300,000 Hits

Well what a day it’s been.

  • I got paid  to watch an awesome dodgeball tournament, which even included a two-player swing.
  • I got unexpectedly OVERpaid to shovel a tiny deck.
  • I finished Avatar: The Last Airbender, and it was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen ever.
  • I got 300,ooo smaxx (literally right after finishing Avatar.

I’d say that’s a pretty fucking great day. Wouldn’t you?

What’s the point to these types of posts? Is it to celebrate the fact that x amount of people haphazardly stumbled across this ISSS? Nope. Honestly, the only thing I use these posts for now is as an update. And so, let the update commence.

Yes, I have reached 300K. It seems like just 4 months since I last wrote about achieving another 100K. Oh right, that’s because it was. Here are the only stats that I’ll show:

It took me 14 months to reach 100K.

It took me 9 months from that date to reach 200K.

It took 4 months from that date to reach 300K.

What does that say? My site is sucking less and less as time goes on. At this rate my next 100K should be sometime in March. Since I’m not that naive though, I’ll just assume that it will take 4-5 months, and then I’ll write another stupid post like this.

What to update? Well, milestones have certainly been piling up lately. I just celebrated 200K and 2 years, and very soon I’ll be celebrating 200 anime series completed. That’s like wasting 3 months or so of anime (if you  count movies and OVAs and shit). Three months, no sleeping/eating/breaks. Makes me wonder how much of my life I’ve spent watching movies. But all this shit is boring, so let’s talk about spam and then see a short video.

What the fuck is going on with SPAM lately? Every day I click on to my dashboard and notice anywhere from 8-15 new pieces of spam trying to sell me porn site informations and other bullshit like that. What the fuck? Cut that shit out, it’s annoying! So annoying in fact, that I don’t even check the spam, I just delete it all. So if you write a comment that doesn’t show up, it means it probably got tossed, seeing as I check up on Eye Sedso as often as I look at my shitey facebook, which is about 204949 times a day.

I was going to make a video, and then I fucking did. I’ve been wanting to do something like this ever since I got my really really shitty webcam years ago. But I’ve been lazy. This video is…….retarded (perfect). Have fun, and good luck understanding what I’m saying:

If I cared I might re-do that video, but unfortunately, I don’t give a shit, so cram your criticism up your ass. The main point of that was to talk about Oballer’s Blog, which is in the process of transforming into an ISSS, making the Grand Total of ISSSs out there 3. However, he still totes the name “Oballer’s BLOG” key emphasis on “BLOG”. That shit’s gotta change. In fact, I see this as an opportunity finally give the site a name that isn’t boring and dumb like “Oballer’s Blog” was and is. to put things in perspective, a name like “Oballer’s Blog” would be like the Red Sox naming themselves “Henry’s Baseball Team.” Okay, we know it’s a baseball team, and it’s owned by John Henry. Great. God I wish I faced oballer in the anime tournament, because I would have made that a point and just taken advantage. Regardless, it’s great to have another ISSS. They don’t give shits about anything.

ISSSs in existence:

Notice how all ISSSs so far deal with a major thing in my life that I like specifically. Anime, hip hop, and movies are of my favorite things in existence. What does this mean? THE WORLD REVOLVES AROUND ME!

I’ve proven that I’m actually God, and have nothing more to say, so here’s Yuri Ebihara eating some McDonalds. I’m fucking hungry, and if it were up to me, I’d eat both the delicious McDonalds in Yuri’s hand, and Yuri’s vagina, which my hand would be in….THEN MY DICK WOULD BE THERE!

Extra Shit

If you haven’t watched Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you are really really dumb. One of the best shows ever made. More to come.

I tried to visit Refuse to Come Wack today, and got this:

Good thing I have virus protection, other wise my computer might become corrupted from looking at stuff like cute animals.

56 thoughts on “300,000 Hits

      • Sorry Glo, didn’t mean to spam your post with so many comments >_<
        Congrats on the hits! and Avatar is awesomee! I haven't watched it fully but seen couple of eps including the last one, it's pretty awesome~

    • HA! Not first!

      Throwing down lots and lots of comments doesn’t bother me at all. Trust me.

      Watch Avatar from the beginning. The progression is something to be amazed at. It’s sooooo good. I already wrote a post on it, I just have to touch it up and then put it up. Watch the whole show though.

  1. Congrendulates on the hits.
    The video was really good. Not because of what you said, I could barely understand that, but because of the way you would move the camera around and then say “shit” or “motherfucker” or something like that.

