The Typical Nightlife of Glothelegend

It’s no secret that I don’t sleep much. Hence this ISSS was created. In fact, it’s about 1 AM right now, and I have work soon, which is why I thought that this is an appropriate time to put this post up. So one night, I see a webcam. What do I do? I click record and go about my night-time business as usual. Now I present to you a candid look at exactly what I do during the wee-hours of the night.

Okay, okay……that’s not the real video. It was recorded during the same night, but it’s not the real video. Here is the real video. It’s long. It’s nearly an hour in length. If you watch the whole thing, then you suck.


Well, never mind I guess. Youtube says it’s too long to put up, and the actual video is on my downstairs computer. Too far away for me. Frankly, I don’t know why you’d want to watch it anyway; it’s just a video of my watching Shinryaku! Ika Musume and then reading some Gantz. Maybe I’ll break it into sections and put it on youtube, and then rewrite this post. Maybe I won’t. Maybe go fuck yourself.

Anime Related Extra Shit

I recently watched Hanasaku Iroha, and it’s really really good. Very well done, fluid animation, enticing story/characters/character development. It’s also going to force me to start paying for anime, as I will most likely be getting a premium account with crunchyroll simply because the streaming is AWESOME and I’m still afraid to download torrents (which I miss doing alot). I have NO idea how IRC works and I’ve given up trying to figure that shit out, otherwise I’d do that.

I’m currently watching about 13 different series from the Spring Season, and will probably also be picking up Sket Dance because it looks sort of cool.

I’m finally starting to believe that the anime blogosphere is rapidly declining. Not only do I get almost zero comments now (even on my 1st impressions post, which is a surprise even for me), but Baka Raptor, who I thought would be alive forever, seems to have finally given in to the pain in his eye sockets and given up anime for a year. Him giving up anime is like the Apocalypse of animeblogging coming to fruition. Next thing you know Sea Slugs and Random C are going to shut down, and then it will all be lost.

Off Topic Extra Shit

I was given a shout out in this video here (I’m still not sure if that’s a good thing or not). Apparently someone lied to these people and told them I was a “very popular site in the anime community.” A clear misconception on their (oballer’s) part (Really? How many times have I told yo-). Another misconception was CALLING MY ISSS a BLOG. GET YOUR FACTS  STRAIGHT YOUR NEWS IS WRONG.

But whatever, I guess if they’re trying to scratch my back I guess I’ll try to scratch theirs. I guess.

Donald Trump for President. Seriously, I’m voting for him if he runs.