Bad Assery and It’s Effect on Blatant Fanservice

I was reading a satirical post by Feal after the world ended, and thought that even though the post was clearly a fictional bit of writing, I thought, what if people actually thought that High School of the Dead (a reknown piece of animated excellence), was brought down by it’s seemingly blatant fanservice (of which there is a good amount).

I thought about this, and then I recalled how much I HATE blatant fanservice, how much of it was in High School of the Dead, and how much I loved it, and it did not match up according to the transitive property. For example, the transitive property states:

So clearly there is something wrong here. I honestly do hate pretty much every single show that is based around blatant fanservice, so what in HOTD accounts for me liking it? After thinking about it, the answer was clear:


As I stated before, HOTD was one of the most bad ass shows I’ve seen. I felt like it was packed with just enough zombie killing and people not being fucking pussies that it because really enjoyable, even if sometimes the boobs were able to dodge bullets. I mean, the main female lead wasn’t a pussy, in fact, she was killing zombies as early as the first or second episode. There was even a little girl who killed a zombie with a tire (or at least attacked it….she wasn’t a pussy is what I’m trying to say)


Look at the facts. Listed below are all of the shows I’ve seen that I consider to contain blatant fanservice, and listed in the very next sentence is my definition of

Blatant Fanservice: (n) The obvious display of huge, bouncing boobs coupled with a myriad of panty flashes when they are completely unnecessary or unrelated to the plot.

Queen’s Blade had a lot of blatant fanservice, because they just showed a shitload of tits and ass for no real reason.

LIST of Shows With BF:

Was this angle really necessary for this shot? No, therefore, BLATANT.

Basquash – Had some blatant fanservice, mainly in the form of giant, bouncing tits. However, the basketball shit was so intense and awesome that I didn’t even notice, because I was too busy shitting my pants from the awesome shit going on. Very underrated show if you ask me.

He is My Master – I honestly can’t remember if this show had any blatant fanservice. What I do recall is that the show had a bad ass alligator named Pochi. Fucking alligator was the shit so the show was moderately good as well.

Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls – Again, it was filled with some bad ass fights, Rie Kugimiya in a typical role, and some unique awesome animation/art. It could use some work in some places, but the fact that it had girls wielding swords at each other made this a solid show.

Ikkitousen 1st 2 seasons – Well, this show wasn’t as good as the previously mentioned, but it still had it’s share of people beating the shit out of each other. I mean, the whole premise of the show was fighting each other. No brainer here. Bad assery was what saved this anime from being complete shit.

Inukami – Not really any blatant fanservice, just wanted to point out that this show is fucking awesome.

Queen’s Blade – Get the FUCK OFF me this show was BRILLIANCE. I used to make fun of it until I realized how awesome it was. Not only did the storyline actually get good, but girls started beating the shit out of each other, and it was awesome. Don’t tred on QB.

Rosario Vampire – When the fuck is the second next season? I know there wasn’t a lot of depth in this show, but Rie Kugimiya was a stalker type character. That in itself justifies any type of plot or content. But there was some bad assery, specifically, Moka’s personality. She would, at times of need when her thingy was pulled off, become this really bad ass chick who would proceed to fuck everyone up NO FUCKING PROBLEM.

Strike Witches – First of all, no ones believes more than I that these girls need some pants. Also, the episode 7 in both seasons sucked complete balls due to there focus on only fanservice and not on fighting. That being said, when  these girls were slicing and shooting their ways through enemies, it was fucking awesome. Got my adrenaline pumping. Especially Mio, who had an eye patch and a samurai sword. That pretty much means you’re bad ass no matter what. Even Watanumki, the most annoying character ever, got kind of bad ass when he got an eye patch.

To LOVE ru – ……this show really wasn’t that good. I mean, the first season was pretty funny at times, but….

