I Don’t Like The Word, “moe”


That’s it.

Just don’t like it much. Just the word, not the meaning……

…..this could have been a tweet, huh?

I’m a bit….err….extra-talkative-by-cause-of-things-you-drink, and so I’m using my ISSS as an outlet. It’s all good though, an ISSS is simply a thing I can do whatever the fuck I want with. Anyway, I don’t like the word, “moe.” Whenever I see it I think of this:

The only Moe you need to know.


18 thoughts on “I Don’t Like The Word, “moe”

  1. That I have to agree with. It’s too much work to type out moé, but Moe just reminds of that Simpson’s guide. I try to avoid it at all costs.

  2. Moe means a lot more to me than cute. I use the word sparingly, but when I do use it, there’s a whole shitton of meaning packed into it that no one gets but me. Why bother if no one gets it? Because I get it and FUCK OFF.

    I never liked the Simpsons.

    • Yeah the Simpsons are a bit overrated. The movie was really really funny though. I saw it in theaters…..HILARIOUS.

      And again, I don’t care about the meaning. I just don’t like how the word looks and sounds spelling wise. I was pretty drunk when I wrote this post.

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