Birdy the Mighty Decode = Seasons 1 & 2

Season one took me about 3 days or so to finish, which is decent for a 13 episode anime. It was a very good anime, and I enjoyed it a lot.

Comparatively, season two took only one sitting. Because it was awesome.

Birdy the Mighty Decode: Season One

There’s not much for me to say about the first season, and as such, this might be my shortest pair of series reviews ever. It was good. There’s something that I like about crazy situations where people “die”. For reference, see Yu Yu Hakusho, which I STILL need to finish even though I LOVE the series and would even go so far as to call it a possible 5^^.

Senkawa “dies” and a crazy situation ensues where he splits his body with Birdy. This is something I like, as I literally just said.

I pretty much liked everything about the show, but the weakest part to me might have been the characters. They were good, but Senkawa was a bit generic and one dimensional. He kind of manned up at the end though, which was nice, but overall the characters were all just…..normal. One thing I WAS glad to see was that Senkawa’s childhood friend (Hayamiya, who was a girl) actually DIDN’T have a crush of some sort on him. They were just friends. FINALLY. Usually all childhood friends who are girls secretly like the main character, but the main character is always oblivious. I was actually happy by this fact.

And here’s a question, why was M. Night Shyamalan in this series?

Not only is this character have a last name spelled like Shyamalan, he even looks the same. Throw some glasses and a white suit on M. Night and you have a perfect match!

I mean okay clearly the name Shyamalan relates to a certain ethnicity, just like the name O’Brien would clearly belong to some Irish dude, but the comparisons are many.

Not only does each Shyamalan think that they have a trick up  their sleeve at all times (in M. Night’s case, a “twist” *cough cough joke cough cough*), but both of them share a trait in that they create things which are absolute pieces of shit! The Shyamalan to the left thought he could control the Ryunka, and ended up dying immediately by the Ryunka’s hand, while the Shyamalan to the right created The Last Airbender, the latest in a series of really bad films. Here’s some unrelated screen shots!

While watching this scene, I pretended that they were actually talking about making a porno, and it actually all still made perfect sense.


Birdy the Mighty Decode: Season Two

The thing that I liked most about season two was that it contained some carry-over from season one in terms of plot, but it wasn’t a continuation of season one per-say, nor was it overly saturated with re-hashed material. It had a familiar, yet fully new plot, and what’s more, it had time travel, and it was done in a perfect way.

Where season one dealt with the Ryunka, season two dealt more with the aftermath, as well as Birdy’s past. We’re introduce to those responsible for stealing the Ryunka, and a childhood friend of Birdy’s. We also have some really awesome fight scenes, including a bad-ass chick decapitating some US guards with her hands, which is always nice. Not only that, we also have…..the Ice Climbers?

You are not in disguise, you are in cosplay.

That’s a horrible disguise. They’re clearly exact replicas of the Ice Climbers…..even the hair is the same. All they need now are some giant mallets an really shitty moves and they could be characters in Super Smash Brothers Melee.

The general plot was better in the second season, and what’s more, the fighting was awesome. I love the artwork and animation that is used. Whenever a fight scene develops, the art gets a lot more loose and artistic. It kind of reminded me of the action sequences from Samurai Champloo.

What I really like was the introduction of Nataru, a childhood friend of Birdy. Because of him we get to see all sorts of flashbacks of Birdy’s past and shit, but that’s not the main reason why I like him. Like Birdy, he is an Ixioran. Unlike Birdy, he was a failure. Most Ixiorans possess suprhuman traits and abilities, while he possessed none….for a while anyway. In this series, he finally realizes his powers, and uses them to MURDER THE SHIT OUT OF EVERYONE. Like psychotically. It was awesome. But the greatness doesn’t stop there, besides being a crazy psycho killer hellbent on getting revenge, he can also TRAVEL THROUGH FUCKING TIME, which made this show FUCKING AWESOME AS FUCKING GOD DAMN FUCK.



EDIT: Season 3? There’s enough there, plus we still don’t know who that blonde guy with the glasses is.


26 thoughts on “Birdy the Mighty Decode = Seasons 1 & 2

  1. Season one was better than most anime like it, but nothing overly special except the awesome action scenes, and the music. Season two was so epic, that even that overused word still isn’t enough to describe it.. other awesome anime wish they could be as awesome Birdy season two.

    • There’s still a few unanswered questions, and I feel like this sets up for a season three if anything…I mean look at it this way:

      Senkawa never got his body back (again).
      We still don’t know who that blonde guy with the sunglasses is.
      Did Nataru live!?

      That’s all I can remember.

  2. I loved the second season way more than the first one, it had moar epic fight scenes! Time travel stuff is always confusing >_< I don't get what happened to Nataru in the end, where the heck did he go?

    The ice climbers resemblance made me laugh XD seriously I've never noticed!

    • You know, I wasn’t going to click that link, seeing as it says, “naughtytentaclehentai”, but then I did anyway, because I will click pretty much any link someone sends me, and yes, that is a great picture. However, one could sue that site for false advertising because it is neither naughty, nor tentacle hentai, nor even regular hentai (if such a thing exists).

      It’s a funny thing about Aria. Once I finally started liking it I stopped watching it. I do that with a lot of shows too.

  3. glad you liked it. i saw the first season long ago and lost trak of the series, i did know about the second season. just forgot about it. but now you come here to remind me this prety fun series. i saw it coz f nostalgia, like 10 year ago i saw the original Birdy ovas, they are like 4 of them and ended with a promise of more episodes than never concreted… it had a more serius dark plot but never forgeting the comic relief. i recomend it to you coz its a clasic, to compare arts, evolution, plot feeling etc. i whould have liked they followed with the old OVAs was more attuned to my likes. but hell Decode is good, i will watch 2nd as soon i finish Magic Knigth Rayhart.

  4. I also want to know more about Tsutomu’s friend. He got a fortune saying he was the son of an alien. And that old hag Altan who does business with Birdy was at his house talking to his mom about a 1000 year debt that could never be repaid :0

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