Dragon Crisis 3: I Want to go Skiing

The title of this post will make sense later, I promise.

Myyyy preeecciioussssssssssssssss!!!!!!

Just as Erika took back her precious, Dragon Crisis took back it’s respectability in my eyes with this episode. There’s really not much to explain here, but in the main scheme of things, Ryuji stopped being a tremendous pussy, manned up, got a fucking weapon, and kicked some ass. That’s pretty much all I need to be happy.

It’s one thing to see a pussy remain a pussy throughout a whole series, like Shinji did in NGE. He was a full fleged pussy till the end. He also jerked off to a coworker in a coma, which I’m pretty sure is against regulations in the workplace. He’s the only reason why I didn’t like NGE as much as a lot of other people. Actually, he was the only reason. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a pussy main character that you just want to yell at repeatedly throughout the series. Ryuji displayed his pussy attitude last episode, but made up for it here after deciding to suck it up, be a man, and go after a FUCKING DRAGON THAT COULD KILL YOU IN A SECOND. Think about that. A dragon in this series could kill you without trying, yet Ryuji went in there and GAVE HIM THE TIME (non-sexually).

The pacing was good, the action was satisfactory, and Rie Kugimiya got lines. What is there to NOT like about this episode?

Ahhhhh yesss. How many God damn fucking times do we need to hear this? Hopefully, not many more. After hearing Rie proclaim her love for Ryuji over and over and over and over (etc) again, I just want to go skiing.

Like………….get it?

Dai su-ki? Su-ki sounds like ski? Skiing? No? Shit, another bad joke. At least Rose enjoyed the video:

Get it? She enjoyed it like....sexually......getting off? No? Shit, another bad joke.

Sorry about the crappy screenshots and more than likely shoddy spelling/grammar (hahahahaha as if it’s any worse than any of my other posts). I’m kinda drunk here. That’s right, I like to drink alone and watch anime sometimes when I happen to have a box of wine for no reason and nothing to do tomorrow. Yeah, it’s fucking wine, I know that. Yeah, okay so it’s white zifandel which is the most girly fucking wine on earth. Yeah, I had to read the box to find out how to spell that. And yeah, I realize that……idk I’m done here.

Shit, another bad joke.