Durarara Episode 25: Made for Kluxorious

Okay not really. It was actually made just for me, as I had it commissioned. But kluxorious was the first thing I thought of when they began talking about Shizuo X Izaya.

This was indeed an awesome episode of episodes. Yet it could be bittersweet.  Where is the second season? I need one. This episode, and all of it’s awesomeness, makes me yearn for another season in the way that an adolescent boy yearns for a tender vagina. Is tender the right word to use there? I wonder. I know smelly sure isn’t the right word. Neither is bloody. (inside ba-dump kishhh).

As Scamp said, this show had everything that was good about Durarara.

As I said, Durarara had a plot sure, but I felt like the main character was the city itself, Ikebukuro. This episode almost felt like a summary of the series, showcasing the city and all of it’s awesome inhabitants. The city simply uses it’s fucking sick-nasty cast of awesome sick-nasty characters to display it’s own awesomeness, and at the end of the day, the character’s own personal problems may or not be solved, the outcome is always that the city lives on.

I felt like the end of this episode showed this off again, and not only that, but it did a good job of rounding out the series with Ryugamine kind of taking Kida’s place at the train station by greeting someone who seems to be almost a carbon copy of what he was like in the past. In this sense, if there isn’t a second season, at least we got an ending of sorts, so it won’t be THAT bad.

Fuck that. It would be terrible. I want more and I want it NOW. 60 episodes. Let’s go people!!!

Oh and one thing. I can’t remember who the fuck these two were, but they seemed to really like each other, so I’m fine with it.

Wait...aren't they sisters? Wait...do I care either way?


Let’s see some more.

Okay, if there is no second season then we at least need a spinoff with these two. HOW WERE THEY NOT IN THE FIRST SEASON!? BLASPHEMY!!!!!!! These might be my new favorite characters in the show, replacing Skizuo who is still actually the best character because he through a fucking truck that had just run him over, but still.

Extra Shit

So yeah, I’ve been putting out less and less lately in terms of posts. I remember when it wasn’t crazy for me to post 3 a day on average. Now I’ve been barely putting out 2 a week. Whatever. I’ve been busy. Here’s a few updates:

I’m almost done with Shinryaku! Ika Musume, which is a Japanese title that I can actually spell correctly without having to look it up.

Okay I lied I had to look it up, but it is pretty good, and if reminds me HEAVILY of Working! I’ll go farther into that when I review it, which I will do. I should did finish it up tonight. One other thing I’ll say about it is that I like the ED a lot:

I’ve fallen behind on almost everything else that I was watching from this season though, but I could catch up on almost all of it pretty quickly. One show I’ve been following closely is Mahou Shoujo Madoka Magica, which is so awesome that I actually can’t wait for new episodes. It takes the genre of Magical girls, which is usually filled with ponies and sickers and myspace, and turns it on itself, replacing it with misery and tragedy. All things that I like.

Let’s see what else….

  • Green Green sucks.
  • I may be starting a cool little project (have started). I’m probably too lazy to do anything though. Involves Spike Spiegal.
  • I WILL be starting that Railgun series or whatever, because I want to watch the second season of Index. but I want to watch Railgun first.
  • This is still my favorite:

8 thoughts on “Durarara Episode 25: Made for Kluxorious

  1. It’s only right that everyone should think of me when BL/yaoi is involved. Izaya x Shizuo is out of this world. Have you seen the fanarts? (of course, you haven’t) Damn, it made me fap.

    If you need a reason to watch Railgun, do it for Misaka. Also, I am quite surprise that you like Ika Musume. The humor was okay in the beginning but as the episodes progress, I found it lacking a lot. By the way, how in the world did it reminds you of Working!? =|

    • You’ll see. I already wrote the review on it I might put it up tonight. You’ll see you’ll see you’ll see you’ll see you’ll see you’ll see you’ll see

  2. The kid who showed up at the end is actually a major character later. Apparently he’s “like a younger version of Izaya.” and Izaya’s sisters are batshit insane, apparently reacting to girls that try to bully them by wrecking havoc in their school and reading porn magazines out loud.

    We *need* another season. This was probably my favorite episode of the whole damn show, and it’s just getting started.

  3. Any and all Shizaya content gives me bouts of fangirling. Insane fangirling. My collection of Shizaya art presently sits at 698. Because I’m crazy and really have nothing better to do with my time. And then we have that whole thing where I’m a Shizuo cosplayer and I do have my own flea.

    But anyway. I liked that episode quite a lot. I don’t care much for the twins…it’s not a matter of dislike, it’s just…well, Izaya doesn’t like them. So why should I like them? (Yes, I follow the asshole’s lead.)

    That is all.

    • 698!? Holy shit.

      The twins are awesome they’re the best characters ever made and I want more of them. What’s not to love about lesbians who have awesome personalities/character traits?

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