Happy Birthday Rie Kugimiya!

There’s a reason why we have the day off from work today. It’s to celebrate the life of the greatest seiyuu ever! I’m going to use this day to watch only Rie Kugimiya shows like Aria the Scarlett Ammo and whatever else there is. Maybe Gintama idk.

Happy 32nd Birthday Rie Kugimiya!


Bad Assery and It’s Effect on Blatant Fanservice

I was reading a satirical post by Feal after the world ended, and thought that even though the post was clearly a fictional bit of writing, I thought, what if people actually thought that High School of the Dead (a reknown piece of animated excellence), was brought down by it’s seemingly blatant fanservice (of which there is a good amount).

I thought about this, and then I recalled how much I HATE blatant fanservice, how much of it was in High School of the Dead, and how much I loved it, and it did not match up according to the transitive property. For example, the transitive property states:

So clearly there is something wrong here. I honestly do hate pretty much every single show that is based around blatant fanservice, so what in HOTD accounts for me liking it? After thinking about it, the answer was clear:


As I stated before, HOTD was one of the most bad ass shows I’ve seen. I felt like it was packed with just enough zombie killing and people not being fucking pussies that it because really enjoyable, even if sometimes the boobs were able to dodge bullets. I mean, the main female lead wasn’t a pussy, in fact, she was killing zombies as early as the first or second episode. There was even a little girl who killed a zombie with a tire (or at least attacked it….she wasn’t a pussy is what I’m trying to say)


Look at the facts. Listed below are all of the shows I’ve seen that I consider to contain blatant fanservice, and listed in the very next sentence is my definition of

Blatant Fanservice: (n) The obvious display of huge, bouncing boobs coupled with a myriad of panty flashes when they are completely unnecessary or unrelated to the plot.

Queen’s Blade had a lot of blatant fanservice, because they just showed a shitload of tits and ass for no real reason.

LIST of Shows With BF:

Was this angle really necessary for this shot? No, therefore, BLATANT.

Basquash – Had some blatant fanservice, mainly in the form of giant, bouncing tits. However, the basketball shit was so intense and awesome that I didn’t even notice, because I was too busy shitting my pants from the awesome shit going on. Very underrated show if you ask me.

He is My Master – I honestly can’t remember if this show had any blatant fanservice. What I do recall is that the show had a bad ass alligator named Pochi. Fucking alligator was the shit so the show was moderately good as well.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls – Again, it was filled with some bad ass fights, Rie Kugimiya in a typical role, and some unique awesome animation/art. It could use some work in some places, but the fact that it had girls wielding swords at each other made this a solid show.

Ikkitousen 1st 2 seasons – Well, this show wasn’t as good as the previously mentioned, but it still had it’s share of people beating the shit out of each other. I mean, the whole premise of the show was fighting each other. No brainer here. Bad assery was what saved this anime from being complete shit.

Inukami – Not really any blatant fanservice, just wanted to point out that this show is fucking awesome.

Queen’s Blade – Get the FUCK OFF me this show was BRILLIANCE. I used to make fun of it until I realized how awesome it was. Not only did the storyline actually get good, but girls started beating the shit out of each other, and it was awesome. Don’t tred on QB.

Rosario Vampire – When the fuck is the second next season? I know there wasn’t a lot of depth in this show, but Rie Kugimiya was a stalker type character. That in itself justifies any type of plot or content. But there was some bad assery, specifically, Moka’s personality. She would, at times of need when her thingy was pulled off, become this really bad ass chick who would proceed to fuck everyone up NO FUCKING PROBLEM.

Strike Witches – First of all, no ones believes more than I that these girls need some pants. Also, the episode 7 in both seasons sucked complete balls due to there focus on only fanservice and not on fighting. That being said, when  these girls were slicing and shooting their ways through enemies, it was fucking awesome. Got my adrenaline pumping. Especially Mio, who had an eye patch and a samurai sword. That pretty much means you’re bad ass no matter what. Even Watanumki, the most annoying character ever, got kind of bad ass when he got an eye patch.

To LOVE ru – ……this show really wasn’t that good. I mean, the first season was pretty funny at times, but….

Zero no Tsukaima – I really wouldn’t add this here, as the show isn’t really based on fanservice, they only show boobs to contrast Louise’s flat chest (imo). However, there was some bad ass shit going down when Saito would pick up any weapon and proceed to fuck shit up. Didn’t he almost beat an entire army by himself? Yeah, get off me. GIVE ME MORE ZnT!!!!!

