My Thoughts On Borders And A Message From Borders CEO Mike Edwards

As you may have heard, Borders books will be filing for Chapter 11 bankrupacy, which could close a large amount of it’s stores. This has a very negative impact on people like Glothelegend, who gets %100 of his manga from Borders books, as no one else in his entire GOD DAMN STATE supplies a good supply of said reading material. Being that I am a member or something like that to Borders or something, I got this email, and thought I’d share it with everyone, because I have nothing better to do at 1 AM on a Thursday.

Can you even read that? Well I didn’t make it any smaller. That’s the actual size. Basically, the CEO says that nothing is going to change despite this economic struggle, asides to “under-performing stores”, which will close. On a personal note. I’ve always felt that reading books in hand is better than reading a book on a computer or electronic device. It’s good to turn pages and feel the paper. I even like the smell of books. I really hope that Borders stays open at least until I die, because sometimes I will go on a reading binge.

I don’t THINK that the Borders near me will be closing, because it’s huge and right next to a giant mall, and the other Border is IN a mall (but I don’t like that one because they don’t have much manga, and it’s clustered comparatively). But if it does, I will spend about 100$ on manga, and totally clean the place out (huge sales after all, got to get my Negima).

On that note, I lost power recently, and had nothing to do, so I stupidly started reading Negima again. Now I’m going to go broke buying more volumes, because I refuse to read that online. In fact, most manga online just sucks. The art just isn’t as good. I wish I could find some Mysterious Girlfriend X at Border’s. The artwork really suffers from being put online.

Anyway, best luck to Borders. I now understand why you didn’t hire me the 304588439 times I applied. It’s because you had no money to pay me, not because I had any faults (I’m literally the best worker I know).

In other news, this is only my 5 post this month. A very slow month for me.


36 thoughts on “My Thoughts On Borders And A Message From Borders CEO Mike Edwards

  1. e-Books can’t replace the feeling of a book in your hands. Those who said they can obviously born in the late 90’s and they are all retarded.

    When I was born, there is no play station. Nintendo was invented when I was 10.

    • I hear you on that one. I still have the original Game Boy, and it STILL FUCKING WORKS. (you know, the big grey one). I remember when that was the newest piece of shit and everyone was going psycho over it. Fuck I remember when Windows didn’t exist, and I had to do shit in DOS mode on the school’s mac to play Oregon Trail and die of dysentery. Then I remember playing that maze game on the Microsoft Encarta thing. Then I remember Lode Runner, Magic Carpet, and Mist, the dumbest game ever. Lode Runner kicked ASS fuck I want that game.

  2. Agreed about books. I love flipping through the pages and reading books for real. The experience just isn’t the same. Same with manga and artbooks vs. scans. Plus, it’s so convenient to carry books around. You can even bring it into the bathroom…

    Anyway, if the Borders near you close, there are always other and online stores that sell books.

    • I don’t like buying online for some reason. I find that it’s easier and quicker to just go to the store. Idk. I need a high paying job so I can feel fine about dropping $100 on manga.

  3. Where I come from the Borders bookstore has been taken over by a franchise operator. I think it should be safe for now.

    And it’s “As you may have heard, Borders books will be filing for Chapter 11 bankrupacy, which could close a large amount of *its* stores.” Trick: when using it’s, expand it to “it is” and see whether the sentence still makes sense. If it doesn’t, use its. This is not the case for any word other than its. For example: Julia’s package doesn’t mean Julia is package. Julia’s going to the bank does mean Julia is going to the bank. It’s package means “it is package”. Its package means the package that belongs to it.

  4. While a digital copy is more convenient, the problem is that it’s DRM laden and you are locked into one book store… This is why I see actual books as a better experience since it’s free from draconian DRM and its tangible… Like with DVDs, you don’t get the same experience if you were to download a movie off iTunes or streaming it.

    • Chances are, if you pay money for something, it’s gonna be better than a free version. And yeah, a digital copy from something like a Kindle (my mom has one) is nice and small, but nothing substitutes for the feel of a book. KILL THE TREES! MAKE BOOKS!

