Spring 2011 Looks Nice……errr

There’s a lot of good that I noticed from Spring of 2011, and the fact is, I’m going to have trouble keeping up with all the shows I want to see. Here’s the latest Scamp Chart for Spring 2011:

If you want a close up you’re going to have to go to The Cart Driver, or just click THIS. I know I can’t read any of this shit.

Here are the shows I plan on watching:

  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Electromagnetic Wave Woman & Adolescent Man
  • Moshidora
  • Blue Exorcist
  • The World God Only Knows II
  • Maria Holic Alive
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Of these I’m probably most excited for Aria the Scarlet Ammo. Why? Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t be interested in this anime….okay maybe slightly. But here we have a short flat girl who I can only assume is a tsundere, because she’s being voiced by the world’s greatest seiyu ever: Rie Kugimiya. I can’t wait to see her get back to her roots, which is short flat tsundere.

I also feel like EWW&AM is going to be awesome because it seems tailor made for SHAFT, according to the plot explanation in the picture above.

Now, then, with that out of the way, I can bring up what I’m sure a lot of people will be talking about, if they haven’t been already. Lotte’s Toy. Here’s the description up close:

What the fuck is this shit? Let me highlight:

“just turned 10”


Pretty sure this is made by pedophiles. I will CLEARLY not be watching th-




Next we have:

“Sexual perversion seminar?” What the fuck is that exactly? And their having a deviant teach it. Great. Why would anyone unwillingly participate in something like that? This looks like yet another dumb anime. But it doesn’t stop there.

That’s just sad.

It seems to me that fanservice has progressed through time from a flash of the skirt to blatant fanservice to fanservice actually written into the plots. How many shows with sex written into the descriptions (that weren’t porn) were there before the last year or two? I can’t think of any. Lately, there’s been almost one per season, what with shows like B Gata H Kei and now Lotte’s Toy and that other show up there, shit’s getting way to ridiculous.

Introducing a New ISSS: WTF!? Dreams!?

Hello there. So I’ve barely been posting this month, and as usual, this has a direct proportional correlation to the amount of anime I’ve been watching, which has been next to none. Ever since I finished Avatar (the series), I’ve just been wanting more of that. I DO at some point have to write a review of the shitty shitty movie which me and oballer watched one unfortunate day, but who knows when that will come to fruition.

Therefore, since I have nothing better to talk about, I figured, how bout I introduce my other ISSS?

Do any of you remember Frankly Stupid? It was the blog I had, but it sadly only had one funny story. Eye Sedso was my ISSS, and Frankly Stupid was kind of just a piece of shit blog I had on the side to be a bigger idiot than usual. However, I got rid of that piece of shit, because it was a piece of shit, and re-tooled it, gave it a specific theme, and re-created it as an ISSS. It’s name?

WTF!? Dreams!?

It’s purpose?

Well you see, all of my dreams kick ass, so I figured I’d share them with the world (mainly myself, because no one is going to have any interest in reading any of my dreams…actually, I don’t even have interest in reading about any of my dreams). But shit, who cares? This site is mainly just for me. If you want to know more, look at the about page to:

WTF!? Dreams!?

Dragon Crisis 6: Best Character Enters

It’s official, I think I have my best character for Dragon Crisis, and it’s this girl:

It’s pretty clear why I like her so much. If’ you’ve followed my coverage (or lack-there-of) of Asura Cryin, a very shitty show indeed that could’ve been good if it tried, then you most certainly know that I love heterochromians. That is to say, people with two different colored eyes.

If you’ve followed my inner thoughts for the Batman franchise (which is impossible to do), then you know that Catwoman (except any Catwomen played by Hallie Berry) is one of my favorite female characters in movie history.

And here we have Odd Eye. A heterochromian half wolf thief who kicks ass and even has an awesome tattoo on her arm that reminds me of Marcel from FMA, whom I adored as a character. Not only that, but she’s seemingly been outcast by everyone around her, even her master who was using her for trouble (delving into episode 7 a bit here). What is there not to love?

Also, I’m glad how her arc ended. This show is solid.

