consists of characters waving weapons around without actually inflicting any damage, and the main girl character is WEAK AS FUCK. She always gets saved by her lil’ vampire harem and pretends to be strong by waving around her “artemis stick,” which is really JUST A FUCKING STICK. lol Sorry, I’m done ranting. :3

        I’ll have to disagree with you on that one… Despite being kind of white-washed and drab, I still really enjoyed it. And this is quite amazing, but I have actually come to appreciate the DGM fillers. This is because the manga is EXTREMELY fast paced and doesn’t leave a lot of time for character development, so although the fillers were INCREDIBLY boring and poorly scripted, I had a chance to appreciate the characters much, much more. Plus, I loved the OSTs. They had a really nice Gothic charm to them.
        Anyway, why did you hate the series?

        The recent DGM manga is pretty good, but REALLY confusing.

      • DDR kicks ass. What’s your favorite song/game version. Recently I’ve been playing mainly on my computer because the only 2 games I have are DDRMAX and Supernova, of which I prefer the former. Both have great MAX 300 mixes though. I love all of the MAXX stuff and songs like Paranoia/Fascination/etc.

        Vampire Knight sounds really “shoujo-y”. I’m probably never going to watch it because shoujo/guys don’t appeal to me. Twilight also sucks, and I know this because I’ve refused to waatch or read anything with said name. If I haven’t read or seen it, assume that it sucks.

        I was actually watching and even enjoying Naruto Sshhiippuuddeenn for a while, but I stopped somewhere on episode seventy-something. I don’t know why. I’ve been trying to get back into it but I just can’t for some reason. Sakura got bad-ass and I like that. God I should watch it again.

        Everyone says that DMG is like….the best thing ever. Maybe someday I’ll read it….I don’t like confusing things, then again, I’m not easily confused.

  5. I own DDR Extreme (green cover), DDR X2 (purple cover + new), and DDR X (orange cover). Extreme is really quite fun, but it’s pretty old, so it’s not the best quality, but nostalgia fosters my undying love for it.

    The purple one isn’t very fun. Maybe I haven’t given it enough of a chance, but it has “Just Dance” by Lady Gaga. That by itself is enough reason to land it in the trash. Don’t get me wrong, I love Lady Gaga, but COME ON. Don’t westernize a Japanese game; it never works well.

    DDR X is probably my favorite. I haven’t completely mastered it yet, but I can get a B or higher on every song except for a select few.

    I’ve only recently been introduced to playing DDR-esque games on the computer. In fact, your post about playing Stepmania actually inspired me to download the game itself. IT KICKS ASS. It has quickly become one of my addictions. I suck at it though.

    I play normal DDR with a PS2 on a newly purchased arcade style DDR mat. I haven’t been able to keep myself off of it since I bought it. Seriously, it’s like a time machine in my family room. It looks so out of place. xD

    meh I don’t mind Twilight that much. Every time I sit down to read the books, I end up getting mind-numblingly bored. I have no idea why that is because I normally have a long attention span (at least that’s what I think).

    Vampire Knight IS shoujo, and it was pretty alright until they pulled the whole incest thing. TOO FAR, JAPAN. TOO FAR.

    Yeah, you should watch it again. I’m on episode 180-ish, and HOLY SHIT. PAIN FIGHT WAS EPIC WIN. I knew it was going to be awesome, but I never knew it would own so much. Seriously blew me away. Then you’ve got Jiraiya vs Pain, Hidan vs. Kakashi… Shippuden is just full of awesome fights, and with the recent animation… My eyes are orgasming just thinking about it. The fillers still suck, but w/e and Sasuke is still a douchebag, but I suppose that without his douchebagggery the series wouldn’t have a plot.

    God, I hate Sasuke so fucking much. Then again he’ll probably die in the end, so it’s k.

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