Ode to the Super Giga Burger

As someone who is far, FAR behind in all things anime, due to a combination of work, school, illness, and more illness, I began today in catching up with one show that I have been particularly enjoying, Kore wa Zombie Desu ka. That’s when I saw it. The most fantastical thing ever created in all of anime. The Super Giga Burger.

Ignore the girl. Look only at the Super Giga Burger.

You thought the Big Mac was big with it’s 2 all beef patties special sauce lettuce cheese pickles onions on a sesame seed bun? The Super Giga Burger taunts the Big Mac, makes it cry, and then eats it. From the first second I saw it, I was in love.

What is in the Giga Burger exactly? Here’s what I can see from sight alone.

  • 12 all beef patties
  • 4 slices of yellow American Cheese
  • 4 err…leaves of lettuce
  • 1 regular bun

If I could hazard a guess, I’d go on to say that I’m sure there’s some onions/pickles/condiments on there too. Maybe even some bacon. There will be bacon on mine though for sure….WHEN I MAKE ONE WHICH I WILL TOTALLY FUCKING DO!!!

Here is the challenge (to myself). This burger looks so terribly good that it clearly must be one of the worst things for you ever. Such a thing almost has never been seen in real life (almost), and I don’t know where I can get one, so I’m going to make one myself.

And to get the full effect, I’m going to use actual, real fast food from McDonalds. More to come on that, with pictures included.

As for Kore wa Zombie Desu ka, I don’t get why there’s so much hate for the show. It’s awesome.


Ukitake_Kutaru Can Suck It Too

I was going to put this out a while ago, but due to the tragic events in Japan, I had to put this on hold. I will be putting a link to donate at the top of every post for the month of April, so donate whenever you see it or YOU WILL DIE!!!

Well, there’s really no avoiding death. You’ll die someday whether you donate or not, but just do it to not be an asshole.

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Remember when rose_darkangel decided to come to Eye Sedso and get completely obliterated by me? If you don’t, here’s the whole story:


What a silly sally that pre-pubescent, most likely foreign girl was. Well, apparently, we have another ass clown who doesn’t understand what opinions are and how they work.

I mentioned before that the only reason I decided to destroy Rose_darkangel verbally through use of wit and pointing out the obvious was because she was trying to tell me what to do with my site. I am the author, you are the reader. You are at my mercy. Clearly, not everyone saw this, and by “not everyone,” I of course mean only Ukitake_Kutaru.

I probably won’t be as edgy in this simply because I’m not actually that mad. I’m kind of just doing this out of obligation, and because I simply just don’t have anything else to say since I’ve been watching no anime of late. rose_darkangel pissed me off, but Ukitake_Kutaru just made me laugh.

To start things off, here is the comment in question:


And here is a picture of the comment in question:

And here are my views of the comment in question:

The good news here is that Ukitake_Kutaru can actually spell, aside from the clear botch job of “You’re”, which was ironically the first word in his/her comment. This is very unlike rose_darkangel, who’s spelling was so atrocious that I almost felt like I was deciphering code instead of reading a comment. Another good thing is that U_K (my abbrv. for Ukitake_Kutaru) gave a spoiler alert. Thanks U_K!

First of all, you state right off the bat that I am clearly pissing you off. Here’s what’s wrong with that. I have never actually conversed with you at any point in time before this comment. So how is it clear to me that I am pissing you off? A statement such as, “This post pissed me off,” or “You pissed me off with this post” would be a much better substitution. You can’t say that something is clear when no clarity was given before hand, and/or there was no setting up to the pissing off which was described to be clear. Get it? No? Basically, it was just a really shitty sentence, not to mention terrible paragraph structure. And considering how terrible my own paragraph/sentence structure is, you should be scared to death that I’m the one correcting you here.

Then again, you have a stupid fucking u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_e in your name just like rose_darkangel did, so maybe you’re actually rose_darkangel with a new name. Then the first sentence would make sense, because I’m sure as schnitzel that I pissed her off beforehand.

