Ukitake_Kutaru Can Suck It Too

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Remember when rose_darkangel decided to come to Eye Sedso and get completely obliterated by me? If you don’t, here’s the whole story:

What a silly sally that pre-pubescent, most likely foreign girl was. Well, apparently, we have another ass clown who doesn’t understand what opinions are and how they work.

I mentioned before that the only reason I decided to destroy Rose_darkangel verbally through use of wit and pointing out the obvious was because she was trying to tell me what to do with my site. I am the author, you are the reader. You are at my mercy. Clearly, not everyone saw this, and by “not everyone,” I of course mean only Ukitake_Kutaru.

I probably won’t be as edgy in this simply because I’m not actually that mad. I’m kind of just doing this out of obligation, and because I simply just don’t have anything else to say since I’ve been watching no anime of late. rose_darkangel pissed me off, but Ukitake_Kutaru just made me laugh.

To start things off, here is the comment in question:

And here is a picture of the comment in question:

And here are my views of the comment in question:

The good news here is that Ukitake_Kutaru can actually spell, aside from the clear botch job of “You’re”, which was ironically the first word in his/her comment. This is very unlike rose_darkangel, who’s spelling was so atrocious that I almost felt like I was deciphering code instead of reading a comment. Another good thing is that U_K (my abbrv. for Ukitake_Kutaru) gave a spoiler alert. Thanks U_K!

First of all, you state right off the bat that I am clearly pissing you off. Here’s what’s wrong with that. I have never actually conversed with you at any point in time before this comment. So how is it clear to me that I am pissing you off? A statement such as, “This post pissed me off,” or “You pissed me off with this post” would be a much better substitution. You can’t say that something is clear when no clarity was given before hand, and/or there was no setting up to the pissing off which was described to be clear. Get it? No? Basically, it was just a really shitty sentence, not to mention terrible paragraph structure. And considering how terrible my own paragraph/sentence structure is, you should be scared to death that I’m the one correcting you here.

Then again, you have a stupid fucking u_n_d_e_r_s_c_o_r_e in your name just like rose_darkangel did, so maybe you’re actually rose_darkangel with a new name. Then the first sentence would make sense, because I’m sure as schnitzel that I pissed her off beforehand.

The next sentence is the only one I really had a gripe with. You state:


Well gee golly gosh would you look at that! ALL CAPS is nice. You should have switched that sentence with the first sentence, then everything would have made sense. Then it actually would have been clear that I was pissing you off. Oh man you really botched that one! What a blunder!

Before I get started, have you seen the entire series? My guess is no, since there are still two unreleased episodes, and it wasn’t based off of a manga. You don’t know how it ends yourself, yet you seem to be making a comment about it yourself. In fact, according to you, no one should have any comments about anything incomplete. Sounds like a plan <insert oppressive dictator here> Hmmm….

My real problem here is that you’re telling me what I can and can’t write on my ISSS. OBVIOUSLY the story of a show (or movie, etc) makes more sense after you complete it, but surely one has his or her own opinions of the show as it’s unfolding. Dare you say that I’m not allowed to voice these opinions? Who are you, Hitler? Saddam? No, I killed both of them with my bare hands through proper use of time travel, and made them look to die as history tells us they died. So there’s only a few people you could be. Osama Bin Laden? Gaddafi? Sarah Palin? I had to get to the bottom of this, so I did some research the only way a proper American can do research: Google.

I googled the shit out of “Ukitake_Kutaru” and by “googled the shit out of Ukitake_Kutaru”, I of course mean googled it once. Here’s what I got:

What did I find? Some really mediocre art (I could draw better pictures if I lodged the pencil in my dickhole and blindfolded myself….except for Shadow…that thing was sick), a facebook page, but nothing really concrete. Except maybe this:

Could this be you? I would guess that it is, considering the use of the underscore (which must have been put there because a name was already taken, or because you thought it would look cool, which it doesn’t. I’m guessing the former. I’d rather create a different name through use of wit and brainpower than use a name with an underscore.). The main reason I think it’s you is because you left a comment somewhere or something. And because you seemed like a person interested in magical girls. And because….

……well whatever, it doesn’t matter either way. I found this after a quick search and then I stopped because I really didn’t care to continue. I wouldn’t have had to do this if you just left a trackback instead of being a huge pussy. I can only assume you left no trackback because you didn’t want me writing mean stuff to you on your site/facebook/this place seen in the above picture…..

Good planning on that one by the way.

Either way, telling me to hold my opinions in and not discuss a show until it’s done not only discredits all good episodic blogs out there, and every single episodic review, opinion on episodes, and opinions in general, but it’s also kind of like saying what someone should have done after they’ve already done it. For example:

A basketball player dibbles and shoots it and gets blocked. You then say, “Oh he should have passed it.”

You know what? How bout this? Maybe you shouldn’t comment on other people’s posts about a show until they’ve completed all of their posts on the series in question. In other words, wait until I give my final say on a series until you post a comment.

Would you do that?


That would be stupid and dumb. Personally, I like seeing how a person’s perception of a show changes throughout his or her viewing of that show. Lord knows I’ve gone from hating all out on a show to actually liking it a lot (Queen’s Blade). I’ve also gone from liking a show slightly to hating the shit out of it to the point where I think it might be the dumbest show ever made (K-On). You’re filled with shitty ideas. Ideas like….