Zero no Tsukaima – I really wouldn’t add this here, as the show isn’t really based on fanservice, they only show boobs to contrast Louise’s flat chest (imo). However, there was some bad ass shit going down when Saito would pick up any weapon and proceed to fuck shit up. Didn’t he almost beat an entire army by himself? Yeah, get off me. GIVE ME MORE ZnT!!!!!

Did I miss any from my LIST? So on to High School of the Dead. It did indeed have plenty of blatant fanservice. I mean, was it really necessary for all the girls to be wearing next to nothing when they were alone in that house? No, but I didn’t care about that. I was focused more on the fact that the characters were brutalizing former human beings, and spewing blood all over the place like nobody’s business.

What’s your definition of blatant fanservice, and what do you think about it?

31 thoughts on “Bad Assery and It’s Effect on Blatant Fanservice

  1. Yeah, you missed Seikon no Qwaser.

    Also I am confused about the “When the fuck is the second season?” since you clearly have Capu 2 listed.

  2. Inukami! didn’t have fanservice, it had MANservice. And the show was indeed fucking awesome.

    I agree with your definition of fanservice. That’s why I wonder why people call the boob-sucking in Seikon no Qwaser fanservice, since it’s a part of the plot. At best it’s just very strange artistic/directorial choice.

    • I disagree with my definition with that statement. Seikon no Qwaser was absolutely blatant fanservice. In fact, it was so incredibly blatant, that the whole plot was seemingly created for the SOLE PURPOSE of showing fanservice. The plot was literally an excuse to show fanservice. That was why I dropped it (sort of….it really wasn’t terrible….well, the fanservice was).

  3. I hate it hence why I couldn’t touch or finished those in your list except for Ikkitousen 1st season. Even that was a chore.

    Badassery may or may not cancelled my hatred for the blatant fanservice but most often that not, i just rage-quit the shit.

  4. you missed Apocalypse Zero, though I wouldn’t really consider that… that…

    imo, all fanservice is blatant fanservice. If the companies didn’t want to shove boobs into your face/screen, they would keep ’em tucked away somewhere out of sight. Even a show like Haruhi has its blatant-fanservice Mikuru-rape scenes.

    fanservice as a plot device? bah.

    • Apocalypse Zero was NOT fanservice. HAHAHAHAHA THAT WAS JUST AWESOMELY FUNNY WEIRD SHIT! I actually didn’t hate that show. I mean, it had a penis monster.

      Some fanservice to me seems more like the artist showing off his ability to draw the human body, and other fanservice is kind of tasteful. It’s not really a blatant in your face flash of tits and ass, it’s kind of an off to the side glimpse that just lets you know a character has sexuality. That’s how I feel anyway.

  5. I am famous for doing great acts. :]

    Blatant fanservice is for me anything that tries to resemble Queen’s Blade or Seikon No Qwaser that is something borderline hentai. (High school of the Breasts is included in the list)

    It’s not that I dislike it, it’s just that I would have preferred it to be full H-Anime at this point instead of trying to put a “plot” around it.

    You’ll convene with me that It’s difficult to take seriously a zombie series if every two seconds they shout “THIS ISN’T A MOVIE”, go showing breasts and asses like there’s no tomorrow and violate physics at every turn. 😀

    • I honestly didn’t think that HOTD was THAT bad. In terms of fanservice, it wasn’t as bad as Queen’s Blade or anything. To me, I thought it had a pretty good balance or T&A and savage violence.

    • Well, you have to keep in mind that Queen’s Blade is pretty much the end of the line (all the way over there with Eiken). You can’t really compare a more “normal” show like HOTD with the most fanservicey show ever!

      more on-topic: imo, HOTD had some pretty severe bouts of fanservice. But then again, I never watched beyond the second episode and only saw clips of boobs, etc. flying around.

      • The only really big bout of fanservice imo was when they were stuck in that house and all the girls decided it would be a good idea to get as close to naked as possible. The rest of it was fine, even the boob-bullet-dodging came off as just awesome instead of fanservicey.

