First Impressions Spring 2011

I never do these, mainly because I never really watch that many shows from each season, but this year I’m watching over 10 different shows, sooooo. Yeah here we go.

Ano Hana

The was my favorite part for some reason. You can tell she totally likes Jintan too.

This was a show which, I’ll be honest, I had no intention of watching. It looked…..well…….boring. Boring and dumb. The synopsis that I read was as such:

A kid named Jintan re-unites his friends from the past after they had drifted apart.

Seems like a stupid, boring, heartwarming tale blah blah blah. Nothing of interest to me.

Then it came to my attention that holy shit there was a lot more than just that. As it turns out, Jintan can see a ghost of the girl named Menma whom he used to like (insinuated), and whose death ultimately led to the group of friends breaking up. After her death, Jintan experienced somewhat of a fall from grace and became a depressed recluse of sorts and doesn’t go to school or do much of anything anymore and here we go pal, now I like what’s going on.

After checking out the first episode, I’m to believe that this could be one of the best shows of the season. It has fantastic animation, and looks poised to create some AWESOME character development. Menma’s kind of an airhead….oh wait, I think her dad already said that….no never mind, that was the girl in the next show I’m going to talk about. As for this one, looks good.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Ao no Exorcist

For some reason, THIS scene is where I thought, "Hey. This reminds me of FMA."

There’s a little girl in the later portion of this episode. Her dad calls her an airhead right in front of her. What a dick. Just because she can see some demons.

A few awesome people have already seen the similarities to FMA with Ao no Exorcist. I first noticed the similarities when Rin, the main character, unknowingly blows up a heater when he becomes mad. All of the characters around him just seem to have the same type of traits that all FMA characters had. Not only that, but we are also served with the same great quality of animation that we got in FMA.

As for the plot, it’s right up my alley in terms of fantasy-like craziness. Anything with Shinigamis, demons, etc is usually great in my book, and here we have some demons, and a kid who just learns that, yeah, he’s the son of Satan. No big deal or anything. Oh, and the man who raised him, his dad, happens to be an exorcist….kiiiiind of the opposite of Satan. I like it already.

Recommendation: Recommended

So far two great shows this Spring. What could possibly ruin such a great lineup of sho-

Astarotte’s Toy

I didnt make this thing.

Uggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Why Rie? Why?

One good thing is that this show is kind of more cartoony instead of blatant loli fanservice. Just look at the animation from the above picture. For the record, I usually like this style of animation a little. Honestly, if the writers just focus on comedy and not a lot on fanservice, I can see this going a route of some warped form of Hayate no Gotoku in terms of general feel (which would make me like… able to watch the show), but they won’t, and at the end of the day, I’ll still have to kick my ass for watching this show, because I feel like a pedophile freak watching it.

PS. Astarotte needs to put on a GOD DAMN UNDERSHIRT. Wtf there’s too much skin if my daughter ever tried to wear that……I don’t have a daughter what am I talking about?

PPS. Watching Naoya’s sister negotiate was pretty awesome.

Recommendetion: Frowned Upon

God damn Rie Quest. Can we get back to the good shows?

[C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

This is kind of what I mean by the technological feel. The little squares!

I still haven’t seen the two movies for Eden of the East, which I really should do because I loved the series. [C] TMOSAPC is pretty similar to EotE in its animation and general high-tech seeming plot. By high tech, I mean the use of CGI and….well…you know what I mean. The card the guys have seems similar to the phone from EotE….it’s just very similar. I don’t know if it shares any staff from Eden of the East, but there you go.

What’s it about? Uhh….money. It’s about money and fighting somehow. The plot’s still being developed, and while I COULD give a description of it, I’d rather be lazy here and just tell you to watch it because it looks like it could be pretty good. I’ve got a good feeling about it.

Recommendation: Neutral Recommendation

Deadman Wonderland

Yet MORE good animation! The seasons got some talent behind their art! Deadman Wonderland starts off in a normal classroom. Then something happens yada yada yada a kid named Ganta ends up being falsely accused for mass murder. I don’t know about you, but I really feel pretty bad for him. Where does he end up? Prison. Deadman Wonderland to be specific.

Deadman Wonderland is a privately owned prison where the prisoners put on shows for the public to create revenue in order to repair Tokyo, which was devastated by some kind of ghost hole or something? Wikipedia says an earthquake but I’m pretty sure in the anime they said some kind of hole. I can’t remember for sure. I hope you didn’t come here looking for detailed explanations of shows. Either way, Ganta end up here, and meets a girl, and then discovers he’s got some really bad ass powers, given to him by the guy who performed the mass murder for which Ganta is now on death row for.

What do I think? I think this show looks pretty good. I can see it losing its way, but the copious amounts of blood and death in the first episode really give me high hopes that this show could be good. If you need further convincing then check out some picture from the manga…..AWESOME.

Recommendation: Recommended

Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko

I will admit that this scene was pretty good.

Off all the shows that I’ve watched this season, this one has the highest probability of being dropped. Why? Because it reminds me heavily of Bakemonogatari, a show whose reliance on dialogue is heavy. For me, heavy dialogue = boring poop. I need some action. I need some plot. I need some comedy. Anything except people talking. If I wanted to listen to people talk, I’d listen to AM radio.

The art and animation is splendid though.