The next sentence is the only one I really had a gripe with. You state:


Well gee golly gosh would you look at that! ALL CAPS is nice. You should have switched that sentence with the first sentence, then everything would have made sense. Then it actually would have been clear that I was pissing you off. Oh man you really botched that one! What a blunder!

Before I get started, have you seen the entire series? My guess is no, since there are still two unreleased episodes, and it wasn’t based off of a manga. You don’t know how it ends yourself, yet you seem to be making a comment about it yourself. In fact, according to you, no one should have any comments about anything incomplete. Sounds like a plan <insert oppressive dictator here> Hmmm….

My real problem here is that you’re telling me what I can and can’t write on my ISSS. OBVIOUSLY the story of a show (or movie, etc) makes more sense after you complete it, but surely one has his or her own opinions of the show as it’s unfolding. Dare you say that I’m not allowed to voice these opinions? Who are you, Hitler? Saddam? No, I killed both of them with my bare hands through proper use of time travel, and made them look to die as history tells us they died. So there’s only a few people you could be. Osama Bin Laden? Gaddafi? Sarah Palin? I had to get to the bottom of this, so I did some research the only way a proper American can do research: Google.

I googled the shit out of “Ukitake_Kutaru” and by “googled the shit out of Ukitake_Kutaru”, I of course mean googled it once. Here’s what I got:

What did I find? Some really mediocre art (I could draw better pictures if I lodged the pencil in my dickhole and blindfolded myself….except for Shadow…that thing was sick), a facebook page, but nothing really concrete. Except maybe this:

Could this be you? I would guess that it is, considering the use of the underscore (which must have been put there because a name was already taken, or because you thought it would look cool, which it doesn’t. I’m guessing the former. I’d rather create a different name through use of wit and brainpower than use a name with an underscore.). The main reason I think it’s you is because you left a comment somewhere or something. And because you seemed like a person interested in magical girls. And because….

……well whatever, it doesn’t matter either way. I found this after a quick search and then I stopped because I really didn’t care to continue. I wouldn’t have had to do this if you just left a trackback instead of being a huge pussy. I can only assume you left no trackback because you didn’t want me writing mean stuff to you on your site/facebook/this place seen in the above picture…..

Good planning on that one by the way.

Either way, telling me to hold my opinions in and not discuss a show until it’s done not only discredits all good episodic blogs out there, and every single episodic review, opinion on episodes, and opinions in general, but it’s also kind of like saying what someone should have done after they’ve already done it. For example:

A basketball player dibbles and shoots it and gets blocked. You then say, “Oh he should have passed it.”

You know what? How bout this? Maybe you shouldn’t comment on other people’s posts about a show until they’ve completed all of their posts on the series in question. In other words, wait until I give my final say on a series until you post a comment.

Would you do that?


That would be stupid and dumb. Personally, I like seeing how a person’s perception of a show changes throughout his or her viewing of that show. Lord knows I’ve gone from hating all out on a show to actually liking it a lot (Queen’s Blade). I’ve also gone from liking a show slightly to hating the shit out of it to the point where I think it might be the dumbest show ever made (K-On). You’re filled with shitty ideas. Ideas like….

“…you have to understand what’s going on with the other characters, what they’ve gone through to get their abilities…”

Do I? How do the other characters’ hardships and what they’ve had to go through have anything to do with Madoka? Looking from the outside, it’s clear to the viewer that making a contract with Kuybey would be nothing short of utter disaster. But Madoka has seen none of the other characters’ hardships that they had to endure to get their powers. She has seen none of Homura’s pasts. All she knows is that she can get a contract and become a super powerful witch, not to mention get one wish to do with what she wants. Maybe she wishes to have abilities to rid the world of all witches once and for all? Who knows? When I wrote this “Open Letter.” I was speaking from Madoka’s standpoint. From her point of view at the time, it would make no sense to NOT make a contract, and in fact, even knowing what I know now, I would STILL make a contract, because even if you can’t use the wish to find a loophole somewhere, who cares? Homura can just re-do everything anyway.

