The State of Eye Sedso – I’m Hanging It Up

As you may have noticed lately, the number of posts I’ve been producing has been dwindling, and so has the amount of anime I’ve been watching. But that’s not all.

I’ve been finding lately that even when I’m watching anime, I’m really not getting into it like I used to. I remember back only a few months ago when I would watch anime non-stop, and more importantly, I would enjoy doing it. But lately, and this has been true for the past two or three months, anime has become more of a chore than anything else. It’s not that I don’t have time either. I have time to watch anime, I just don’t feel like doing it. Here’s a list of things I do instead of watch anime of late:

  • Go on facebook, then yahoo, then facebook, then yahoo, then facebook, then ESPN, than back to facebook, then back to yahoo. (yahoo is to check my awesome fantasy teams).
  • Watch tv (even if there’s nothing on)
  • Shit
  • Go running with my brand new super awesome Vibram 5-Toed shoes (they’re awesome).
  • Smack my dick on a wall
  • Listen to music

The passion is gone. Also, I just found out not more than 2 days ago that I FINALLY got into my Education Program (it’s not like I didn’t get in before, I just waited a long time to apply). What does this mean? I’m starting my teaching career, which means almost zero time for anime. That’s not till the Fall, but with my job at camp (I got a promotion so now I’m a director), I’m going to have almost no time to watching anime for the next….oh sayyy 30 years of my life. That’s why I’ve decided to hang it up. Shut it down. Call it quits.

As if today, I sadly declare Eye Sedso, the original ISSS, as retired. I’ll still be on twitter occasionally, so I’m not completely dead, but I’m pretty dead. Thanks to everyone who left comments, visited this shitty site, etc.