Shitty Musical Artists Post – Rewrite

First of all, expect a SHIT load of posts this week. I’ve finished a few shows, got a few things written, etc. I know I said this week was themed, but surprise surprise, I already decided to kind of give up on that. I will rewrite a few posts though, starting with this one.

For this entry, I will be rewriting THIS POST.

In said post, I listed three artists as heavily overrated: Nickelback, Green Day, Kings of Leon, Dave Matthews Band, Coldplay, Jack Johnson, and Linkin Park.

I would like to retract at least part of that statement. Nickelback still sucks. In fact, they’re worse than ever. I hope that they all get punched in the throat and none of them can ever speak again (this eliminates the possibility of any band member stepping up to take over vocals). They suck, and I wish their music would be banned from the world. All records of them ever existing being burned or sent into space. They’re really really bad. Portugal agrees with me on this subject. I wish that Nickelback would take a hint and just stop making music. You’d think a rock to the head would let them know that people don’t like them.

Kings of Leon still suck because their lead singer still sounds like a whiney bitch crying for his mama.

Dave Matthews Band still sucks but I hear their concerts are fucking awesome because everyone gets really really shit faced. While I like that, the fact that you’d have to listen to Dave Matthews Band kind of ruins the whole experience. I’d rather get shitfaced alone.

Coldplay and Jack Johnson still suck.

However, the other two bands I listed really don’t belong in this post. Green Day pretty much sucks now, but at one point they were actually pretty good, and I did like that September song they did, and that was recent, so they get a pass. American Idiot was still a piece of shit of an album, and was totally overrated. I don’t even know about the next album they put out. 21 Guns just pissed me off as far as songs go. But still. Brain Stew and all the songs from those times were good.

Then we have Linkin Park. I must have been having some sort of brain malfunction when I added them into the mix. They had like….one song I didn’t like. But they have had a lot of songs I did like. And check out this piece of greatness:

That’s a great song. That drum kick is just great. This song has alone restored my liking of Linkin Park. But even before this song came out, I still felt like I messed up with Linkin Park.I mean, Breaking the Habit? The video was like…anime. What’s not to like?

Anyway, that’s all I really wanted to say regarding that post.

16 thoughts on “Shitty Musical Artists Post – Rewrite

  1. Cool, it’s like going back in time and listening to a 16-year-old try to sell me on their mainstream musical taste all over again. Can I join in? I think it went something like this..

    Linkin PArk is like SOooO overrated! It’s like, they’re smashing two bad songs together and whingn about cutting themselves!

  2. I’ve got pretty much the same views on Green Day. I liked the Dookie album and Wake me up when September Ends, and that’s about it.

    I have 2 Jack Johnson albums on my computer from when I was indiscriminately copying peoples CDs and playlists…his songs are not on my ipod. I pretty much have them all set to skip in shuffle.

    I’ve dug a few Coldplay songs like Viva la Vida, yellow, and Fix you.

    I would include Maroon 5. I hate them ever since my sister asked me to make a CD of their stuff. They’ve been on itunes since then and I hate the lead singers girly vocals and smug looks. Fucker.

    • The best Coldplay song EVER:

      In fact, that whole album is awesome. Because rap mixed with non-rap always yields awesomeness. More examples:

      – Ocarina of Rhyme
      – Grey Album

    • Coldplay can be okay sometimes. Kings of Lean has one song I can kind of stand: Radioactive.

      But then the dude starts singing and I shut it down. I really only like how it starts.

  3. I’m a Nickelback fan. Sort of. As in I generally liked them until their album “Dark Horse” at which point I just kind of gave up. It all sounds the same now.

    I don’t listen to anyone else you listed…hm, a bit of Green Day. Their older song Good Riddance is one of my favorites, because of the tone and all. And Linkin Park…I’m a fan of their older stuff, but the last few albums, not so much.

    • Nickelback and fan should never be used in the same sentence unless the sentence is:

      “NICKELBACK doesn’t deserve to have a single FAN, because they suck so bad.”

  4. I love American Idiot. It’s an album that carries a very specific message that I don’t think any other work has carried as well as it has, so I consider it important.

    Their latest album was shit, though.

    • I stole the awesome image from Epic Win, which is a dead blog whom I came across on Google when I searched for a good anime related rock picture. I already knew it the blog previous of course.

  5. I just feel like singing Dominated Love Slave now.

    I’m happy to know that at least one other person agrees with me on Dave Matthews. I really, really, really don’t understand why people like them. They just sound awful; Dave Matthews himself has a crap singing style.

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