For the record, Homura is pretty dumb. She should simply sit down with Madoka right when she sees her first, unload everything there is to know about Kuybey, and tell her to go ahead and ask Kuybey all of the specifics surrounding Witches and Magical Girls. Since Kuybey is a crazy nut from another planet who doesn’t have emotions, he’d probably gladly explain, ending once and for all this maze of crazy repetitive bunk.

For the record again, Madoka has turned out to be a fucking brilliant series, for all of the reasons that you listed. In fact, by the time you posted I had already caught up to the most recent episodes. In fact, I was most saddened when I heard that the last two episodes might not even air.

This concludes my rant. Consider yourself lucky, U_K. This argument was a bad one on my side, not up to par at all with my thrashing of rose_darkangel. I have made several weak arguments and probably even more spellnig and gramatacal errors, because hey, I don’t proofread. I probably even repeated myself a few times, but it doesn’t really matter, because this is my ISSS, and you are at my mercy.

You may now return to your homes.

We Met The Goal. Thanks For Your Donations & Keep It Going!

In my last post, I urged people to give support to the people of Japan. As long as I got one person to donate, it was worth it. I myself decided to donate $1 for every comment made by someone who wasn’t me, with a goal of $50 (because I’m poor).

Today, that goal was met, and as promised, here is the receipt:

Bam. 80 bucks. You’ll notice that the $50 contribution was given on the 16th, which was actually two days earlier than the day the goal was actually met. I figured that this post would get 50 comments at least, so I went ahead and just donated it early. The sooner the better, you know?

We’re awesome. But that doesn’t mean we should be satisfied with just this. Keep helping in any way you can.

Help Japan. Donate.

First things first.

DONATE: Click to donate.

There are many other groups to donate to out there, I just put up the Red Cross because that’s the one I donated to. Also, for every comment made on this post (by someone other than me), I will donate an additional one dollar (up to $50). I’m poor, it’s all I got. When I get a paycheck I’ll probably donate more. Also, I apologize if there is a ton of spelling and grammar issues with this post. Due to my new job, I have had no time to sleep, and I’ve been getting increasingly deprived of sleep as days pile up. Thus, as I write this, I am nearly unconscious.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to gather up and express all of my feelings regarding the disasters afflicting Japan and it’s people. I’ve been immersed in watching news of Japan, and I’ve found that this disaster has had an enormous effect on me the more I watch it. More so, in fact, than any other recent disaster. The way I feel about the disasters in Japan kind of resembles how I felt about Katrina, multiplied by 20.

It’s honestly heartwrenching to turn on the news to see death tolls rising and more problems occuring. First there was the terrible earthquake, then the tsunami, and now the nuclear meltdowns (yes, multiple. Try and think about how horrible that is). It’s as if the people of Japan can’t get a break for even a second.

I’ve been doing what I can by donating money, despite the fact that I’m pretty much broke anyway, but what I’d really like to donate is my time to help the nation of Japan recover. I wish I could be in Japan giving help to families that need it up front and personal, but unfortunately it’s just not possible.

So what can I do?

Well, I have a small amount of money, and I have Eye Sedso. I’m just using what tools I have at my disposal, no matter how insignificant they can be. I’m just asking you to donate anything, even if you already did. Remember:

It is winter in this region of Japan, so while you’re all warm and cozy at your computer like I am, realize that there’s people with little to no food, water, or warm clothing sleeping outside in the GOD DAMN FUCKING SNOW. These people have been hit when they were down, and then continuously stomped on by mother nature.

It’s not hard to do something like skip a lunch and donate the money you’ve saved for these efforts. These people are going with little to no food for DAYS, you can do with missing a meal or two. If nothing else, remember where your anime comes from, and show some appreciation.

Look at this cute baby, now without a family (presumably). Are you really going to say no to that?

EDIT: Thankfully, I was completely wrong about the baby seen above: link the story

Still, she was a lucky one.