  2. Congratz on 300k hits! 🙂
    And I have watched Avatar The Last Airbender (and wrote 3 posts on it)

    By the way, did you loose weight or something? You look kind of…skinnier?

    • lol…..lost weight? No way. I’ve gained weight if anything. The camera makes me look gaunt and the fact that I’m pale as fuck doesn’t help……God I wish summer would come, but instead, here I am stuck in a winter where we get a foot of snow once a week. If you live anywhere near Northeastern USA then you know what I mean. God I need a tan.

  3. hahahahahahahah that video was FUCKING RETARDED. You are an overactor. Also, I am well aware about the name change… obviously i couldnt have an ISSS with “OBALLER’S Blog”… however, I am trying to focus on getting a couple of post weeks and also I am kicking off Sci-Fi week today…. lastly who knew changing the theme would be such a pain in the ass?

    I guess congrats on the 300k too

    • Yes it was indeed retarded. I overacted on purpose to make it this way. Inspirations included the “Unforgivable” youtube videos (although I didn’t realize this was an influence until afterward, and the black guy who’s in movies like Zakc and Miri Make a Porno, Pineapple Express, Hot Tub Time Machine, and a bunch of other shit.

      Change the name son! Think of the best name ever, you’re an ISSS, so if it’s a pun or play on words then this is even better….although I don’t really get Robert’s name.

      • well robert thinks he is black…. im planning on thinking of a name while at work today… cuz i hate that place and dont care about it at all.

      • I’ll be playing ball while you’re having fun working. Then I’ll go home. Then back to the gym later to workout. Then I’ll be trapped in my house for the rest of the week due to snow. Looks like another fun week of DDR and anime.

      • im so fucking pissed. I want to go to the gym tomorrow to play ball… and every other day this week…. Snow ball fight tommorrow??

      • I played today, and by played, I mean I sucked. When it went full court I actually played a lot better. I can pull down boards like a champ now. I can only play Mondays because of class, WHICH I WILL PROBABLY STILL HAVE TOMORROW BECAUSE CENTRAL NEVER CANCELS. My car is a piece of shit so I’m probably not going to at least my second class (which is ironically the only one I like).

    • She is a BABBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBE. I’m getting McDonalds today just because of this picture. Fuck I need to bang a hot asian girl soon or I’m going to implode.

  4. Like a true ISSSer, I just vanished into the mist. My shit had a virus, so I just deleted my whole shit without qualms since if you care too much it’s a blog.

  5. Congrats on 300k! Avatar: TLA is so amazing. I watched it as it was airing, so I wasn’t overwhelmed by the awesomeness of it all at once. I don’t think you need to be told to stay far, far away from the abomination that is the live action movie.

    • I watched it all at once, so needless to say, I was slaughtered by a massive amount of awesomeness at once, and it was awesome.

      The movie, even knowing that it sucks and will only disappoint me greatly, is kind of enticing.

  6. This has nothing to do with your post. I just wanted to say that Cemetery Drive is currently playing on my computer, and it reminded me of why I loved MCR back in the day.

    Oh, yeah, congrats on all those hits.

    P.S. Dual sucks, don’t bother with it even though it is in the Tenchiverse somehow.

    • Oh and I’m not continuing the Tenchi thing until I can find Tenchi in Tokyo somewhere in a version that is

      A. Free Streaming Online
      B. Isn’t shitty quality to the point where the audio and video don’t match.

      • Ha! That’ll never happen! Everyone hated that incarnation!

        I never even bought Danger Days. Just couldn’t get into it. Generally if I listen to MCR at all now its just Welcome to the Black Parade.

  7. Ah fuck. Sorry about the late congratulatory note but some shits happened and fucked my life.

    Camera 2… 3… or something.

    I was fucking rolling off my chair. That shit was awesome. But anyway, where’s the awards? I was actually looking forward to the awards that you usually have every time you hit another 100K.

    Now I want a meat sandwich. Damn it Yuri >_<

    • I’m used to shit happening and fucking my life. After many years of this I decided to stop caring about stuff that happens. It’s worked out pretty well so far, I haven’t even been sick in a while *knock on wood*.

      I usually only do awards for yearly celebrations, or at least that’s what I’m going to do now. The reason being I just did awards a month ago and it’s too early to do them again because they’d all be the same.

      Good luck with whatever’s bothering you.

  8. Congrats on 300k hits!

    Haven’t watched avatar: the last airbender yet… putting it on to my to watch list and will probably get around to it in a few years…

  9. Even if it’s about something mundane your posts still fill me with lulz.

    and the video wasn’t retarded… it was scary. xD
    I hope you get 2309573094670945860948 more hits. 🙂

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