Did I miss any from my LIST? So on to High School of the Dead. It did indeed have plenty of blatant fanservice. I mean, was it really necessary for all the girls to be wearing next to nothing when they were alone in that house? No, but I didn’t care about that. I was focused more on the fact that the characters were brutalizing former human beings, and spewing blood all over the place like nobody’s business.

What’s your definition of blatant fanservice, and what do you think about it?

We’re All Dead

I still can’t believe that the world actually ended. I really didn’t believe it, but now I just feel foolish. It seems like I was proved wrong by that guy who correctly predicted that the world would end today. I still can’t believe we all died.

Anyone get raptured?

New Manga Pickup of Awesomeness: Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

Recently, I was stalking everyone who exists ever on twitter (I’m literally friends with 6.4 billion people….because everyone on Earth has internet access, even hobos and third world babies), when I clicked on some link that someone left. I think it was Nyarth, and by think, I mean, here’s the link, but first, a completely random yet awesome video (because there’s a lot of words coming up, and seeing that many words at once can be overwhelming):

Nyarth Link

Yeah, so I clicked on the link that Nyarth left, and immediately read a scenario that I thought was funny simply because I know it’s happened to almost everyone at least once.

I’m of course referring to that moment when you’re watching porn, all alone with some headphones on (because that’s what you do when you live with other people), and then the headphones accidently (or in this case, intentionally) pop out, and suddenly, the room is filled with skank talk and a loud, endless supply of sex moans accomponied with the vicious slap of a man’s frontside on a woman’s backside BYYAHHHHH!!! (I got you all in check)

Not so funny when it happens to you (well, maybe a little), but FUCKING HILARIOUS when it happens to a character in a manga, or pretty much anyone else who isn’t you.

This is a case of the latter, and since I found it funny, I decided to look into the manga more, and found a nice, unique premise (sort of unique), which is:

Hasegawa Kodaka has transferred schools, and he’s having a hard time making friends. It doesn’t help that his blond hair tends to make people think he’s a delinquent. One day, he runs into his bad-tempered solitary classmate Yozora while she’s talking animatedly to her imaginary friend Tomo. Realizing that neither of them have any actual friends, they decide that the best way to alter this situation is to form a club and start recruiting.

That is how “Rinjinbu” was formed, a club specifically designed for people who don’t have very many friends. As other lonely classmates slowly join their little club, they’ll try to learn how to build friendships through cooking together, playing games, and other group activities. But will this group of relationship-challenged misfits really be able to get along?

I copied and pasted that from mangafox, which is where I am currently reading all this shit. To be honest, at first read-through, I was kind of put off by the line, “…cooking together, playing games….”

Oh shit, playing games!? If I didn’t already know better (which I did), then I would have been scared of this manga going the way of K-On or something similar, but considering the page I read was actually interesting and presented a scene worthy of praise, I knew that it was already infinitely better than the previously aforementioned.

And so I read.

I read and I read.

Then, I read some more.

After I was finished with all of that, I realized that I had read almost 4 pages of the Preview chapter (or whatever)!

Update: The male lead is kind of like a half rip off of Ichigo, in that his hair isn’t bleached but everyone thinks it is. Just sayin…


Lord have mercy! Look at all these awesomely specific character profiles! They all have specific reasons why they have few friends, and frankly, I love that shit! Sure I’ve only read a couple chapters so far, but I can tell you that I like this manga, and at some point, anime. I mean, right off the bat we learn that Mikazuki has a-

Well, that’s all the time I have. If you want to know what Mikazuki has that makes her even more awesome (and the fact that she actually admits it proudly), then read this shittttttttttttttttttt.

Extra Shit

I have lost literally all aspirations to watch No. 6 this summer after reading the phrase: “he meets a beautiful boy” in several previews on several well respected sites. I’m more avid towards that library one with the cliche “boy discovers random girl” trope.

It’s been a long, tough week…ugh…

Summer 2011 Anime Lineup Thing

Is this chart accurate? I don’t know. Frankly, I’m still in the midst of Spring anime, but it’ never too soon to look ahead, you know?

Anyway, here’s the chart I guess:

Now, chances are that you can’t read any of this, so here’s the link to the full sized chart, which I found randomly online somewhere, and trust to be true despite doing no research myself:


Now a few random Highlights:

Top Three Four Exciting Things I See:

ICHI: Blood-C

A new Blood anime? Count me in pal. Hopefully this can return vampires back to being badass instead of being emotional teens who are “misunderstood by the world”. I don’t like my vampires to be huge vaginas. If I get anymore of that stupid vampire pussy ass gay shit then I’m going to take my fist and wave it angrily at the world (which I do anyway). We need more bad ass vampire shit. Not only that, but the art looks pretty awesome (based on the picture above). Dark shit girl looks cool ILL NAHHHH.

