REC: Drinking Really DOES Solve Everything!

REC is a short, yet awesome anime series. I first got the desire to watch it from playing this:

Oh that’s nice he got an A…I got a AA so I guess I’m better.

Anyway I really REALLY wanted to watch REC after reading this:


And by that time I was hooked. I watched it all just now (it is now about 3 AM on a Wednesday….well, technically an early Thursday I guess).

Well, I’m going to make this short. Because hey, the show itself was really really short. It was only 10 episodes, and they were only about 12 minutes long (technically it was 9 episodes with one OVA episode or some shit, but I consider it 10). In terms of plot, we get the usual cliche “girl’s apartment burns down and guy let’s her live with him” kind of deal. But instead of becoming completely retarded, REC is actually pretty well written, and isn’t filled with a bunch of bullshit like most shows are nowadays. And of course, as is with most older shows, the OP is awesome as fuck (above video).

Now here come the spoilers.

The real surprise came to me in the first episode, when Aka and Matsumaru totally bang right off the bat. Usually nothing ever happens on the first episode! But low and behold, here we have a guy comforting a girl who’s just lost pretty much everything to a fire. Her whole life literally just got burnt to the ground. But honestly I don’t know why I was so surprised. I mean, what did I think would happen?

In general, girls are weak, and when they show this weakness, they look for men, and men have penises, and women can justify a man by his penis. Clearly banging would occur. You probably really could pick up chicks at a funeral.

Soon there after the banging, Aka says that she was simply showing weakness at the time of the bang in question, and that from then on, she was only going to use Matsumaru for lodgings, which is typical of women who are all golddiggers (wow I’m really hating on women right now and I don’t know why either). Throughout the series, Aka and Matsumaru go through all sorts of shit, and just when you start thinking that they’re through, ALONG COMES THE BEER.

Matsumaru goes out and gets BOMBED, and guess who else happens to be at the same exact bar? Aka, getting trashed with her coworkers to celebrate some anime that they had recorded (Aka is an aspiring voice actress while Matsumaru kind of just sucks). One thing leads to another and at the end of the night they’re both latched on to each other more-so than ever. Suddenly, they understand each other’s feelings and the love that they have for each other.

But who cares about that shit. The main point one should take away from this ending was that without the booze, none of this would have happened. Matsumaru would still be depressed from sucking at his job, and would eventually hang himself, while Aka would become an esteemed seiyu but would resort to drugs to fill the void left by Matsumaru. Then she’d get AIDS from sharing a needle with someone and die at an early age.

So this weekend, I don’t know what you’ll be toasting to, but I’ll be giving a huge KANPAI to BEER!


Women’s basketball SUCKS.


20 thoughts on “REC: Drinking Really DOES Solve Everything!

  1. When I was writing that post I thought “if this encourages even one person to watch and enjoy this, I’ll be happy.” so yeah, thanks. JUST AS PLANNED. ^_^

    I hadn’t looked at the final episode from that angle, but you logic is irrefutable: beer really does make everything better.

  2. This was one of the first shows I reviewed, but commenting just to draw attention to my own post would make me a douchebag, so I definitely won’t do that.

    Women suck at math.

  3. Haven’t heard of this one either…but the fact that it’s so short suggests to me that I should definitely use it as part of the 150 Anime Challenge, because it’d be BAM, DONE. Which would be awesome. So I think I will.

    • Hey, you’re 1/30th of the way done! If you want some good short shows that kick ass I suggest:

      – Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan
      – Magipoka

      I can’t remember any other shows, and I don’t even know if Magipoka was even that short. I think it was 11 episodes and they weren’t too long. It wasn’t a spectacular show, but I liked it. As for Bokusatsu Tenshi, if you haven’t seen that yet then I pity your existence.

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