Help Japan. Donate.

First things first.

DONATE: Click to donate.

There are many other groups to donate to out there, I just put up the Red Cross because that’s the one I donated to. Also, for every comment made on this post (by someone other than me), I will donate an additional one dollar (up to $50). I’m poor, it’s all I got. When I get a paycheck I’ll probably donate more. Also, I apologize if there is a ton of spelling and grammar issues with this post. Due to my new job, I have had no time to sleep, and I’ve been getting increasingly deprived of sleep as days pile up. Thus, as I write this, I am nearly unconscious.

I’ve been trying to think of a way to gather up and express all of my feelings regarding the disasters afflicting Japan and it’s people. I’ve been immersed in watching news of Japan, and I’ve found that this disaster has had an enormous effect on me the more I watch it. More so, in fact, than any other recent disaster. The way I feel about the disasters in Japan kind of resembles how I felt about Katrina, multiplied by 20.

It’s honestly heartwrenching to turn on the news to see death tolls rising and more problems occuring. First there was the terrible earthquake, then the tsunami, and now the nuclear meltdowns (yes, multiple. Try and think about how horrible that is). It’s as if the people of Japan can’t get a break for even a second.

I’ve been doing what I can by donating money, despite the fact that I’m pretty much broke anyway, but what I’d really like to donate is my time to help the nation of Japan recover. I wish I could be in Japan giving help to families that need it up front and personal, but unfortunately it’s just not possible.

So what can I do?

Well, I have a small amount of money, and I have Eye Sedso. I’m just using what tools I have at my disposal, no matter how insignificant they can be. I’m just asking you to donate anything, even if you already did. Remember:

It is winter in this region of Japan, so while you’re all warm and cozy at your computer like I am, realize that there’s people with little to no food, water, or warm clothing sleeping outside in the GOD DAMN FUCKING SNOW. These people have been hit when they were down, and then continuously stomped on by mother nature.

It’s not hard to do something like skip a lunch and donate the money you’ve saved for these efforts. These people are going with little to no food for DAYS, you can do with missing a meal or two. If nothing else, remember where your anime comes from, and show some appreciation.

Look at this cute baby, now without a family (presumably). Are you really going to say no to that?

EDIT: Thankfully, I was completely wrong about the baby seen above: link the story

Still, she was a lucky one.

Remember, a dollar for every comment. It could be anything. You could even write something like, “fuck you dickhead you suck!” You could write one word, a number, a name, you could even just type a fucking period and that would be fine. I’ll even accept spam. Don’t be an insensitive fuck like these assholes:

Link to full size picture

(assholes and psychotic bitch complements of Nyarth).



I was originally going to write a post similar to my thrashing of rose_darkangel, because there was a certain comment that just didn’t sit well with me, but I honestly just don’t have it in me right now.


113 thoughts on “Help Japan. Donate.

  1. I have so much love for you right now. I was too busy to write anything about Japan but I’m gonna stop what I’m doing now and post this link on my blog. I’ll do the same even though I’ve been donating left and right.

    These people need a break and I want to snap the neck of morons who think Japan deserved this disaster. They are really some sick minded people out there. Jeebus.

  2. “The Bible is true”

    REALLY Girl in that video???

    Timothy 2.12: I do not permit a woman to teach or to have authority over a man; she must be silent.

    BOOM. I used your own stupid made up book that you believe in to deliver a killshot.

    Science damn it, i LOVE making Christians look dumb.

  3. Also, Jeff. You do not have enough money for this, even though I respect what you are doing. You will have zero dollers left.

  4. I am gonna keep making comments by the way. Although that picture is fucking retarded! Pearl Harbor????? WHAT THE FUCK. I’m pretty sure the 2 bombs we dropped on them was payback for that one.

    This disaster is rediculous. that whole country has been destroyed. I wish I had more money to give them. I really don’t, but I will donate as much as I can.

    Also, I will destroy that girl in that video. SHE FUCKING PRAYED JAPAN WOULD BE DESTROYED??!?!?!?! WTF I need to kill her now.

  5. Who’s rose_darkangel? I hope that isn’t referring to me is it? my email contain the words “darkangel” >_< . Yeah this is pretty scary, especially with the nuclear meltdowns and stuff and there might be another tsunami because of all the explosions, the death toll already went up to 1800 and still rising. I get so angry when I hear horrible stuff like how Japan had it coming because they were killing whales, I can't believe there are such heartless people out there. I already donated 50$ at my school so hopefully that will help out.

    • No, I don’t think that was you at all. There’s a link in my “about” page. Death toll expected around 10,000. That’s just insane. %50 dollars can do a lot for one family in terms of warm clothes, blankets, etc.


