The Last Open Letter To Madoka

Dear Madoka,

I finished watching the chronicles of your life this week, or should I say the erasure of what was previously known as your life, and determined that, okay, your wish indeed has helped everyone, but this wish is still utterly stupid.

First of all, if you have the ability to literally wish yourself to become a God (or in your case, a Goddess), then I’m pretty sure that Kyubei isn’t going to shoot down any wish ideas. After all, becoming a God probably sits up there as one of those types of wishes that shouldn’t usually become granted. Either way, your existance now SUCKS because of this wish, as you’re now left alone for all eternity. Yeah, sure, you claim that you’re everywhere at all times forever, which I guess is true, but you can’t really interact with anyone, save the person previously known as your brother (who sees you as an imaginary friend). Even your Mom can’t remember the fact that you lived. That’s just really sad.

So why not wish for something else instead? Instead of wishing for you personally to be the one who has to destroy every witch before they come to life, why not wish for witches to have never existed in the first place? You know, simply wish that all witches from the past, present, and future were destroyed before they came to be. That way everything would be nice and good. You would be alive, your friends would be alive, Kuybei wouldn’t seem like as much of a dick. I mean…come on, use your noggin.

Also, this was what I said to do ever since the whole notion of witches was brought to light in the anime, so I guess I’m right again.


Glo the Legend

PS: I really really liked this show, 5^^ either way, because I still thought that overall, the ending was probably the best way that the writers could have ended the show and overall, the show was GOD DAMN BRILLIANT. It was indeed a bittersweet ending, but a really good one, and too Madoka’s credit, she really manned up and showed her stuff. This show just had so much.

One question….how come Sayaka was the only one who died?

PPS: Too much hating on Kyubei….don’t forget, he has no emotions, and he made a valid point in his argument about cattle.

16 thoughts on “The Last Open Letter To Madoka

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  2. “Instead of wishing for you personally to be the one who has to destroy every witch before they come to life, why not wish for witches to have never existed in the first place?”

    Seeing how much Kyuubey and the wish-granting process loves loopholes, the way I view it is that if she had done that, they would have found some way around it.
    For example, Kyuubey mentioned her wish was able to transcend multiple worlds. Maybe if she hadn’t made it so that she essentially became a god so she could moderate her wish for all eternity, the process of the wish making a new universe would basically nullify her wish. Sort of like, “Well, it’s a different universe, so the wish never happened.”

    At least that’s the impression I got.

    • It didn’t necessarily love loopholes, it was (at least I felt it was) more like the FMA law of equal trade or whatever. For you to get a wish aka something good, you must also go through something of equal badness/hardship.

      Such as in Sayaka’s case: She was able to help the one she loves, but in return, she misses out on his love (of course, this was all her fault anyway for never telling him how she felt.)

      Madoka could have also done something like, “only moderate girls that become witches from the past to the present, and then from that moment on.” This way, she could live a normal life except for the moments when a witch was about to be born, at which point she would be whisked away to prevent the witch from being. Of course, she would also have to live forever, but at least she could interact with people throughout her existence.

      • Agreed on the loophole thing. I guess that was a bit of a stretch. The first thing that actually came to mind with the wish process was actually the Matrix, and the whole “balancing the equation” deal. But still, same concept as equivalent exchange.

        The problem I see with that variation of the wish is that her wish both created a new universe, and her wish transcended multiple worlds. So she’s pretty much ALWAYS be stopping witches from being created nearly every nanosecond.

        Seeing as how the despair created to balance out whatever hopeful thing was wished for usually wins in the long run, maybe Madoka’s wish was just a way to beat it. I mean, perhaps because her wish was completely selfless, and resulted in no net gain for her, her wish was finally one that could beat the despair that gets created. Otherwise instead of a new universe being created, the universe would have just been destroyed.

        And as a response to your reply from the last comment (may as well add on to this, it’s already long as hell), I don’t think Kyuubey was surprised by the magnitude of Madoka’s wish. He had just told her she could wish for virtually anything, after all. I think it was just that he couldn’t comprehend her selflessness. Just like he can’t understand emotions, he couldn’t understand wishing for something that didn’t even result in any gain for Madoka herself.

  3. Sayaka died since she was one of the magical girls who had become a witch. In the new universe, while magical girls don’t become witches, those that are about to become witches still die/disappear.

    That being said, seeing as how Madoka had to rewrite the laws of the universe in order to make it so that witches would no longer exist, I think that if she had tried any other method besides personally erasing the witches with her own power, there would have been some sort of loophole.

  4. Kyubey has a limit on wishes, you know. There is no loophole; things he cannot grant, he cannot grant. If Madoka wished ‘LET THERE BE HEAT DEATH’, he could not make that happen. If Madoka wished ‘REVERSE ENTROPY’, he could not make that happen. Kyubey is able to make Madoka into God, if but a God of cattle; what is that to us humans if our food worships a God, right?

    Also, I’ll bet Madoka’s all like ‘woah I saved the world even though magical girls still die, blah blah blah I’m a special God that transcends time now’, only to realize up in Heaven or w/e there’s like 10,000 other magical girls that wished for the same thing; and Kyubey’s just sitting there, laughing.

    Still, join the Church, for even cattle need Gods.

    • Kyubei seemed really surprised that she wished for such a wish. But it seemed like there was nothing he could do to stop it, which leads me to believe that pretty much any wish could be granted.

      • Thus: Kyubey’s society is /greater/ than God.

        It’s like telling a cow (again with analogies) ‘Yo, if you give us meat we’ll grant any wish you want.’, and then hearing it say ‘I want to stop all my other cow-brethren from being turned into meat!’ If you’re a good guy, you’d take his promise and milk the cows instead, but you’d be surprised.

        Thus: Kyubey’s also a good guy.

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  6. I think the case with Sayaka is that Madoka’s new system only changes the fact that witches are created from despairing Magical girls.

    Sayaka’s despair never had anything to do with that. Sayaka lost to herself.

    Madoka’s wish didn’t change the fact that she still became a soul gem. And it won’t change Hitomi’s intervention.

    So Sayaka went mad still, and destroyed herself, just not creating a witch as a result this time.

    The episode seems to imply that Madoka could’ve changed this (probably by preventing Sayaka from making the wish), but knew that Sayaka ultimately would want to fall into despair, if it meant helping Kamijou, at the end of the day. So instead, she allowed the sequence of events that would end in Sayaka burning out her life prematurely.

  7. By wishing that wish, she has the full authority to decide how the witches are destroyed, and what happens to the entire system, given how Kyubey always warps each wish to a horrible outcome. Had she just wished for the destruction of all wishes alone, Kyuubey might do something like erase the magical girls who would become witches or something like that. By making her wish – and personally killing the witches – Kyuubey can’t interfere, leading to the new and changed universe where they fight demons, their despair cleansed by Madoka and Kyubey having no memory of the witch business at all. True, now they fight demons – but they no longer die if they despair, and they no longer have to kill each other’s fallen comrades. It’s a rash, yet noble wish.

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