Help Japan. Donate.

First things first.

DONATE: Click to donate.

There are many other groups to donate to out there, I just put up the Red Cross because that’s the one I donated to. Also, for every comment made on this post (by someone other than me), I will donate an additional one dollar (up to $50). I’m poor, it’s all I got. When I get a paycheck I’ll probably donate more. Also, I apologize if there is a ton of spelling and grammar issues with this post. Due to my new job, I have had no time to sleep, and I’ve been getting increasingly deprived of sleep as days pile up. Thus, as I write this, I am nearly unconscious.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to gather up and express all of my feelings regarding the disasters afflicting Japan and it’s people. I’ve been immersed in watching news of Japan, and I’ve found that this disaster has had an enormous effect on me the more I watch it. More so, in fact, than any other recent disaster. The way I feel about the disasters in Japan kind of resembles how I felt about Katrina, multiplied by 20.

It’s honestly heartwrenching to turn on the news to see death tolls rising and more problems occuring. First there was the terrible earthquake, then the tsunami, and now the nuclear meltdowns (yes, multiple. Try and think about how horrible that is). It’s as if the people of Japan can’t get a break for even a second.

I’ve been doing what I can by donating money, despite the fact that I’m pretty much broke anyway, but what I’d really like to donate is my time to help the nation of Japan recover. I wish I could be in Japan giving help to families that need it up front and personal, but unfortunately it’s just not possible.

So what can I do?

Well, I have a small amount of money, and I have Eye Sedso. I’m just using what tools I have at my disposal, no matter how insignificant they can be. I’m just asking you to donate anything, even if you already did. Remember:

It is winter in this region of Japan, so while you’re all warm and cozy at your computer like I am, realize that there’s people with little to no food, water, or warm clothing sleeping outside in the GOD DAMN FUCKING SNOW. These people have been hit when they were down, and then continuously stomped on by mother nature.

It’s not hard to do something like skip a lunch and donate the money you’ve saved for these efforts. These people are going with little to no food for DAYS, you can do with missing a meal or two. If nothing else, remember where your anime comes from, and show some appreciation.

Look at this cute baby, now without a family (presumably). Are you really going to say no to that?

EDIT: Thankfully, I was completely wrong about the baby seen above: link the story

Still, she was a lucky one.

Remember, a dollar for every comment. It could be anything. You could even write something like, “fuck you dickhead you suck!” You could write one word, a number, a name, you could even just type a fucking period and that would be fine. I’ll even accept spam. Don’t be an insensitive fuck like these assholes:

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I was originally going to write a post similar to my thrashing of rose_darkangel, because there was a certain comment that just didn’t sit well with me, but I honestly just don’t have it in me right now.