Remember, a dollar for every comment. It could be anything. You could even write something like, “fuck you dickhead you suck!” You could write one word, a number, a name, you could even just type a fucking period and that would be fine. I’ll even accept spam. Don’t be an insensitive fuck like these assholes:

Link to full size picture

(assholes and psychotic bitch complements of Nyarth).



I was originally going to write a post similar to my thrashing of rose_darkangel, because there was a certain comment that just didn’t sit well with me, but I honestly just don’t have it in me right now.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume – Series Review

I literally just completed my viewing of Ika Musume, a show which I thought I would never pick up. What have I learned? Not really anything, but I really liked the show.

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

Okay, to be honest, I kind of wanted to check this show out at first, but then elected not to because I thought it might just be a bunch of moe crap. You see, this is what the world is coming to. I’m now second guessing myself out of anime because of delusions created from shows like K-On. It’s like I can’t even think for myself anymore!

So I guess I have learned something. I should trust my initial gut instincts when choosing a given show.

As for Shinryaku! Ika Musume, it was a good, enjoyable show. What I liked about it was that it stayed pretty consistent throughout it’s running, and I felt like it never really tailed off or anything like that. Here’s what I liked:

  • Solid Comedy
  • An Awesome Cast of Characters
  • Solid Animation
  • Solid Seiyu Work
  • A Solid, Workable Premise that was Executed Solidly
  • Solidness

By these standards, this anime should be given a grade of “solid”. But when an anime is all around solid, everything  seems to get elevated by everything else, and the show as a whole just kicks ass. This is a scenario I just made up as I type this, and it holds true for SIM.

Ahhh SIM. One of the best yet also confusing acronyms for an anime. Am I talking about Shinryaku! Ika Musume, or am I referring to that game where you can build houses and shit?

Well, I don’t play stupid games with no point, so I’m of course talking about an anime when I say, “SIM.” I love acronyms that sound as if they’re a word. Things like SnS (Shakugan no Shana) and HOTD (High School of the Dead) suck because they can’t be pronounced except in letter by letter pronunciation. HOTD kind of works, but there’s no vowel between the T and the D, so you just end up saying HOT-D, which makes it sound like you’re talking about an erect penis or something. EX:

Sarah: How was Mark in bed last night?

Michelle: Well, he’s a fat piece of shit, but he really has a HOT D!

Wow I’m so off topic. Here’s a picture to get back into the show.

Okay, I can only assume that the other girl is a jellyfish girl or something. I mean....look at that hat.

Nice segway Glo!

Now that we’re back, I’m going to draw a comparison. I don’t know why I’m plainly stating that I’m going to draw a comparison, as it will become painfully obvious in a second. I guess I’m just bad at writing. Or over-tired. Or both. Either way. Here it is:

Shinryaku! Ika Musume is very similar to Working!!

I’m just going to list the reasons why, using the good old fashion form of bullets (bang bang!)

  • The titles of both anime feature exclamation points!
  • The animation seems similar for both of them.
  • Both of them feature a group of crazy characters
  • Both of them feature a setting in a restaurant.
  • Both of them feature solid comedy and enjoyable situations.
  • Both of them feature one female character with long straight hair who never really opens her eyes, yet is really strong when she chooses to be.

And this is where I break off.

Characters. I’ll pick three characters from each anime and display why they are weird. Check this out:


  1. Inami – Phobia of Men
  2. Soma – Chef who blackmails people
  3. Yachiyo – Girl with a Samurai sword (comparable to Chizuru from SIM)

Shinryaku! Ika Musume

  1. Sanae – Stalker lesbian who likes to get beat up by Musume. Needless to say, one of my favorites.
  2. Nagisa – Surfer girl who is the only person actually afraid of Musume. She converts any situation into a reason to not trust/be afraid of Musume.
  3. Chizuru – Girl who seems polite and easy going, but also has superhuman strength, speed, agility, etc. (comparable to Yachiyo)

While the characters from both shows differ, they all share the same sort of weirdnesses that I like. And they both have a squinty eyed girl who can kick ass. Now, ladies and gentlemen, I think it’s a perfect time to tell you my favorite character.

