Dear WordPress,

Your new “Fullscreen Mode” for drafts really really really really really really really SUCKS.

Was the previous fullscreen setup just to easy and convinent to use? How come I no longer have any options when I’m in fullscreen mode? I can’t do anything unless I use ctrl + something else or alt + something else. WHAT THE HECK IS THIS SHIT ARE YOU SAYING I HAVE TO MEMORIZE A LIST OF KEY COMMANDS IN ORDER TO TYPE A POST NOW WHAT THE HELL WAS WRONG WITH THE PREVIOUS SETUP!!!????

You’ve pissed me off a couple times, WordPress, but this might be the last straw. At this point, I am now debating switching away from WordPress permanently. How the fuck can I type a post when I can only see this tiny little window of words? SURE I CAN DO IT, BUT THAT SUCKS!


– Best Regards,



PS: Everyone should email WordPress and tell them to change it back to the old version, which was efficient, easy, and awesome.

PPS: Never mind, WordPress, Ghostlightning bailed you out BIGTIME.

19 thoughts on “Dear WordPress,

  1. I took a look at the new fullscreen mode and it has even less options than what I have installed. Considering that I am using Fluency Admin Theme instead of the default WordPress Admin Theme, the functionality is different.

    I think the new admin interface is only in WordPress 3.2, which is still in beta. It explains why since they use the most recent beta builds.

  2. Huh, fullscreen looked fine to me.
    I mean there’s less options, but the main ones are there. The others are shown how to do in the help menu, or you can switch out of fullscreen.

    Then again, I’ve never used fullscreen mode, so these changes don’t really affect me at all.

    • They don’t have the main ones that I use though. Mainly the Header Type, Alignment……that’s kind of it.

      In another note, as I reply to this comment, I notice that the comment box is totally new and awesome, so at least that’s pretty cool.

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