My Thoughts On Borders And A Message From Borders CEO Mike Edwards

As you may have heard, Borders books will be filing for Chapter 11 bankrupacy, which could close a large amount of it’s stores. This has a very negative impact on people like Glothelegend, who gets %100 of his manga from Borders books, as no one else in his entire GOD DAMN STATE supplies a good supply of said reading material. Being that I am a member or something like that to Borders or something, I got this email, and thought I’d share it with everyone, because I have nothing better to do at 1 AM on a Thursday.

Can you even read that? Well I didn’t make it any smaller. That’s the actual size. Basically, the CEO says that nothing is going to change despite this economic struggle, asides to “under-performing stores”, which will close. On a personal note. I’ve always felt that reading books in hand is better than reading a book on a computer or electronic device. It’s good to turn pages and feel the paper. I even like the smell of books. I really hope that Borders stays open at least until I die, because sometimes I will go on a reading binge.

I don’t THINK that the Borders near me will be closing, because it’s huge and right next to a giant mall, and the other Border is IN a mall (but I don’t like that one because they don’t have much manga, and it’s clustered comparatively). But if it does, I will spend about 100$ on manga, and totally clean the place out (huge sales after all, got to get my Negima).

On that note, I lost power recently, and had nothing to do, so I stupidly started reading Negima again. Now I’m going to go broke buying more volumes, because I refuse to read that online. In fact, most manga online just sucks. The art just isn’t as good. I wish I could find some Mysterious Girlfriend X at Border’s. The artwork really suffers from being put online.

Anyway, best luck to Borders. I now understand why you didn’t hire me the 304588439 times I applied. It’s because you had no money to pay me, not because I had any faults (I’m literally the best worker I know).

In other news, this is only my 5 post this month. A very slow month for me.

Open Letter to Madoka Kaname

After some incredibly and inarguably persuasive words, I elected to pick Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica up, and it’s pretty good. There’s really only one thing that I want to say and that’s to Madoka, the main character. I will do so in a letter, and maybe a producer of the anime will come across it and deliver it to her by writing it into the script or something.

Dear Madoka Kaname,

In the words of Ronnie from Jersey Shore, “You’re a woman, it’s time to man up.” Yes, it’s a completely contradictory phrase which also touches on the portrayal of men and women in society, but honestly, it applies to you perfectly. Madoka, you are so dumb and hardheaded that I think you should jump off a bridge, because at this point, you have attributed absolutely nothing to this anime other than having a different hair color than everyone else.

Yes, Mami is dead. And sure, if I had seen a friend get her head bitten off and her body mauled by a “witch” who slightly resembles Chain Chomp then I’d probably be a bit shaken up too. But wait a second, aren’t you forgetting something? You could become a Shoujo Magica at any second, and when you do so, you get ANY WISH YOU WANT. Any wish. There were no rules that say you can’t wish for someone to come back to life, were there? I didn’t hear anything regarding not being able to bring back the dead. In fact, the only time I heard anything remotely close was when Homura said something along the lines of “that’s as impossible as rising the dead.” But even then she was just using it as an analogy, and it had nothing to do with what one could wish for. So why don’t you just do what every single person has already thought of doing since the very second Mami died? Wish her back to life! Regardless of whether you can or not though, you’re still being a whiny sissy.

But should Mami even be dead in the first place? If what the talking cat thing says is true, then the soul of a person is in the gem that they have. Now, Mami had her head detached from her body, but I’m pretty sure her gem was not in her head, so technically, shouldn’t she have survived? At least until she got mauled by the witch thing? Eh, whatever. I knew she was going to die right when she started getting happy that Madoka was going to become a Magical Girl and be her friend. “Hey Madoka look at me! I’m fighting so awesomely take a picture I’M DEAD!” Hahaha WHAT AN IDIOT!

And what the fuck? She dies and you just give up being a Magical Girl? You seemed pretty fucking ready to do it earlier. If you ask me, not becoming a Magical Girl after Mami “died” is an insult to her memory. You really are useless.