  6. I don’t usually post here, but I have no words for that video.
    Otherwise, I wish the best for Japan and hope it recovers soon.
    Count me in also for a $1

  7. Don’t usually bother commenting on blogs but hey, I figure a dollar to Japan is worth 30 seconds of my time.

    That video made me punch myself in the face.

  8. I’m saving up my donation money and will donate during the 24 hour “Anime Fans Give Back to Japan” podcast, personally. Even if you’ve already donated, you guys might wanna check it out. It’ll be on March 19-20, and some big name industry people plan to pop in on it such as Steve Blum, Crispin Freeman, Stephanie Sheh, LittleKuriboh, and more.

    Advertising, I know, but I’m just trying to get the word out even though I’m not personally involved in its production. Plus, I like the idea of a large, concentrated donation personally from anime fans of America.

    Here’s a link if you guys want to listen in when it starts up.

    I hope a disaster like this never happens again, to any country. It’s horrendous, and the before-and-after images are stomach-churning.


      That’s a good thing to advertise for. This comment is helpful indeed. I would love to donate, but I won’t have money after this post for another week. If it’s still up I will, but if it’s not I’ll just donate somewhere else.


  9. “I want you to observe that this poor widow contributed more than all the others who donated to the treasury. They gave from their surplus wealth, but she gave from her want, all that she had to live on.” Mark 12:43-44

    Just dropped in a donation myself, but admittedly from my “surplus wealth”.

    Thank you for your generosity, Glo.

    (A bit of positive Christianity to counter… well, whatever that was supposed to be up there.)

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    • I’m surprised it lasted that long. That girl must have gotten harassed beyond belief. All of her contact info was given, including her phone number. I can’t imagine how many death threats she got. That’s not necessarily the right thing to do either, but I’m not mad about it.


  12. I am so inspired by your willingness to donate even though you have no money and probably never will because you’re an artist, that I’m going to donate $1 for each of the 119 comments you’ve left on my site to date.

  13. Screw all the fucktards that are saying this is payback for Pearl Habor, or ‘Divine Retribution’ and to everyone profiting unfunny jokes about this horrendous disaster. They probably don’t have enough brains or even common sense to realise how devastating this tragedy even is. My deepest feelings and condolences to the people that have been caught up in this disaster.

    Brilliant post Glo, and my utmost thanks for your selfless generosity despite your personal circumstances.

    • Rainbowsphere had one joke that was kind of funny. I admit that I gave a chuckle.

      I mean, it wasn’t really malicious. Shance is awesome anyway.


    • Seems a lot bigger to me. Katrina, while terrible, didn’t have a death toll near 10,000, nor did it have nuclear meltdowns. Though, yes, we should all do that thing on twitter.


  14. ok just saw the pic… THEY ARE ALL FUCKING MORONS! pearl harbor pay back? gimme a break, japan already paid for that by losing the war. Its just retarded to mock the citizens who are suffering this disaster.

    • I’d say Japan came out way worse than we did. We lost lives at Pearl Harbor, and it was terrible and infuriating, but we literally wiped two cities off the map, killing thousands of innocent civilians and creating radiation effects for decades afterward. We didn’t have to destroy the cities, we could have easily blown up some atom bombs on an island off the coast somewhere where Japan could have just viewed the explosion, shit their pants, and promptly surrendered. Would that have worked? We’ll never know, but they could have tried it.


  15. Those people who only care about revenge and payback are the ones causing all the troubles in the world. If only more people could forgive…

    On the other subject, I am glad the nuclear plant project was abandoned in my country (due to relentless public protest and money shortage).

    • Nuclear energy is probably the most efficient sources of energy. Of course, the radioactive waste and the threat of extreme explosion, radioactive poisoning kind of makes people shy away from it.

      Everything should be wind and solar powered.


  16. Japan has produced so many good things: Haruki Murakami (one of the greatest surrealist authors ever), Yuki Kajiura (one of the greatest musician ever) and Manga. It is not fair that such a tragedy has befallen it.

  17. I have friends in Japan luckily none of them were hurt I have yet to donate to Japan’s help relief but I intend in doing so. Also that video of that girl going off on Japan saying God was punishing the atheists really pisses me the fuck off. I’m a Catholic even though i’m not really against atheism because I think to each his own right? That tsunami and earthquake was in no way shape or form a divine punishment it was just the natural causes of the earth and unfortunately Japan was the victim all we can do is pray and hope that the people of Japan rise out of this tragedy.

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  19. Contributin’

    I sincerely hope the Japanese people will be spared of any more destruction, and the nuclear reactors cooled to the point that it’s no longer dangerous.

    Those pictures you posted almost made me cry. ;__;

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