The Rie Quest: 2X2 Shinobuden

I finally started actively watching some of the shit-ton of Rie Kugimiya shows that I promised myself I’d watch. I decided to start right at the top of the list, and thankfully to. 2X2 Shinobuden has almost everything I like and not much I don’t.

One thing I love is stupid, retarded, mindless comedy. For example, Excel Saga. Excel Saga…EXCELLED (fufufu) in this aspect, and in turn, I made sweet, passionate love to the show many times. 2×2=Shinobuden was similar in this aspect. It contained not only completely retarded shit that I found funny, but it also made fun of blatant fanservice in a time before the giant fanservice boom that we see today. What else did it do? It also broke the 4th wall, which is among one of my favorite things ever, and I had really not seen and 4th wall breaking of late either. Not since Hayate finished airing. In a related story, I may will be picking up the manga soon. I might actually buy it. Borders has used volumes online for like….1 dollar each.

Besides the comedy, we have a main character who goes from “stupid girl who is an airhead in a funny way somehow”, to “stupid girl who is an airhead in a funny way somehow who is also ambiguously lesbian,” to “clear lesbian dumb funny girl.”

Her lesbianism was refreshing. It wasn’t overdone, but it was still clear and awesome. But wait, let’s continue to jump all over the God damn place in this review, and talk about the 4th wall breakage again.

The last episode probably had the most prominant display of breaking the 4th wall, as the ninjas actually say and watched a scene from earlier in the show, where a plotline was introduced before never being seen again. God I love that shit. That’s all I wanted to say on that.

Then we have the ED. Even though the ED sounded a lot like Cotton Eye Joe, a song which I absolutely loathe, I actually liked this ED a lot, and by a lot, I mean one of the best I’ve seen. Plus I have this sexual fetish for claymation that just….well basically I like clay on my dick.  It’s weird, I know, but don’t knock it until you try it. Trust me, claydick is good.

Okay I made that last part about clay on my dick up just to embellish a point that I like claymation. I also love the ED. A lot. Let me rephrase [restate]: A LOT:

Awesome and fantastic. One of the best ED’s I’ve ever heard (I’m making a list believe it or not! Also planning on updating my OP list which is somewhere on this site displayed over several posts).

Then there are the seiyuu. Rie Kugimiya or course, does her thing well as usual in her supporting role. It wasn’t a huge roll, but considering the very small cast, it was a pretty decent sized role for this particular series. But the real highlight of this anime had to be the man, the myth, the legend, Norio Wakamoto.

When I found out that the great Norio was in this anime, playing a main character nonetheless, I knew immediately that this anime was destined to be awesome, and it was. Norio makes every role he does  fucking awesome, and his role as Onsokumaru was great. Now I have to put this video up out of obligation:


Bill is on vacation for the week.

Related Shit

Speaking of Rie Kuimiya Quest, I got one show ruined for me already. How? Facebook ads. Yup. A facebook ad told me someone dies in that Linebarrel show. Look:

Can you read that? Yeah neither can I….here’s a close up.

I guess this jerk is dead? Thanks for ruining it! Looks like YOU’RE the jerk, JERK!



16 thoughts on “The Rie Quest: 2X2 Shinobuden

  1. Glad you liked Shinobuden it’s one of UFOTable’s many amazing and under-appreciated comedies. BTW I doubt they make it anymore but the US release of the series box set came with an Onsokamaru plush. (Unfortunately it was priced way too high at all stores).

    Reading this review made me realize that you might love the web serial novel I’m currently publishing twice weekly (10 chaps out atm), Cirno and Purple Steve:

    • Idk I might go in order right down the line, or choose from the list at random, which might be more fun. One problem is shows where she’s only in the sequel, because then I have to watch the first season(s) even though she’s not in it. That pisses me off.

      I’ll probably end up watching Dokkoida, just because.

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