Here’s my real problem with you, Madoka. You’re a huge pussy. Aren’t you the main character? Isn’t this supposed to be about a show where you are a super strong Magical Girl? It’s already been 6 episodes, and all I’ve seen you do so far is cry. According to the talking cat thing you’re apparently ridiculously strong, so you really don’t have anything to fear. From what it sounds like, you’re pretty much invincible. As long as you steer clear of any Dead Zones, you’re all set. Plus you get a wish!? WHAT’S THERE TO THINK ABOUT!? GOD YOU’RE STUPID. Are you going to wait until the last episode of the show to become a Magical Girl? What the fuck is wrong with you!? Everything you do is just SAD. You remind me of Eeyore from Winnie the Pooh, except that you’re an anime girl with stupid pink hair. Even when you smile you look like you’re about to cry. For the record, everyone hates Eeyore because he’s such a downer. He’s also a drunk.

You suck.


Glo the Legend

P.S. This show is like…..the first magical girl show I’ve ever watched, because the genre is seems stupid, but it’s actually good because it has shit like death and suicide and girl’s giving head (only in Mami’s case, and in a literal sense).

Extra Shit

I had the best dream ever regarding Avatar: The Last Airbender (series). I felt as though the series had continued, and the best part is, it was about 15 episodes in length (my dream….it was really really long). I feel like I got to see an exclusive 2nd season! All I remember about it was that Zuko was a full on bad guy, and Katara betrayed Aang to side with him, although it was against her will. She joined back up with Aang like a second later though, and he ignored her. Wait….I wasn’t even in this dream, except when I went skiing at my Dream Ski Mountain, which is the same mountain I ski at in every dream. I could probably draw a map of the trails at this point. Holy shit my dreams kick so much ass. I just realized that I’ve created my own personal world in my dreams and that certain parts never change. It’s literally my world. Dreams really blow my fucking mind when I start thinking about it.

REC: Drinking Really DOES Solve Everything!

REC is a short, yet awesome anime series. I first got the desire to watch it from playing this:

Oh that’s nice he got an A…I got a AA so I guess I’m better.

Anyway I really REALLY wanted to watch REC after reading this:


And by that time I was hooked. I watched it all just now (it is now about 3 AM on a Wednesday….well, technically an early Thursday I guess).

Well, I’m going to make this short. Because hey, the show itself was really really short. It was only 10 episodes, and they were only about 12 minutes long (technically it was 9 episodes with one OVA episode or some shit, but I consider it 10). In terms of plot, we get the usual cliche “girl’s apartment burns down and guy let’s her live with him” kind of deal. But instead of becoming completely retarded, REC is actually pretty well written, and isn’t filled with a bunch of bullshit like most shows are nowadays. And of course, as is with most older shows, the OP is awesome as fuck (above video).

Now here come the spoilers.

The real surprise came to me in the first episode, when Aka and Matsumaru totally bang right off the bat. Usually nothing ever happens on the first episode! But low and behold, here we have a guy comforting a girl who’s just lost pretty much everything to a fire. Her whole life literally just got burnt to the ground. But honestly I don’t know why I was so surprised. I mean, what did I think would happen?

In general, girls are weak, and when they show this weakness, they look for men, and men have penises, and women can justify a man by his penis. Clearly banging would occur. You probably really could pick up chicks at a funeral.

Soon there after the banging, Aka says that she was simply showing weakness at the time of the bang in question, and that from then on, she was only going to use Matsumaru for lodgings, which is typical of women who are all golddiggers (wow I’m really hating on women right now and I don’t know why either). Throughout the series, Aka and Matsumaru go through all sorts of shit, and just when you start thinking that they’re through, ALONG COMES THE BEER.

Matsumaru goes out and gets BOMBED, and guess who else happens to be at the same exact bar? Aka, getting trashed with her coworkers to celebrate some anime that they had recorded (Aka is an aspiring voice actress while Matsumaru kind of just sucks). One thing leads to another and at the end of the night they’re both latched on to each other more-so than ever. Suddenly, they understand each other’s feelings and the love that they have for each other.

But who cares about that shit. The main point one should take away from this ending was that without the booze, none of this would have happened. Matsumaru would still be depressed from sucking at his job, and would eventually hang himself, while Aka would become an esteemed seiyu but would resort to drugs to fill the void left by Matsumaru. Then she’d get AIDS from sharing a needle with someone and die at an early age.

