Dragon Crisis 6: Best Character Enters

It’s official, I think I have my best character for Dragon Crisis, and it’s this girl:

It’s pretty clear why I like her so much. If’ you’ve followed my coverage (or lack-there-of) of Asura Cryin, a very shitty show indeed that could’ve been good if it tried, then you most certainly know that I love heterochromians. That is to say, people with two different colored eyes.

If you’ve followed my inner thoughts for the Batman franchise (which is impossible to do), then you know that Catwoman (except any Catwomen played by Hallie Berry) is one of my favorite female characters in movie history.

And here we have Odd Eye. A heterochromian half wolf thief who kicks ass and even has an awesome tattoo on her arm that reminds me of Marcel from FMA, whom I adored as a character. Not only that, but she’s seemingly been outcast by everyone around her, even her master who was using her for trouble (delving into episode 7 a bit here). What is there not to love?

Also, I’m glad how her arc ended. This show is solid.

17 thoughts on “Dragon Crisis 6: Best Character Enters

    • I’m not going to deny this. Although remember also that I am:

      – Bias for anything with Rie K.
      – Bias for anything that satisfies one of my favorite character traits (heterochromia).
      – Just bias.

      • A: I tried to watch Shangri-La. It had soooo much to offer: Heterochromian girl, girl with bandages, Boomerang girl, a name that was also the name of a song by Chatmonchy…..but it just sucked. It was all over the place and completely incoherent.

        I hate Watanuki he sucks. I like Zashiki Warashi because she’s awesome as fuck.

  1. What Klux said.

    I’m sorta sitting here mouthing wordlessly in disbelief at the statement “This show is solid”. Sometimes I’m just really not sure what to say. Though I suppose, comparatively speaking, she is about 100x more interesting than Rose could ever manage.

    • I’m not saying that this show is great. But it’s not as bad as people say it is. I’ll probably end up giving is a solid 4, which for me means that it had faults but for the most part is enjoyable.

      It’s better than a lot of other shitshows out there.

    • I feel like she’s trying too hard, and for no reason. She’s never going to get Ryuji’s love based on the fact that she looks like a child. She’s probably more like a younger sister to Ryuji.

  2. I don’t know why i’m liking this show either.

    And secondly, Ai (Odd Eye’s name) is definitely hot. 😐
    I’d tap that so hard…

    err ya, anyway, Dragon Crisis is pretty good. I’m not being biased for Rie or Hetochromatias or however you spell that.

    I just enjoy the show because it’s a pretty fun Urban fantasy. I think.

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