Shiki: Series Review

What was Shiki about? The obvious answer would be “People standing up to and fighting against a threatening force of vampires that have inhabited their town,” but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it’s the correct answer. Through my constant and uncharacteristic over-analyisis of this show, I found that Shiki had more to do with other issues and less to do with the literal plot. First, listen to this (relevant time starts at 2:58):

“When the chips are down…these “civilized” people….they’ll eat each other.”

The Dark Knight, besides being one of the best movies I’ve ever seen in history of the world, has a lot of what I consider to be accurate information. In Shiki, this quote is more than backed up. People stop caring about who they’re killing. In one scene in particular, a girl and a few old ladies are hacking some vampires up, and then take a break for lunch. The girl doesn’t even bother to fully wipe the blood off her her hands, showing just how desensitized to the violence and brutality of killing the townspeople had become. The hunt for vampires becomes a slaughter of anyone even suspected to be involved with the Shiki, and reason is thrown out the window. In other words: Shit gets crazy.

It also deals heavily with perception of right and wrong. Are vampires in this case evil creatures? Or are they merely fighting to survive? Are the humans right in their actions? Or did they perhaps push this too far? It’s honestly a mixed bag. The humans certainly had a lot of faults of their own, and personally I’d have to say that I sided with the views of the Shiki, but still, one could say that the Shiki were wrong in their killing of the humans, when truthfully, they could have avoided the killing if they wanted to.

Theres a lot up for debate with Shiki, and that’s what makes it so great. There’s a ton of depth that grasps and intrigues. There wasn’t a moment in this series where I felt bored or ready to stop watching. It was awesome the whole way through. But I’m not gonna talk to much about that. Instead, let’s talk about this guy:

My favorite character in the show was without a doubt this guy, and after looking at him, it’s pretty easy to see why. He has one of the most manly compositions of facial hair that I have ever seen. Even his eyebrows emit rays that are the epitome of manliness. Just look at that shit! And not to be proven wrong, This guy backs it up. He bashes the shit out of vampires, including Atsushi, who was his….newphew or something? Idk, but he beats the shit out of any vampire he sees. He doesn’t pussy up, and he isn’t even afraid to kill the cute girl vampire. It’s too bad he gets done in by a cowardly attack from behind.

You know who I didn’t like? Megumi. She sucked. Then she died, and I rejoiced. The it turns out she wasn’t really dead, but when she came back, she wasn’t stupid at all, in fact, I must say that I rather liked her new bitchiness, and was kind of saddened when she got her head run over by tractor…. kind of.

The pink and black combo in this character design just work. And I don't normally like that color combo. Also, did her tits get bigger after she died? Or is it just me?

There were a lot of characters that I liked, and very few who I didn’t like. In fact, looking back it’s hard for me to remember any characters I didn’t like. If there was one I’d have to say it was the town as a collective. Just a bunch of hillbillies who were stubborn and dumb. Still, Shiki proved to be one of the better anime of the year, and this post was only about 2 months late.


Sorry. Bill didn’t rise up after Shiki sucked him dry.

PS: I started writing this post months ago, but I had only completed the first paragraph before I forgot about it completely. I’m pretty sure I had a LOT more to say about it, but I couldn’t really remember so I opted to go with a shortened review. And no, I didn’t fuckin proofread at all. I just wrote it on the fly like I always  do.


11 thoughts on “Shiki: Series Review

  1. The series as a whole was fun to watch, but one of the things I enjoyed paying attention to during the second half were Megumi’s outfits. As much as I might despise her character, she does have some good taste in fashion. Maybe the only person who surpassed her is Chizuru.

  2. Just finished watching this series yesterday at about 2AM. Best show I’ve seen in a long time. I saw the opportunity to overanalyze but declined to get in on it. For me it was all about the mystery and murders.

  3. Shiki was an amazing watch. The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 when I reviewed it is that Muroi and Sunako lived, and that seriously made me rage. I wanted them to die. I got so excited when Ookawa was about to take her down and then…then Muroi interrupted and I was furious. But it’s definitely become one of my favorites.

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  5. i finished it a week ago. i liked it, but i think there were a huge more room for an epic series that just didnt got tapped in.

    i really liked the old man figthing a lot. the whole masacre that i peeked from an AMV is what brougth me to the anime. i liked the bitch after she becomes vampire. i liked also than no character was ‘untochable’ and all were equaly prone to dead (and hence, the afterlife).

    dammn i wanted that bitch to survive, but the truck not so much. i also remeber sunako, the doctor, the prulple haired guy, the green haired nurse (hell a mess of hair is that!).

    have a look to the AMV:

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