NI: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Second Season

Not much to say here. The first season was hilarious and awesome, so I will be watching this second season with open eyes (obviously….I mean, you can’t watch if your eyes are closed you know? I mean, unless you like….can see through stuff. Man thank God I’m not blind; being blind would suck, you couldn’t watch any anime. Holy shit I never really thought about that. I bet they’re aren’t many blind people who are fans of anime….or any TV show for that matter).

SAN: Katteni Kaizou

This is probably the show (OVA) I’m most excited for. I used to be pissed off for a good long time  that no one was translating the manga (see?), but then an awesome scan group saved my life. No longer did I have to search in vain for nonexistant scans. However, I now wanted an anime more than ever, and considering the age of the manga, I doubted that this would ever happen. WELL NOW IT DID! KABLAMMY!!!!! This is one of the funniest manga I’ve ever read.

YON: Hayate no Gotoku! (movie)

There’s a couple good movies and shows coming out, but Hayate no Gotoku! takes the cake here. LOVE it. it’s AWESOME. I’ve started (and since, stopped due to lack of time [and since started again after writing this post]) the manga, and that too is AWESOME. I can’t wait to see Maria show the world just why she’s one of the top 3 female characters ever. God this show has been missed. The FMA movie will probably be awesome too, but considering the fact that the story was already concluded, I think i- wait a second, that’s TWO movies that will have Rie Kugimiya! NICE. There’s also a Negima movie that I really want to see, though I’ve fallen behind on that manga (no where near up to date to be honest).

Also, I don’t know why I counted in Japanese. I don’t really know shit about the language. Here’s some other random thoughts about the season (which honestly looks pretty barren):

As has been the case for the past few seasons, we have at least one series that has a main focus of porn or something similar. This season, it’s none other than R-15.

Reading the synopsis, which focuses on a character who actually writes porno (novels anyway), I can’t help but think, “Why?” Why make another show like this?

Then I realize that I actually secretly want to watch it, because it actually sounds actually kind of actually funny actually.


We also have our typical Queen’s Blade type show, that features blatant, obvious, stupid fanservice. This season, it’s Manyuu Hikenchou:

While I liked Queen’s Blade a lot, I can’t possibly see how this can be any good.

Other shows that look good:

  • No. 6 – Bones? Cool sounding plot? Okay.
  • Mayo Chiki – It has the element of surprise in it (Surprise! I’m actually a girl!), so why not?
  • Kamisama Dolls – “….discover a dead, bloody body in an elevator…” Yup, watching.
  • Kami-sama no Memo-chou – Stories of NEETS have yet to let me down.
  • Nyanpire the Animation – lol, I’m probably not going to watch it, but I do like the synopsis…I thought Gonzo was dead?
Some that I’m on the fence about:
  • Yuruyuri – If there isn’t any yuri, I’m not watching. If there is, I’m probably still not watching.

Not watching:

EVERYTHING ELSE (unless reviews yield a diamond in the rough).

And there it is. My guide to the summer. Do you care? No? Well you can suck a bag of dicks!

J.C. Staff’s REAL Top Ten Anime

Klux wrote a post a short (or long depending on when I actually have time to finish this post and put it out) time ago that depicted a top ten anime of a certain studio that is coincidentally my favorite studio, because I have great taste. Such good taste, that I felt the need to make my own aserctiaions and corrections. I know I spelled “acertions” wrong, but I really wasn’t trying. I’m really really tired haven’t had time to sleep for eat lately, so I just hit some buttons and hoped for the best. I’m not going to correct it.

I also realized that I spelled it wrong the second time as well. To be honest, I’m not quite sure how to spell it. Are you happy? Now I feel stupid. I might jump off my roof tonight and it would be all your fault but first, here’s Sankaku Complex’s Top Ten, which kluxorious based her list off of.

  1. Tantei Opera Milky Holmes
  2. Taisho Yakyuu Musumo
  3. Toradora!
  4. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun
  5. Aoi Hana
  6. To Aru Majutsu no Index
  7. Otome Yousei Zakuro
  8. Hidan no Aria
  9. Yumekui Merry
  10. Shakugan no Shana

There’s a few of these that I haven’t seen, or haven’t completed yet. Those being number, 1, 2, 7, 9 (haven’t seen) and 8 (still watching DUHHH). Therefore, who am I to say which are best? I haven’t even seen all of them! Well, I can already tell you that if I don’t care about it, it’s not that great. here’s klux’s misguided list:

1. Honey and Clover

2. Hatsukoi Limited

3. Nodame Cantabile

4. Otome Youkai Zakuro

5.  Shakugan no Shana

6. To Aru Majutsu no Index

7. Toradora!

8. To Aru Kagaku no Railgun

9.  Revolutionary Girl Utena

10. Azumanga Daioh

What a terrible list, but here’s the one’s I haven’t seen: (2, 3, 4, 9). Yeah, I haven’t seen RGU. GET OFF MY FUCKING DICK I’LL WATCH IT EVENTUALLY.