  5. I bought all 5 Dexter books from borders…. but the last book I bought was from Amazon because i get wayyy better rewards from Amazon. I’m only half way thru, but its Dune, the best sci fi novel EVER… fucking awesome.

    • eventually all bookstores will be dead and gone, but hey, I’ll gladly pay for reading. Except the times when I go into borders and just read the whole book in store and not pay for it. It’s like legal stealing.

  6. its looks like fisical stuff are losing value to their electronic alternatives. Hope you enjoy reading this article that predict stuff that will be obsolete:

    agree or not, it is hapening anyways. CD are replaced by downloadable music, dvds by downloadable movies, PC programs: downloadable. books downloadable. My humble guess is: everythink that can be digitalized will be digitalized and distributed via internet donwload and will replace the phisical stuff in arround 90%+ of units.

    is usual to hear now days “x store close” why? you can’t unkeep to sell more espensive (wich require space, lots of manhours, etc) phisical stuff when there are cheaper electronic alternatives for sale out there.

    hence in order to survive, Borders will require to close 90% of its phisical stores and replace then with more e-book download-selling servers.

      • yea think about it: no more music CDs, no more DVD movies, no more software CD/DVDs, no more BOOKs! omg! all will be replaced by space used in your hard drive!

        To account with that trend I just bougth a new external hard drive 1TB Western Digital for just 99$ :O! omg i just love my new HDD 🙂

      • yes! just 99$ for external drive using usb 3.0 power and no ac conector (the most expensive line of drives), but take into account it was an amazon offer, it says usual price is like 159$ and that had a big line over the price saying “not today”. maybe the offer is still alive? oh common now its $94.99!! not fair i want to save another 5 bucks!:

        in may case i have a fair story with computers, i personaly touched some 1GB internal drives my father had in his old computer. and i rememnber the pentium 4 boom and in that time we had a computer featunring 40GB drive, pentium 4 and 512mb ram, it was the mainstrem iconic destop computer. btw i sold that oldie like a month ago, very cheap, the guy was really happy about the bargain, new computers are arround 4 times my price.

  7. My book reading decreased lately and replaced by sleeping. Nevertheless, I think we all agree that reading real books beats reading from the screen. Real books makes reading more intimate, more personal. It’s like a direct communication between authors and readers and the story in the book. I especially love reading old/worn books. They smell good despite the dust and allergens.

  8. My wife has worked for the company for 12 years and when they said the store is closing they also said that even though she is a part of management that she would not get anything as a severance. General mangers, assistants, and several other key holder positions are going to receive what they call bankruptcy bonuses(What the hell is that). Borders is screwing those employees over that have given most of there work career to them. The problem that I have with this is that the CEO and top executives are probably still getting paid way to much and getting bonuses on top of that. Why don’t they take a pay cut and invest the money into the company and try to make sure they did not have to put so many people out of jobs. The least they could do is give some kind of severance package to the employees.

  9. “I don’t THINK that the Borders near me will be closing, because it’s huge and right next to a giant mall.”

    Our Borders is closing AND it’s by a mall. So sad. I LOVE Borders, but there’s like 3 other Barnes & Nobles (which I hate) closer to us; I would’ve gone more, had it not been so far. 😦

    Oh well, I’m going there in a few hours, actually. See what’s on sale. I hardly ever bought anything from B&N anyway, because their selection sucks.

    • There’s one closing in Manchester nearby, but it’s about a 40 minute drive, and I can’t be bothered to drive so far just to debate buying some manga. I don’t think anyone likes Barnes and Noble, but they’ll always be in business because they have a monopoly on selling school text books for high, inflated, ridiculous prices. I don’t buy school books anymore.

  10. I agree with you, I make shipments from Japan with manga/LN every two month and it’s a wonderful thing to have them in your hands!
    Scans or ebook are not for me. :E

    • Only one in Manchester, but that’s like 45 minutes away from me. The ones close to me are still fully operational, with no hints to a closure. In fact the one in Manchester is the only one in CT that has closed to my knowledge.

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