Introducing a New ISSS: WTF!? Dreams!?

Hello there. So I’ve barely been posting this month, and as usual, this has a direct proportional correlation to the amount of anime I’ve been watching, which has been next to none. Ever since I finished Avatar (the series), I’ve just been wanting more of that. I DO at some point have to write a review of the shitty shitty movie which me and oballer watched one unfortunate day, but who knows when that will come to fruition.

Therefore, since I have nothing better to talk about, I figured, how bout I introduce my other ISSS?

Do any of you remember Frankly Stupid? It was the blog I had, but it sadly only had one funny story. Eye Sedso was my ISSS, and Frankly Stupid was kind of just a piece of shit blog I had on the side to be a bigger idiot than usual. However, I got rid of that piece of shit, because it was a piece of shit, and re-tooled it, gave it a specific theme, and re-created it as an ISSS. It’s name?

WTF!? Dreams!?

It’s purpose?

Well you see, all of my dreams kick ass, so I figured I’d share them with the world (mainly myself, because no one is going to have any interest in reading any of my dreams…actually, I don’t even have interest in reading about any of my dreams). But shit, who cares? This site is mainly just for me. If you want to know more, look at the about page to:

WTF!? Dreams!?

4 thoughts on “Introducing a New ISSS: WTF!? Dreams!?

    • They should invent “Dream Pills” that put you to sleep and make you have awesome, very realistic dreams. Holy shit did I just create an idea that would make billions? Yes I did.

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