Summer 2011 Anime Lineup Thing

Is this chart accurate? I don’t know. Frankly, I’m still in the midst of Spring anime, but it’ never too soon to look ahead, you know?

Anyway, here’s the chart I guess:

Now, chances are that you can’t read any of this, so here’s the link to the full sized chart, which I found randomly online somewhere, and trust to be true despite doing no research myself:

Now a few random Highlights:

Top Three Four Exciting Things I See:

ICHI: Blood-C

A new Blood anime? Count me in pal. Hopefully this can return vampires back to being badass instead of being emotional teens who are “misunderstood by the world”. I don’t like my vampires to be huge vaginas. If I get anymore of that stupid vampire pussy ass gay shit then I’m going to take my fist and wave it angrily at the world (which I do anyway). We need more bad ass vampire shit. Not only that, but the art looks pretty awesome (based on the picture above). Dark shit girl looks cool ILL NAHHHH.

NI: Baka to Test to Shoukanjuu Second Season

Not much to say here. The first season was hilarious and awesome, so I will be watching this second season with open eyes (obviously….I mean, you can’t watch if your eyes are closed you know? I mean, unless you like….can see through stuff. Man thank God I’m not blind; being blind would suck, you couldn’t watch any anime. Holy shit I never really thought about that. I bet they’re aren’t many blind people who are fans of anime….or any TV show for that matter).

SAN: Katteni Kaizou

This is probably the show (OVA) I’m most excited for. I used to be pissed off for a good long time  that no one was translating the manga (see?), but then an awesome scan group saved my life. No longer did I have to search in vain for nonexistant scans. However, I now wanted an anime more than ever, and considering the age of the manga, I doubted that this would ever happen. WELL NOW IT DID! KABLAMMY!!!!! This is one of the funniest manga I’ve ever read.

YON: Hayate no Gotoku! (movie)

There’s a couple good movies and shows coming out, but Hayate no Gotoku! takes the cake here. LOVE it. it’s AWESOME. I’ve started (and since, stopped due to lack of time [and since started again after writing this post]) the manga, and that too is AWESOME. I can’t wait to see Maria show the world just why she’s one of the top 3 female characters ever. God this show has been missed. The FMA movie will probably be awesome too, but considering the fact that the story was already concluded, I think i- wait a second, that’s TWO movies that will have Rie Kugimiya! NICE. There’s also a Negima movie that I really want to see, though I’ve fallen behind on that manga (no where near up to date to be honest).

Also, I don’t know why I counted in Japanese. I don’t really know shit about the language. Here’s some other random thoughts about the season (which honestly looks pretty barren):

As has been the case for the past few seasons, we have at least one series that has a main focus of porn or something similar. This season, it’s none other than R-15.

Reading the synopsis, which focuses on a character who actually writes porno (novels anyway), I can’t help but think, “Why?” Why make another show like this?

Then I realize that I actually secretly want to watch it, because it actually sounds actually kind of actually funny actually.


We also have our typical Queen’s Blade type show, that features blatant, obvious, stupid fanservice. This season, it’s Manyuu Hikenchou:

While I liked Queen’s Blade a lot, I can’t possibly see how this can be any good.

Other shows that look good:

  • No. 6 – Bones? Cool sounding plot? Okay.
  • Mayo Chiki – It has the element of surprise in it (Surprise! I’m actually a girl!), so why not?
  • Kamisama Dolls – “….discover a dead, bloody body in an elevator…” Yup, watching.
  • Kami-sama no Memo-chou – Stories of NEETS have yet to let me down.
  • Nyanpire the Animation – lol, I’m probably not going to watch it, but I do like the synopsis…I thought Gonzo was dead?
Some that I’m on the fence about:
  • Yuruyuri – If there isn’t any yuri, I’m not watching. If there is, I’m probably still not watching.

Not watching:

EVERYTHING ELSE (unless reviews yield a diamond in the rough).

And there it is. My guide to the summer. Do you care? No? Well you can suck a bag of dicks!


19 thoughts on “Summer 2011 Anime Lineup Thing

  1. A French version of the new Studio Ghibli movie has just been uploaded online!

    This is meaningless for most of you, who have to wait for the English release, but I KNOW FRENCH SO I GET TO WATCH THE MOVIE NOW! HELL YES! ELEVEN YEARS OF SECOND LANGUAGE CLASSES HAVE NOT BEEN WASTED!