Recommendation: Meh

Hen Zemi

One of the oddest shows out there. And Im pretty sure that the professor is Baka Raptor....oh, and you can still totally see some nipple.

I wasn’t going to watch this, then someone said it was good. I have now watched 2 episodes, and it’s….okay. To be honest, the animation is like Mitsudome, and I don’t like that style much. That has nothing to do with the show though, which is filled with more weirdness than almost any show I’ve watched. It’s got pretty short episodes, so it’s not hard to complete an episode, but I feel like it lacks a lot of plot and content. It’s kind of just….weak. Lifeless. It’s not totally bad though. I’ll probably keep watching but I wouldn’t be surprised if I get bored with it and end up dropping it.

Recommendation: Meh

Hidan no Aria

Reminds me a LOT of Shakugan no Shana, aka fucking best show ever.

This is what I’ve been waiting for. Shakugan no Shan- wait a second…….

This isn’t Shakugan no Shana! B- But look at this cut-screen! It looks just like a SnS cutscreen! Look at the eyes on the character! They look just like Shana’s! I mean, sure the color is slightly different, but still!

The similarities are all over the place if you ask me. Also, if you ask me again, the resemblance is a good thing, nay, a GREAT thing. These are the roles I like seeing Rie Kugimiya in. The flat chest, the vivacious attitudes, the long hair, the URUSAI URUSAI URUSAI! Yeah, I used the word “vivacious.” There was already no way I was ever going to dislike this show, but my expectations were exceeded with the first episode of Aria the Scarlet Ammo. Why? The male protagonist is a man, unlike Yuji.

Meet Kinji Tooyama. A man who doesn’t exactly like where he lives, or where he goes to school, or who hangs around him. He goes to a school that trains….well…..basically mercenaries, who  are paid to act like police officers in Japan. In this school, one must always be armed, and as the show begins, he suggests nothing out of the ordinary to suggest that he’s all that good at shooting (although he does show that he knows his way around a switch blade). Then, when stuck in a jam with Aria, his switch flips, and he becomes a cocky bastard who not only toys with Aria’s emotions, but GOES ALL NEO ON SOME MACHINE GUNS DODGIN BULLETS AND SHOOTING LIKE A GOD DAMN MARKSMAN. Bad ass? Not exactly. Sort of I guess. Entertaining? HIGHLY.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended (bias)

Maria Holic Alive

I just really like this picture. And this character.

The first season wasn’t bad, despite what many said. I’ll enjoy this second season probably just as much as the first, so…..yeah.

And wtf? Are they really making a different OP for every episode? That’s awesome. But it still doesn’t beat the last OP.  Still the ED is pretty awesome. No link. Just telling you.

Recommendation: Meh


Someone said that it was like Lucky Star mixed with a whole bunch of crazy nonsense, including someone’s toe firing off like a missile. Considering that I love crazy non-sense, and toes firing off like missiles, I felt obligated to watch this. Plus I saw that screenshot somewhere online and thought to myself, “Well this looks really pretty cool now doesn’t it?”

Well…..I…..hmm. I guess there are parts I like and parts I think are boring, but I have a feeling that I’m going to end up liking it, simply because it gives off a vibe similar to Azumanga Daioh… least it does to me anyway. I’ve only seen episode 0 though, and I hear that episode 0 is the worst of the bunch. I know I like the Hand Sumo, because we play that at Camp (where I work), so I found it riveting to discover that they play it in Japan as well. Hooray!

Basically, youre feet cant move or you lose, and you use your hands to try and make the other lose his or her balance. On a side note, Im insanely nasty at it, and have never lost.

I’ll tell you right now, the ED was awesome. At least the ED for episode 0. I guess I shouldn’t call it an ED. They were more like movie credits to be honest.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

EDIT: After watching other episodes, I’ve decided that this show is actually awesome. In one scene, the two girls are talking, and a dude walks by with a giant afro and everyone acts like nothing happened. Basically, it was random as fuck, so I liked it. The second episode in general (episode 1) was actually hilarious, which surprised me. When Yuuko keeps getting hit with stuff I literally was laughing my ass off.

The World God Only Knows II

See that?

Let me start by saying the Kusunoki has the most awesome seiyuu ever (besides Rie Kugimiya of course). Ami Koshimizu did a fantastic job with Kusunoki. That’s all on that for now.

As for the show. Well, the first season was good, so why would the second be any different? The first episode finally got me hooked to the fact that this manga adaptation is really well done. That’s really it.

Recommendation: Recommended (watch  1st season first)

Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san

Azazel asks the kind of questions that the public wants to hear!

Before I started watching Nichijou, this was the clear winner for funniest show of the season. Now I’m split about 50-50, but either way, Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san is awesome. It has craziness, hilarity, and plenty of blood that anyone will surely enjoy. It even had poop humor! The girl with the glasses so far is my favorite. I could be developing a thing for characters with glasses I hope not.

Recommendation: Highly Recommended

Still Plan On Watching But Haven’t Started Yet:


Why haven’t I started watching it? Because I’m waiting for it to finish. If it has half as many BAM Moments as Chaos;HEAD did, then I’m not going to be able to wait week to week.  I’m one of the few people who thought that Chaos;HEAD was actually fucking awesome. Maybe I’ll rewatch it. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.


I don’t know why, but I really want to check this out. Unfortunately, it hasn’t started yet.

I think those are all the shows I plan on watching, which is probably at least two times as many shows as usual. The End.