Spring 2011 Looks Nice……errr

There’s a lot of good that I noticed from Spring of 2011, and the fact is, I’m going to have trouble keeping up with all the shows I want to see. Here’s the latest Scamp Chart for Spring 2011:

If you want a close up you’re going to have to go to The Cart Driver, or just click THIS. I know I can’t read any of this shit.

Here are the shows I plan on watching:

  • Deadman Wonderland
  • Electromagnetic Wave Woman & Adolescent Man
  • Moshidora
  • Blue Exorcist
  • The World God Only Knows II
  • Maria Holic Alive
  • Aria the Scarlet Ammo

Of these I’m probably most excited for Aria the Scarlet Ammo. Why? Under normal circumstances, I probably wouldn’t be interested in this anime….okay maybe slightly. But here we have a short flat girl who I can only assume is a tsundere, because she’s being voiced by the world’s greatest seiyu ever: Rie Kugimiya. I can’t wait to see her get back to her roots, which is short flat tsundere.

I also feel like EWW&AM is going to be awesome because it seems tailor made for SHAFT, according to the plot explanation in the picture above.

Now, then, with that out of the way, I can bring up what I’m sure a lot of people will be talking about, if they haven’t been already. Lotte’s Toy. Here’s the description up close:

What the fuck is this shit? Let me highlight:

“just turned 10”


Pretty sure this is made by pedophiles. I will CLEARLY not be watching th-




Next we have:

“Sexual perversion seminar?” What the fuck is that exactly? And their having a deviant teach it. Great. Why would anyone unwillingly participate in something like that? This looks like yet another dumb anime. But it doesn’t stop there.

That’s just sad.

It seems to me that fanservice has progressed through time from a flash of the skirt to blatant fanservice to fanservice actually written into the plots. How many shows with sex written into the descriptions (that weren’t porn) were there before the last year or two? I can’t think of any. Lately, there’s been almost one per season, what with shows like B Gata H Kei and now Lotte’s Toy and that other show up there, shit’s getting way to ridiculous.


27 thoughts on “Spring 2011 Looks Nice……errr

  1. Hen Zemi had an OVA episode released and it’s actually fairly good. No really, it’s an honest look at weird sexual perversions. It’s not great but I liked it way more than I should have

  2. Have you read Aku no Hana? Its kind of like Koharu no Hibi (psycho stalker girl), but only a billion times more crazy.

  3. A. You aren’t going to watch X-Men?

    B. Yea you do have problems with sex… sometimes sex can be a bloody mess.

  4. Seems like a lot of seasonal impressions are coming out early this season.

    I’m mostly looking forward to God Only Knows S2, but I’m with ya on Aria the Scarlet Ammo. Have you seen the two PVs out for it? Got me hyped as hell for it.

    But what’s with the lack of love for noitaminA? I’ve seen tons of hype for C, since the director also did Trapeze. I’ve never actually seen Trapeze myself, though.

  5. Wow Aria looks awesome. It literally has everything I could want:

    – Rie Kugimiya Lead Role of her Typical Roles.
    – Girl with samurai sword.
    – Girl with gun who I can only assume shows no emotion (Yuki Nagato character type).
    – J.C. Staff.
    – Girls with guns.

    I can’t wait for this anime. Rie is BACK.

    I’ve never heard of noitaminA. I’ve seen a few episodes of Trapeze and wanted to go back and watch it all but I accidentally dropped it because my computer crashed and I completely forgot I was watching it.

    • niotaminA is the name of the TV block that Fuji TV hosts. There’s two of them every season nowadays. Basically only shows with a big importance on story rather than fanservice and such get the slots.

      For example, this season has Fractale and Horou Musuko in the slots. You can see an entire list of shows ever to be on the block on wikipedia if you google noitaminA.

      I still don’t know why they decided to name the block “Animation” backwards, though.

      • I actually have heard of the name before, but I never knew what it was. Well I’m now going to look up all of the shows and possibly watch them all.

  6. i just read lotteś toy manga yesterday, single day. only 15 caps available. is fun and sexy. pretty similar to hayate no gotoku considering the princess and the guy.

    • I want as little to do with the show as possible.

      Comparisons to Hayate are promising, but use them carefully because Hayate is a show of complete awesome and comparing it with poor shows would sully the name. This would cause you to become cursed by the anime/manga Gods: Spike Spiegal, Konata Izumi, and of course, Haruhi Suzumiya.

  7. I like to think I’m above watching Lotte’s Toy. But something tells me I’m going to end up watching it anyway. I worry myself sometimes.

    Of course I’m looking forward to the Exorcist thing–I’m pretty sure it has Hiroshi Kamiya in it.

    • Watch what you want. I almost always enjoy the few shows I choose from the lineup, although this season I’m currently watching Rio: Rainbow Gate, so this won’t always hold true.

      Where the fuck is Shakugan no Shana III!? I WANT IT NOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!!!!!

      At least there’s plenty of Rie Kugimiya characters that send her back to the glory days of flat chested tsunderes. I’ll probably end up liking Lotte’s Toy if the flat chested main character is a tsundere. This will make me a pedophile though, so I’ll have to hide all evidence of me liking it.

    • *whispers: What have you done? Are you crazy??*

      HAHA No Rie! She didn’t mean it I swear! She….she was just joking! Y-you know? She didn’t meant it Rie! She LOVES you! Dragon Crisis is fantastic really!

      *whispers: You’ve upset Rie now!*

      I swear it was a joke Rie!

  8. *chuckles*

    *pokes Rie* Hey, you need to find a new kind of character. This stereotype shit ain’t doing shit for you, girl. Look what you have turn Glo into. He was a fucking LEGEND at one time, now he’s watching the likes of Dragon Crisis.

    *shakes head*

  9. That last one really is sad…

    I don’t usually mind loli and loli anime, but it feels like Lotte’s Toy is just too blatant about it.

    Anyway, I’m still not sure at all what I’ll be watching… I suppose I’ll wait until a little bit into the season.

  10. You know what I just realized? You loved Chaos;Head, but you aren’t planning to watch Steins;Gate, which is Chaos;Heads spiritual sequel.

    Any reason in particular for that?

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