Kore wa Zombie Desu ka: Reviewish Kinda Thing

NOTE: I meant to put this out about a week ago.

What can I say about Kore zombie that hasn’t been said? It was funny, it was enjoyable, it kind of got away from the plot of Ayumu looking for his murderer, but it was still good in terms of story……therefore, I’m just going to talk about one thing I liked.

Eucliwood Hellscythe

This has been my background since this screenshot has been available.


By FAR my favorite character in the series, Eu is my ideal female character. One thing I actually liked was that she never had a set seiyuu. She was voiced by someone different every week (at least for the parts where she actually speaks), as I found out after looking some shit up.

Now, as you all may be aware of, I tend to really like female characters who rarely talk, characters whom I always refer to as the “Yuki Nagato Character Type.” I especially like these types of characters when all of their communication is done through the use of gigantic, chiiii~ eyes, nods, and other types of non-vocalized speech. What are chiiii~ eyes you ask? This is sadly the best picture I could find, because I forgot to take screenshots of all of Eucliwood’s chiii~ eyes when I watched the show. (stupid!):

Excuse me....stalker club? Best thing ever made sign me up! (don't really).

Why do I call these chiiii~ eyes (or stares)? Because a lot of the time, when a character gets these eyes, she (or he sometimes) usually stares intently at another characters and goes: “chiiiiiiiiii~” which I can only assume means “stare.” Oh wait! I just realized I can go to Random Curiosity and steal one of their pictures! Certainly they have the screenshot I want!


MORE success!

I LOVE it. LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE. Well okay that was going overboard a little bit, but you get the idea.

So anyway, I think I’ve displayed that Eu is the best character in Kore wa Zombi-

What’s that? I haven’t? All right, how about this?

Eu can kill you just by saying it. FUCKING AWESOME. In fact, everything she says pretty much becomes true. HOW AWESOME IS THAT? She’s pretty much unbeatable and nasty. She’s like God. No, she IS God. She must be.

Either way, without Eu, Kore wa Zombie would have probably just been average. But because of her (and some well placed comedy/other solid characters), I must give Kore wa Zombi desu Ka a



When Bill watched Kore wa Zombie desu Ka, he conversed with Eu.

Needless to say, Bill could not resist. He lost at Eu's words (yeah, they're written here, but she repeated it out-loud too DUH)



15 thoughts on “Kore wa Zombie Desu ka: Reviewish Kinda Thing

  1. I was glad that Eu was actually given a reason for being a silent-type. It gave her much more depth and made her even more likeable than she already was.

    • I’ll choose to agree with this statement. Although the same could be said for Rei (NGE) and Yuki (Haruhi). Rei was a weird clone of some sort (less personality) and Yuki was an alien based on logic.

      • Ah, no, I wasn’t saying that other silent-type characters were unexplained. Maybe I should reword what I said.

        I liked the reason they gave for Eu being a silent-type, it was much more sympathetic and interesting than the usual reasons.

  2. I watched this series just for Eu, and she was by far the best character. I would love to go bowling with her any day. :3 I don’t know if it was intentional for her to be similar to Tachibana Kanade, another silent-type who ranks among my favorites.

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