    This post was pretty cool too.

    (You’re not going to watch the new Hellsing Ultimate OVA? Really?)

  2. though I’m not into idolm@ster, since it’s produced by A1-Pictures, I cant help but have high hope for it. It has become a phenomenon for a reason and I am curious to find out what it is. Then there’s that reversed harem, yet again produced by the same studio. I am not sure about this one but if there are bishie that I can fap to, count me in.

    But yes, BAKA TO TEST! *does a jigs* as well as few others series that got second season. Unfortunately I haven’t finish watching most of the first season so there’s that. Shit.

    R-15 is stupid. Get that shit away from my face

    • Let me know if it turns out being good. Although to be honest, I probably still won’t check it out based on it’s blatant haremness. I mean, some harems are awesome (Asu no Yoichi), and I can enjoy a harem, but idol harem? Meh.

      Extremely surprised you never finished the first season of Baka to Test considering how much you liked it.

      R-15 will most likely be dropped, but we’ll see. I can dig a perverted show if it’s funny.

      • Oh I finished Baka to Test. I was referring to the other series like Natsume and Nurarihyon. I like them but wasn’t able to finish them because I am too busy being raped by my life.

        Perverted funny show like Setokai Yakuindomo I can dig but I doubt that R-15 will fall under that category.

      • I guess we shall see. If you ask me, I doubt it will even be that perverted. I mean, he writes some porn, big deal. It’s not like his real life is going to be porn……right?

  3. Whee, I finally decide to catch up on blog-reading and I return here to a summer chart! Which is perfect timing, because my girlfriend was just asking me like two days ago when it would be available. Apparently she expects me to know these things.

    As per usual, I’m sure I’ll end up watching a ridiculous chunk of the airing series.

    • I didn’t make it though. I just randomly decided, “I wonder if they made one yet?” I searched and, as usual, was rewarded. I honestly just wanted to know if Shakugan no Shana was going to come out in summer (disappointment) I assume it will come in Fall. It better.

      This season (Spring 11) is the first season I’ve actually been decent in keeping up with anime (a lot of anime).

  4. Awsome, Hellsing Ultimate 8 is coming, how could you not watch that? And what is wth the lack of the second Angel Beats season, or the second Lucky star season?

    This brilliant yet cruel world of ours….

    • You’re not an idiot. If anything, I should have updated the post. I’m lazy and don’t care. Yeah, I can’t wait for that shit I’ve been waiting for too long.

      Angel Beats season II? Impossible to do.

      Lucky Star season two? If only…..

  5. Summer looks pretty shit except for Baka to Test S2, Dantalion no Shoka, Kamisama Dolls, Kami-sama no Memo-chou, and Sacred Seven (anything by Sunrise is guaranteed to be awesome). No. 6 looks like it has potential, though.

    Nyanpire looks stupid, but will probably be enjoyable regardless. Also, Yuruyuri is an obvious and blatant ripoff of a terrible show we all know. I expect it to sell stupidly well because Japan has terrible taste.

    Summer is just a placeholder for Fall, because Shana will air in Fall. I know this because of when the others started airing:
    Shana S1 – Fall 2005
    Shana S2 – Fall 2007
    Shana S – Fall 2009
    Shana S3 – ????

  6. I was thinking of checking out Dantalion no Shoka. I may but who knows.

    Nyanpire is going to be dumb hence I have no real ambition to watch it.

    By that SnS schedule, we should be right on track to have the third season this year. BOOYAH!

  7. Does anybody know what the Hayate movie will be about? There’s only one exclamation mark, but I think it’s a bit late for a summary-movie for the first season.

    This might also be old news – if it is, disregard everything I said.

    • Also, what’s up with neregate’s (zana’s?) charts? This season is the first season I’ve seen them pop up around the internet, and they’re full of stupid fanpics in every empty spot. I keep thinking these pictures are more anime, but they’re just art.


      • can’t help you with the Hayate movie details, I can only assume it’s going to be some original story unrelated to the manga. That’s kind of what I hope anyway.

        I have no problem with the neregate’s charts.

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