So this weekend, I don’t know what you’ll be toasting to, but I’ll be giving a huge KANPAI to BEER!


Women’s basketball SUCKS.

Birdy the Mighty Decode = Seasons 1 & 2

Season one took me about 3 days or so to finish, which is decent for a 13 episode anime. It was a very good anime, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Comparatively, season two took only one sitting. Because it was awesome.

Birdy the Mighty Decode: Season One

There’s not much for me to say about the first season, and as such, this might be my shortest pair of series reviews ever. It was good. There’s something that I like about crazy situations where people “die”. For reference, see Yu Yu Hakusho, which I STILL need to finish even though I LOVE the series and would even go so far as to call it a possible 5^^.

Senkawa “dies” and a crazy situation ensues where he splits his body with Birdy. This is something I like, as I literally just said.

I pretty much liked everything about the show, but the weakest part to me might have been the characters. They were good, but Senkawa was a bit generic and one dimensional. He kind of manned up at the end though, which was nice, but overall the characters were all just…..normal. One thing I WAS glad to see was that Senkawa’s childhood friend (Hayamiya, who was a girl) actually DIDN’T have a crush of some sort on him. They were just friends. FINALLY. Usually all childhood friends who are girls secretly like the main character, but the main character is always oblivious. I was actually happy by this fact.

And here’s a question, why was M. Night Shyamalan in this series?

Not only is this character have a last name spelled like Shyamalan, he even looks the same. Throw some glasses and a white suit on M. Night and you have a perfect match!

I mean okay clearly the name Shyamalan relates to a certain ethnicity, just like the name O’Brien would clearly belong to some Irish dude, but the comparisons are many.

Not only does each Shyamalan think that they have a trick up  their sleeve at all times (in M. Night’s case, a “twist” *cough cough joke cough cough*), but both of them share a trait in that they create things which are absolute pieces of shit! The Shyamalan to the left thought he could control the Ryunka, and ended up dying immediately by the Ryunka’s hand, while the Shyamalan to the right created The Last Airbender, the latest in a series of really bad films. Here’s some unrelated screen shots!

While watching this scene, I pretended that they were actually talking about making a porno, and it actually all still made perfect sense.


Birdy the Mighty Decode: Season Two

The thing that I liked most about season two was that it contained some carry-over from season one in terms of plot, but it wasn’t a continuation of season one per-say, nor was it overly saturated with re-hashed material. It had a familiar, yet fully new plot, and what’s more, it had time travel, and it was done in a perfect way.

Where season one dealt with the Ryunka, season two dealt more with the aftermath, as well as Birdy’s past. We’re introduce to those responsible for stealing the Ryunka, and a childhood friend of Birdy’s. We also have some really awesome fight scenes, including a bad-ass chick decapitating some US guards with her hands, which is always nice. Not only that, we also have…..the Ice Climbers?

You are not in disguise, you are in cosplay.

That’s a horrible disguise. They’re clearly exact replicas of the Ice Climbers…..even the hair is the same. All they need now are some giant mallets an really shitty moves and they could be characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

The general plot was better in the second season, and what’s more, the fighting was awesome. I love the artwork and animation that is used. Whenever a fight scene develops, the art gets a lot more loose and artistic. It kind of reminded me of the action sequences from Samurai Champloo.

What I really like was the introduction of Nataru, a childhood friend of Birdy. Because of him we get to see all sorts of flashbacks of Birdy’s past and shit, but that’s not the main reason why I like him. Like Birdy, he is an Ixioran. Unlike Birdy, he was a failure. Most Ixiorans possess suprhuman traits and abilities, while he possessed none….for a while anyway. In this series, he finally realizes his powers, and uses them to MURDER THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE. Like psychotically. It was awesome. But the greatness doesn’t stop there, besides being a crazy psycho killer hellbent on getting revenge, he can also TRAVEL THROUGH FUCKING TIME, which made this show FUCKING AWESOME AS FUCKING GOD DAMN FUCK.



EDIT: Season 3? There’s enough there, plus we still don’t know who that blonde guy with the glasses is.