      • Yeah, that’s pretty much the limit for me. I’m not willing to watch a show that has a contrived premise like that…

        Boob bullet dodging oh god

  6. Now, there are two kinds of fanservice: One with awesome things going on in the background, and those with boring things which make you ignore the plot and focus on the fanservice. Case in point : Kanokon.

    • Kanokon was…..I honestly can’t really remember what that show was about. Some kind of fox girls or something? I know the main character was a guy against sex with hot girls, so he pissed me off a lot.

  7. Im fine with fan service, however it gets awkward when I’m whatching something like High School of the Dead and my family walks in because they have nothing else to do.

  8. -Strike Witches 2 was one of my fav shows last year. I guess that tells people how I feel about fanservice.
    -Queen’s Blade: One of the greatest ECCHIMANIA shows ever made in my opinion, especially season 2.
    -HOTD: It was fun. that’s what matters, fun.
    –He Is My Master was okay. I hate to admit it but I liked They Are My Noble Masters better.
    -I loved the 1st and 2nd seasons of Ikkitousen. The 3rd one was the weakest and the 4th was alright.
    -To Love Ru: I like Girls Bravo a lot more but it’s my 2nd fav harem show of all time.

    Now then, on to the main topic at hand: Action + Fanservice. HELLO!? Freezing, Elfen Lied, Koihime Musou trilogy?! All of these shows are cool imo not just because of the content but the fights as well. Heck, Reina vs Tomoe-sama from Queen’s Blade 2 is one of my all time fav matches between two women that isn’t from a Shounen anime.

    To be honest, my only 2 minor gripes with HOTD, aside from Fat Man and Cranky Pinky being the ONLY 2 characters I felt for, Senpai doesn’t count because she’s an automatic badass, are:
    -A little too much focus on showing the girls’ sexiness in the middle of the show rather than continuing the story of surviving the zombie apocalypse:
    -2: What’s with people’s obsessions with women whose breasts are bigger than their own heads? “Me naughty mode likey ze melons but zit can be bozhered by gravity defying vatermelonz”.
    Other than these, it was a good show.

    • Haven’t seen any Ikkitousen past 2. Just kinda lost interest. They Are My Noble Masters? Never heard of it. Might watch it now.

      I’ll never understand why people like boobs to be bigger than someone’s head. it’s stupid. Except in Queen’s Blade. What’shername with the kid was just funny. Hated her, but laughed at her a lot.

      • You made the right choice of dropping Ikkitousen after season 2 because you didn’t miss much, except Ryofu raping Chuubou in season 3 and Kan-U’s crush for Ryuubi increasing by 9000, but that’s about it.

        I don’t know whether you’ll agree with my opinion of TamNB being better than HimM but check it out and decide for yourself.

        Ah, Tomoe-sama…you make my heart sing, you make everything groovy. I mourn over the loss of your equally awesome lover. That moment made me very sad. Ahem, sorry. Back to Big Mama, personally I disliked her son more because he was too much of a momma’s boy at first but he’s young and he eventually grew a set of cojones and hit puberty so I cut him some slack. It’s clear his winky grew three sizes the day he met Airi. I didn’t mind Big Mama for the following reasons:
        1: She’s a semi-competent mother with a big sword.
        2: She’s the tallest and strongest (strength-wise) of the entire QB cast so it’s not surprising that she would have the biggest jugs as well.
        3: She wears glasses (Megane babe fetish. My apologies). She pales in comparison to the goddess Tomoe-sama of course.
        I’ll stop praising her now.

      • Wow Ryofu loves to rape. Didn’t she rape Ryomou in the first season?

        I don’t get how they can keep making seasons….doesn’t everyone always die at the end?

        Cattleya is arguably the ugliest character in anime history.

      • Hmm, as an unintentional character who is seen as ugly, yeah I can understand why you’d think that of Cattelya. She’s no looker but with a massive reduction she’d be okay.

        Yup, that she did. Ryofu raped another cute chick that wasn’t neither Ryomou or her diseased gilfriend who was never seen again after the 1st season. Screw you writers.

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