First of all, I’m an art education major, and it’s the reason I’ve been losing sleep lately. It’s a lot more work than you fuckheads give it credit for. I’d like to see you throw 320458548 pieces of clay in one semester. Fuck your asses it’s harder than fucking math… Math is fucking easy I could do Math in my fucking sleep. You don’t even have to be smart. I got As in Math without fucking trying. Easiest shit ever. History? I know more about History than my friend, who graduated with a major in…. HISTORY. He didn’t even know who the Native Americans sided with in the War of 1812. DUH. BRITISH. Dumbass. Wanna talk about English? BITCH I CAN’T FUCKING SPELL BUT I GET As ON EVERY GOD DAMN PAPER I WRITE. SCIENCE??? FUCKING SCIENCE!!!?? I’m not that good at science.

Now, I went through all that shit to say this. I am an art major, and I STILL HATE HONEY AND CLOVER. END.

I’ve not seen numbers 2 through 4, but I know they’re not as good as Shakugan no Shana OR Toradora.

Azumanga Daioh was fucking good. Enough delay. Here’s MY list:

1. Shakugan no Shana

GET THE FUCK OFF MY DICK. This BETTER come back in the Fall because it’s one of my favorite shows of all time… ALL TIME.

2. Toradora!

 Rie Kugimiya’s best performance EVER FUCKING EVER. Untouchable.

3. Zero no Tsukaima

Why does no one like this show? Look that the ED! On a serious note, I fucking love this show, and if I had three wishes, they would be as follows: first, I’d wish the Whalers back to Hartford, CT (obviously). Second, I’d wish for the ability to shape shift and change my body however I want, including ability to grow new bones, working organs (even if I don’t know how the work) and even copy my brain. Third, I’d wish for a SHITLOAD of money. But I’m sure more seasons of Zero no Tsukaima would be somewhere down the line there….maybe like….23.

4. Hayate no Gotoku!! (it’s the second season BITCHES)

What. The. FUCK. WHERE WAS THIS ONE KLUX!? Who DOESN’T like this show? I mean, you’d have to have one of the worst tastes in wa- OH THAT’S RIGHT! YOU DON’T!


5. Aria no Hidan


It’s like a poor man’s Shakugan no Shana, except it’s STILL FUCKING AWESOME.

6. Excel Saga

I can’t…..I just can’t at this point. WHERE IS EXCEL SAG-

I just can’t.

7. Azumanga Daioh


8. To Aru Majutsu no Index

Again. Deserving. Especially since the Special Episodes resembled closely those of the Shakugan no Shana-tan ones, as displayed in the above picture.

9. Okami-san to Shichinin no Nakamatachi


10. Aoi Hana

LESBIANS. ALL. FUCKING. OVER. THE. PLACE. (not as good as Sasameki Koto though).

And there they are, according to ME. MINE. ME MY MINE ME.


P.S. I REALLY want to watch some Shana…..at least I have some Hidan no Aria, which I LIKE because it’s FUCKING GOOD YOU’RE ALL DUMB!

P.P.S. Happy Mother’s Day…..don’t think I have any readers who are mothers (or readers in general for that matter), but whatever.

My Band Tripod is Complete!

Before the last few days, I had a duo of bands that pretty much ruled my world. That’s right, the unlikely combination of My Chemical Romance and Chatmonchy were pretty much the only bands I’d listen to on a constant basis. Of course, good rap and hip hop remain tied in here as well, with Wu Tang and Tribe Called Quest topping the extensively long list, but they aren’t bands. I’m talking only of bands. And when it came to bands, MCR and Chatmonchy were really the only ones (Fall Out Boy used to be in there, but they kind of got lost when I lost all my music/I’m too lazy/don’t care enough to download their music again). However I did care enough to download…..

Fanart by Detra....err....link? (probably won't work....hey, I tried) http://board.violetprison.com/showthread.php?t=250&page=8

.     .     .     .     .

Wait, what? Really? Aren’t they like…..Gothic?

