My Band Tripod is Complete!

Before the last few days, I had a duo of bands that pretty much ruled my world. That’s right, the unlikely combination of My Chemical Romance and Chatmonchy were pretty much the only bands I’d listen to on a constant basis. Of course, good rap and hip hop remain tied in here as well, with Wu Tang and Tribe Called Quest topping the extensively long list, but they aren’t bands. I’m talking only of bands. And when it came to bands, MCR and Chatmonchy were really the only ones (Fall Out Boy used to be in there, but they kind of got lost when I lost all my music/I’m too lazy/don’t care enough to download their music again). However I did care enough to download…..

Fanart by (probably won't work....hey, I tried)

.     .     .     .     .

Wait, what? Really? Aren’t they like…..Gothic?

Umm…I dunno. No? I mean, sure, in itunes, all the albums were called “Gothic” in the genre column, but I just changed them all, so they’re now Synth-Rock. I like their music. Some of  their songs remind me of Mirror’s Edge, in that they have those synthetic bell noises. However, this also causes problems, as a lot of their songs sound very similar.  This still isn’t that big of a deal though, because the songs are all still pretty good. And all of their albums have the same colors, AKA purple and black, AKA the BEST COLOR COMBO EVER. I mean, it’s not secret that I love the color purple (just look at my avatar or whatever you call it). I have socks that have purple and black horizontal stripes, but I never wear them because they make me look like a fuck. Still, I like the color combo (just not on me). Anyway, as you can see, The Bir-

No dude….seriously… What the fuck is this shit? What is wrong with you? Like really there is something seriously wrong with you.

I don’t know, maybe I just like bands that have three words? My Chemical Romance? Fall Out Boy? If I were ever to make a band, then the band name would be called “Three Word Band,” which is an awesome name because it supports itself, in that the Three Word Band would be three words. It’s failsafe. Anyway, here’s a video of arguably my favorite song.

Whether you liked the incredibly Japanese influenced video or not, one thing is for certain, rocking out with a keyboard? OXYMORON:

Even you have to agree that you look foolish. I guess it's cooler than just sitting there while everyone else kind of goes crazy...not by much though.

Another thing. I don’t like any of the band members. They all look stupid. yes, everything is based on looks. Then again, they’re a band, so I guess they’re allowed to look stupid. MCR also has the same ability (to look stupid), so this is a non-factor.

One thing I noticed as I was rating the songs in my itunes (I rate every single song, and listen to the full song before making a choice. Surprisingly, The Birthday Massacre only managed one or two 5 stars, while my other two bands had around 12 each. You can imagine how my life’s been after just receiving about 4000 songs from oballer. I only put about half of them on my itunes though.) Great, now I linked to oballer. He’s gonna leave some stupid comment about how this band sucks. What a tool. Haters gonna hate, bu he’s partly to blame for me liking them in the first place (more to come on that).

Speaking of blame, now is the time to answer the age old question:

How did this come to be!?

Shit that song is FUCKING AWESOME… anyway…

Where did this band come from? Why did I suddenly like a band that is certainly more gothic than what I like? Compared to MCR, they’re totally different. The guitar chords are much more simple and….well….boring (that’s why I usually hate this kind of music. It’s just like….2 chords banged over and over). However, here we are.

First off, let me say that this band is not as good as MCR or Chatmonchy. I’m on the fence still about whether or not it’s better than Fall Out Boy. I may have to acquire some FOB to test this theory, but for now, I’m throwing it up there in number 3, which puts two bands with female singers in my top 3, along with a band that’s kinda…….gay? They act pretty gay sometimes I’ll be perfectly honest.

I first heard TBM while playing Stepmania. Specifically, this song (note, this is not me playing. I’m better.):

I remember liking the song because it was like two different songs (just like Lucy has two personalities!!!!), and I recalled thinking about looking up more of this band, but I didn’t particularly enjoy what I refer to as “witch screaming.” (the vocals sound like a witch).

Anyway, I soon never bothered to look it up, but then I came across the awesomely superb soundtrack to Sucker Punch, and became obsessed with this song, my favorite part being at 2:48 – 3:40:

My favorite part or this fantastic musical score was where Bjork (I think) was screaming. Screaming girls is a good thing as long as the girl isn’t “witch screaming” or getting raped or something. So I decided, “Bjork huh? I’ve heard everyone making fun of her, but never heard her music. Maybe I’ll check her out.”

First of all, let me say that Bjork (young Bjork) almost reminds me of Eriko from Chatmonchy, which is….idk good? Maybe? I can’t tell if she looks cute or just weird. I tend to like weird though, as long as it pertains only to fashionistic stylings (which Bjork has in droves). So I became a fan of Bjork for all of one minute, until realizing that her music, aside from maybe 2 songs, was garbage. She sucks.

Then the search began. I wanted to find a band with a female lead singer who would occasionally scream and was kind of similar in style to MCR. Some people said Paramore, but I already knew that they sucked. There were a lot of bands listed online (Yahoo Answers is AWESOME). And as I typed each band into youtube to sample their music, I became more and more discouraged. Then I came across The Birthday Massacre, a band that I thought I had never heard of (I had no idea that they played the above Stepmania song, even though it was LISTED IN MY ITUNES. I immediatly thought, “Oh! This is that band!” I still had my doubts, but I sampled their music and liked what I heard, and thus….

Welcome to my triumverant.

Other runners up included:

The Ropes
Why did the writing get so smalll!!!?? WordPress SUCKS I'm done here!

12 thoughts on “My Band Tripod is Complete!

  1. This post made me realize I pretty much never listen to songs with vocals anymore. Just anime soundtracks that are awesome (which sometimes have Japanese vocals or a chorus, but those don’t count because I don’t know what the hell they’re saying or it’s just random sounds) and classical music because it helps me relax.

    Between the TWGOK soundtrack and Umineko’s soundtrack, I don’t really need anything else (Executioner kicks ass – ).

  2. I love The Birthday Massacre! And their “Looking Glass” song is great because it seems to be criticising the way schools are or something (though I may be wrong), which is good since school is basically there to stop you learning anything important.

    • Yeah that was wrong I think. It was mainly about a girl with a one sided love. In the video it took place in some Japanese school setting, but idk if that had to do with the content of the song.

      School is important, but there are some classes that are pointless to have. Like, why does an art major need to take biology? I mean, I love learning about stuff, and there’s always something that you can take out of learning something new.

      • The song definitely does have something to do with some kind of infatuation. That one schoolgirl seems to be a bit obsessed with the creepy teacher guy. But that line “my belief is God” makes me think of how the education system tries to make you think their way, instead of having opinions.
        The thing about school for me is that it is full of incompetence. There are some good dedicated teachers but a lot of the time it’s more about getting good marks in exams than actually learning something. And of course, nobody gives a shit about all the rampant bullying going on.

      • The whole education system is a piece of shit, that I’ll agree on. There’s a lot of pointless bullshit that actually prevents learning most of the time. I feel like race plays a part in it, as well as social standing and teachers not understanding certain students’ perspective. I’ve taken enough education classes to write a book on it, but there’s a lot of incompetence out there, yeah.

        As for the song.

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