The Last Open Letter To Madoka

Dear Madoka,

I finished watching the chronicles of your life this week, or should I say the erasure of what was previously known as your life, and determined that, okay, your wish indeed has helped everyone, but this wish is still utterly stupid.

First of all, if you have the ability to literally wish yourself to become a God (or in your case, a Goddess), then I’m pretty sure that Kyubei isn’t going to shoot down any wish ideas. After all, becoming a God probably sits up there as one of those types of wishes that shouldn’t usually become granted. Either way, your existance now SUCKS because of this wish, as you’re now left alone for all eternity. Yeah, sure, you claim that you’re everywhere at all times forever, which I guess is true, but you can’t really interact with anyone, save the person previously known as your brother (who sees you as an imaginary friend). Even your Mom can’t remember the fact that you lived. That’s just really sad.

So why not wish for something else instead? Instead of wishing for you personally to be the one who has to destroy every witch before they come to life, why not wish for witches to have never existed in the first place? You know, simply wish that all witches from the past, present, and future were destroyed before they came to be. That way everything would be nice and good. You would be alive, your friends would be alive, Kuybei wouldn’t seem like as much of a dick. I mean…come on, use your noggin.

Also, this was what I said to do ever since the whole notion of witches was brought to light in the anime, so I guess I’m right again.


Glo the Legend

PS: I really really liked this show, 5^^ either way, because I still thought that overall, the ending was probably the best way that the writers could have ended the show and overall, the show was GOD DAMN BRILLIANT. It was indeed a bittersweet ending, but a really good one, and too Madoka’s credit, she really manned up and showed her stuff. This show just had so much.

One question….how come Sayaka was the only one who died?

PPS: Too much hating on Kyubei….don’t forget, he has no emotions, and he made a valid point in his argument about cattle.