“…you have to understand what’s going on with the other characters, what they’ve gone through to get their abilities…”

Do I? How do the other characters’ hardships and what they’ve had to go through have anything to do with Madoka? Looking from the outside, it’s clear to the viewer that making a contract with Kuybey would be nothing short of utter disaster. But Madoka has seen none of the other characters’ hardships that they had to endure to get their powers. She has seen none of Homura’s pasts. All she knows is that she can get a contract and become a super powerful witch, not to mention get one wish to do with what she wants. Maybe she wishes to have abilities to rid the world of all witches once and for all? Who knows? When I wrote this “Open Letter.” I was speaking from Madoka’s standpoint. From her point of view at the time, it would make no sense to NOT make a contract, and in fact, even knowing what I know now, I would STILL make a contract, because even if you can’t use the wish to find a loophole somewhere, who cares? Homura can just re-do everything anyway.

For the record, Homura is pretty dumb. She should simply sit down with Madoka right when she sees her first, unload everything there is to know about Kuybey, and tell her to go ahead and ask Kuybey all of the specifics surrounding Witches and Magical Girls. Since Kuybey is a crazy nut from another planet who doesn’t have emotions, he’d probably gladly explain, ending once and for all this maze of crazy repetitive bunk.

For the record again, Madoka has turned out to be a fucking brilliant series, for all of the reasons that you listed. In fact, by the time you posted I had already caught up to the most recent episodes. In fact, I was most saddened when I heard that the last two episodes might not even air.

This concludes my rant. Consider yourself lucky, U_K. This argument was a bad one on my side, not up to par at all with my thrashing of rose_darkangel. I have made several weak arguments and probably even more spellnig and gramatacal errors, because hey, I don’t proofread. I probably even repeated myself a few times, but it doesn’t really matter, because this is my ISSS, and you are at my mercy.

You may now return to your homes.


32 thoughts on “Ukitake_Kutaru Can Suck It Too

  1. Whoa you bash every comment that doesn’t agree with you? I would just ignore them, there’s always gonna be angry peeps everywhere u_u

  2. That was amusing. Kudos on taking the time to actually type this kinda stuff up, too. I don’t think I could do it, I’d probably just respond sarcastically.

    On a slightly unrelated-yet-still-related note: Why do I keep seeing people say Madoka might get cancelled? I haven’t seen a news post on news sites about it (other than Urobuchi saying that SHAFT was gonna use the postponement to increase the animation quality). I’m pretty sure whoever started spreading that bit of news is a troll, because Madoka is making them way too much money for them to just stop.

  3. @Glo. Seriously man, it would be easy to spend an eternity flinging the shit right back at the shallow end of the gene pool, wouldn’t it? These are people who can watch a cheap Faust knock-off because “zomg teh drama”, but try to get them to actually read Goethe and they’ll probably believe Goethe is the knock-off.

    @Riyoga. Anyone who is pretending it will be cancelled is just being a nimrod. Hopefully on purpose because they have nothing better to do with their drama-less lives before the next episode airs then to make more cheap drama themselves.

    At this point, any delay to a new episode will only be to Shaft’s advantage. In fact, it will probably be BETTER if it is cancelled, because people will buy more DVDs of it than Bakemonogatari. And if Bakemonogatari taught us anything, Shaft knows how to milk a series through delays and cheaply-produced televised editions.

    • What’s Faust? What’s Goeth? Man I feel stupid.

      Madoka will never be cancelled, it’s too awesome, but it seems to be delayed, and who knows when the last 2 episodes will come.

  4. Jeff, stop stuffing your political agendas down our throats. This is blatant propaganda.

    Also, are you on spring break this week?

    • Political? Go Red Sox.

      Yes. I’ve been enjoying my time working my ass off around sickly kids. I now have a sore throat, but at least my wallet is heavier!

      (I bought a wallet made out of lead).

  5. fun read as always and underscore is stupid.

    There are people who disagree with my opinion all the time. I either a) laugh about it or b) tell them to fuck themselves. I will only use the later option if I want amusement because more often than not, they’ll come back with a “better” argument.

    Oh shit I’m rambling.

    I can’t wait to see what U_K had to say about this XD

  6. And at this very moment, a certain user’s DeviantArt page gets an influx of visitors. Mission Accomplished.

    Perhaps I should start trolling to generate attention too.

  7. Mission Accomplished! People should really take other people’s opinions with a grain of salt… You don’t have to agree with them, but going apeshit over it just makes the person look like a fool, which Ukitake_Kutaru did. I still wonder how she is going to respond to this?

    ( ◕ ‿‿ ◕ )

    • It’s been a crappy week for me. I was really looking forward to my spring break, and then wouldn’t you know it, I get miserably sick right when it starts, and it fucks up my whole life.

  8. you guys talking about madoka magika? damn i saw first capter of it, but seemend so cliche than i didnt bother to go 2nd capter. im looking for one innovative anime. but its really hard to get even close to full metal alchemist (new or old season alike)

    • Madoka is anything BUT cliche. In fact, I’d go ahead and say it’s one of the most non-cliche magical girl anime ever. It gets darker and more twisted as it progresses. Watch it or die.

      • i will watch it up to capter 3. thats my normal number for droping an anime, watching one and then droping it is below average, is coz the capter one was so cliche.

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