Umm…I dunno. No? I mean, sure, in itunes, all the albums were called “Gothic” in the genre column, but I just changed them all, so they’re now Synth-Rock. I like their music. Some of  their songs remind me of Mirror’s Edge, in that they have those synthetic bell noises. However, this also causes problems, as a lot of their songs sound very similar.  This still isn’t that big of a deal though, because the songs are all still pretty good. And all of their albums have the same colors, AKA purple and black, AKA the BEST COLOR COMBO EVER. I mean, it’s not secret that I love the color purple (just look at my avatar or whatever you call it). I have socks that have purple and black horizontal stripes, but I never wear them because they make me look like a fuck. Still, I like the color combo (just not on me). Anyway, as you can see, The Bir-

No dude….seriously… What the fuck is this shit? What is wrong with you? Like really there is something seriously wrong with you.

I don’t know, maybe I just like bands that have three words? My Chemical Romance? Fall Out Boy? If I were ever to make a band, then the band name would be called “Three Word Band,” which is an awesome name because it supports itself, in that the Three Word Band would be three words. It’s failsafe. Anyway, here’s a video of arguably my favorite song.

Whether you liked the incredibly Japanese influenced video or not, one thing is for certain, rocking out with a keyboard? OXYMORON:

Even you have to agree that you look foolish. I guess it's cooler than just sitting there while everyone else kind of goes crazy...not by much though.

Another thing. I don’t like any of the band members. They all look stupid. yes, everything is based on looks. Then again, they’re a band, so I guess they’re allowed to look stupid. MCR also has the same ability (to look stupid), so this is a non-factor.

One thing I noticed as I was rating the songs in my itunes (I rate every single song, and listen to the full song before making a choice. Surprisingly, The Birthday Massacre only managed one or two 5 stars, while my other two bands had around 12 each. You can imagine how my life’s been after just receiving about 4000 songs from oballer. I only put about half of them on my itunes though.) Great, now I linked to oballer. He’s gonna leave some stupid comment about how this band sucks. What a tool. Haters gonna hate, bu he’s partly to blame for me liking them in the first place (more to come on that).

Speaking of blame, now is the time to answer the age old question:

How did this come to be!?

Shit that song is FUCKING AWESOME… anyway…

Where did this band come from? Why did I suddenly like a band that is certainly more gothic than what I like? Compared to MCR, they’re totally different. The guitar chords are much more simple and….well….boring (that’s why I usually hate this kind of music. It’s just like….2 chords banged over and over). However, here we are.

First off, let me say that this band is not as good as MCR or Chatmonchy. I’m on the fence still about whether or not it’s better than Fall Out Boy. I may have to acquire some FOB to test this theory, but for now, I’m throwing it up there in number 3, which puts two bands with female singers in my top 3, along with a band that’s kinda…….gay? They act pretty gay sometimes I’ll be perfectly honest.

I first heard TBM while playing Stepmania. Specifically, this song (note, this is not me playing. I’m better.):

I remember liking the song because it was like two different songs (just like Lucy has two personalities!!!!), and I recalled thinking about looking up more of this band, but I didn’t particularly enjoy what I refer to as “witch screaming.” (the vocals sound like a witch).

Anyway, I soon never bothered to look it up, but then I came across the awesomely superb soundtrack to Sucker Punch, and became obsessed with this song, my favorite part being at 2:48 – 3:40:

My favorite part or this fantastic musical score was where Bjork (I think) was screaming. Screaming girls is a good thing as long as the girl isn’t “witch screaming” or getting raped or something. So I decided, “Bjork huh? I’ve heard everyone making fun of her, but never heard her music. Maybe I’ll check her out.”

First of all, let me say that Bjork (young Bjork) almost reminds me of Eriko from Chatmonchy, which is….idk good? Maybe? I can’t tell if she looks cute or just weird. I tend to like weird though, as long as it pertains only to fashionistic stylings (which Bjork has in droves). So I became a fan of Bjork for all of one minute, until realizing that her music, aside from maybe 2 songs, was garbage. She sucks.

Then the search began. I wanted to find a band with a female lead singer who would occasionally scream and was kind of similar in style to MCR. Some people said Paramore, but I already knew that they sucked. There were a lot of bands listed online (Yahoo Answers is AWESOME). And as I typed each band into youtube to sample their music, I became more and more discouraged. Then I came across The Birthday Massacre, a band that I thought I had never heard of (I had no idea that they played the above Stepmania song, even though it was LISTED IN MY ITUNES. I immediatly thought, “Oh! This is that band!” I still had my doubts, but I sampled their music and liked what I heard, and thus….

Welcome to my triumverant.

Other runners up included:

The Ropes
Why did the writing get so smalll!!!?? WordPress SUCKS I'm done here!