Ahhh Chizuru. What an fantastic character. There were a lot of good….nay…..great characters to choose from, but in the end could not turn away from Chizuru, for fear that she might pop out of my computer screen and chop me in half with her hand. She did it to a fly after all. What I like about her is that she has a not-so-hidden yet oh-so-surprising mass of strength and agility that everytime she threatens someone, you can’t help but not love it.

I think I became hooked in the last episode, when she hit a vollyball through the sound barrier. That was nice.

Seeing as I judge my shows on how much I enjoyed them, and seeing also that I did, indeed, enjoy SIM a lot, I have no choice but to rejoice for the second season, and to award SIM with a


Bill got smashed by Ika's tentacles, as you can tell.

Durarara Episode 25: Made for Kluxorious

Okay not really. It was actually made just for me, as I had it commissioned. But kluxorious was the first thing I thought of when they began talking about Shizuo X Izaya.

This was indeed an awesome episode of episodes. Yet it could be bittersweet.  Where is the second season? I need one. This episode, and all of it’s awesomeness, makes me yearn for another season in the way that an adolescent boy yearns for a tender vagina. Is tender the right word to use there? I wonder. I know smelly sure isn’t the right word. Neither is bloody. (inside ba-dump kishhh).

As Scamp said, this show had everything that was good about Durarara.

As I said, Durarara had a plot sure, but I felt like the main character was the city itself, Ikebukuro. This episode almost felt like a summary of the series, showcasing the city and all of it’s awesome inhabitants. The city simply uses it’s fucking sick-nasty cast of awesome sick-nasty characters to display it’s own awesomeness, and at the end of the day, the character’s own personal problems may or not be solved, the outcome is always that the city lives on.

I felt like the end of this episode showed this off again, and not only that, but it did a good job of rounding out the series with Ryugamine kind of taking Kida’s place at the train station by greeting someone who seems to be almost a carbon copy of what he was like in the past. In this sense, if there isn’t a second season, at least we got an ending of sorts, so it won’t be THAT bad.

Fuck that. It would be terrible. I want more and I want it NOW. 60 episodes. Let’s go people!!!

Oh and one thing. I can’t remember who the fuck these two were, but they seemed to really like each other, so I’m fine with it.

Wait...aren't they sisters? Wait...do I care either way?


Let’s see some more.

Okay, if there is no second season then we at least need a spinoff with these two. HOW WERE THEY NOT IN THE FIRST SEASON!? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!! These might be my new favorite characters in the show, replacing Skizuo who is still actually the best character because he through a fucking truck that had just run him over, but still.

Extra Shit

So yeah, I’ve been putting out less and less lately in terms of posts. I remember when it wasn’t crazy for me to post 3 a day on average. Now I’ve been barely putting out 2 a week. Whatever. I’ve been busy. Here’s a few updates:

I’m almost done with Shinryaku! Ika Musume, which is a Japanese title that I can actually spell correctly without having to look it up.

Okay I lied I had to look it up, but it is pretty good, and if reminds me HEAVILY of Working! I’ll go farther into that when I review it, which I will do. I should did finish it up tonight. One other thing I’ll say about it is that I like the ED a lot:

I’ve fallen behind on almost everything else that I was watching from this season though, but I could catch up on almost all of it pretty quickly. One show I’ve been following closely is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, which is so awesome that I actually can’t wait for new episodes. It takes the genre of Magical girls, which is usually filled with ponies and sickers and myspace, and turns it on itself, replacing it with misery and tragedy. All things that I like.

Let’s see what else….

  • Green Green sucks.
  • I may be starting a cool little project (have started). I’m probably too lazy to do anything though. Involves Spike Spiegal.
  • I WILL be starting that Railgun series or whatever, because I want to watch the second season of Index. but I want to watch Railgun first.
  • This is still my favorite: