I’m Better Than You At Watching Anime

There a lot of fuckers out there who love anime. That much is true. But when it comes to actually watching the shit, I’m in another league.

Sure, a lot of people watch a shit ton more anime than I do, but the difference between them and me is this: When you watch anime, a lot of you are so fuckin picky that it’s ridiculous. I mean come on, I’ve seen my share of anime, so I’m not completely naive to think that every anime is going to be perfect, but a lot of you find the smallest things wrong with some shows then seem to make up your mind that you’re not going to like a show no matter what.

That kind of sucks. I should pity you.  Instead I’m going to insult you (not really though).

You can look at almost any show on my List, and I’ll probably say that I enjoyed it. Even if a lot of other people thought that the anime in question sucked balls. Not just any balls, but LARGE BALLS FILLED WITH VAST AMOUNTS OF SEMEN.

Before I get into the specifics as to why exactly I’m a better anime viewer than pretty much all of you, let me first tell you why you all suck.

1. This Show Is Too Cliche

Cliche? What type of excuse it that!?

Bitch, there’s your first problem. EVERY show is cliche if you dig deep enough. I bet I can even make Durarara, a pretty unique anime in it’s own respects, cliche. I hate when people use this arguments as to why a show is bad. For example, take the seemingly overused plot of:

“Girl with powers suddenly starts living with normal high school boy.”

I feel like there’s at least 2 shows with this plot every season, yet, who cares? While a lot of shows have similarities, they are also very different in their own rights. It’s not about how cliche a show is, it’s about the execution.

2. There’s not enough DEPTH

Look, he's telling you he likes art. That's enough depth for me.

Since when do you need to know everything about a character’s past to enjoy a show? CAN’T YOU JUST ENJOY THE FUCKIN SHOW!?

I mean, don’t get me wrong, a show with a good amount of depth is always better, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that all shows that lack depth suck. Almost all shows have a background story for a character, but do you really need some elaborate scheming story riddled with odds and ends for a character to be interesting? You do? That sucks, you officially hate almost all anime.

3. Another Harem?

Loincloth is reason enough for a show to be great.

Everyone is apparently sick of harem anime, but I won’t not watch a show just because it’s a harem. Harem anime can still be great, even if they aren’t the most original plotline in the world. Asu no Yoichi was by no rights the first harem ever made. It came from somewhere deep in the pack, but it was still one of the best. Cliche? Hell yeah. Another Harem? Hell yeah. Awesome as fuck? Hell yeah. A harem can still be good, and frankly, it can be nice to watch all of the girls who you don’t like, and hope for all of them to die.

4. Too longggggg

This picture is just THAT awesome.

SHUT UP BITCH. Length can be  a good thing too. Gintama? Over 200 episodes, and it’s still not enough. It may never be enough. Usually, a long show means a good show, except for shit like D. Gray Man, which sucked aweful shit. Length should never be an excuse. I still have to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I’m not putting it off because it’s too long, I’m putting it off because it really doesn’t interest me.

5. Too Many Fillers

Picture created by the late Baka-Raptor. Yeah, I stole the shit out of it, but I can't think of a better picture when talking about Naruto Fillers. Frankly, I thought the Mask filler was better than the other fillers....I mean, at least it was different.

Naruto fillers sucked, so I can see this as being valid. D Gray Man seemed like all fillers, so it sucked too. InuYasha had a lot of fillers, but they were all FUCKING AWESOME.

6. There’s too much fanservice

This show was fucking awesome.

It’s pretty easy to be able to tell what shows have fanservice and which ones don’t. Learn how to pick em pal.

These are what I feel are the top complaints made from all reviewers, the most prominent being “Cliche.”

So now on to me. What makes me better than you? Besides the fact that I’m a Legend with a fuckin ISSS instead of a blog, I also have the ability to enjoy every show ever (almost). How do I do this? Easy.


1. Flaws? What are those?

Nyan gloves? BAD ASS

Unlike you silly nitpickers who work to find as much wrong with a show as possible, I usually just ignore everything wrong with a show and focus on the things I like. The end result? Every show seems a lot more enjoyable (ie better) to me than it does to everyone else. EXAMPLE:

Ookami-san most J.C. Staff anime. Some people seem to think that a lot of J.C. Staff’s plots are generic and dumb. Well fuck me sideways cuz I still like em all. I’m not going to pretend that I think the plots are all unique. They usually are pretty generic, but who cares if they’re good? Oh? You say they aren’t good? Then how come I like them? Go fuck yourselves, I’m always right.

I’ve said I like unique characters. Let’s take a show like Ookami-san. It was filled with great character with at least one thing unique to them. Ookami was a tsundere with some awesome cat boxing gloves (that had electricity). The main character was afraid of people/good with a slingshot. It had enough right there for me to enjoy the whole season.

That’s the thing right there. I don’t need much to enjoy a show. Just one or two tidbits. Dragon Crisis had a shit ton of flaws, and while I didn’t love the shit out of it, it’s true that I still enjoyed the show as a whole, when most people dismissed it as garbage/less than par. That’s cuz all I did was ignore the flaws, like Rie Kugimiya’s character, some of the weak plot, etc. I focused on the cool stuff, like Ryujis assent to manliness non-pussiness acceptable-ness, some of the cooler characters, etc. Was the last episode corny and stupid as fuck? Yeah, but I simply decided to dismiss it. This ability allows me to enjoy a lot more than most people. I’m like a fucking superman of anime watching.

2. I don’t choose anime like a fuckhead.

I have no idea what manga this is from, but this is awesome translating, even if it's not entirely correct (just me guessing on that one).

When I’m going to decide to watch a show, I make sure I’m interested in at least one aspect of it. I’m not going to watch a show that doesn’t fit my criteria, because that would be fucking stupid. I watch shows that I know I’ll probably like. Occasionally I’ll get a dud (Venus Versus Virus), but for the most part, I’ll like any show that fits my genre circle. A few times I’ve chosen anime outside my circle, and that almost always ends with failure.

I remember when I watched Fruits Basket I almost killed myself. I recall Honey and Clover, which was the biggest waste of time ever. After I watched K-On, I changed my name to Harold Camping and predicted the end of days. But these are few and far between, and for the most part, I’m dishing out 5s to a lot of shows, and frankly, who wouldn’t like to love every show they watch?

I should’ve just made this post about people having problems with the “cliche,” because that’s really the main thing I wanted to talk about. People saying that a show is cliche is just so…….cliche.

35 thoughts on “I’m Better Than You At Watching Anime

  1. I would like to be part of this club. Question though, what do you do about anime that start off terribly but get better. Like Bakuman was horrible for at least 80% of its run. Beelzebub had some of the weakest first episodes I’ve ever watched. Yet I actually look forward to it now. Fairy Tail? Dismissed offhand by almost all the bloggers (no idea about western viewers) but I look forward to it immensely because the characters are awesome.

    Also what about shows that are shit but you still finish? Ookami Kakushi is like one of the most hilariously bad things I’ve ever watched. Too many shows I watch despite their evident shittiness out of some morbid sense of curiousity or just plain because I seem to enjoy torturing myself. I too can find that one tiny thing (or hopefully more than 1(sometimes seiyuu or a good OP/ED are enough) to latch onto and carry me through the end. Yet sometimes the shows don’t even have that. If you have a careful filter over the stuff you watching than I would say I have almost no filter.

    What I’m trying to say is I’m better at watching anime than you.

    • I used to finish everything no matter what. I still can. Do you know why? CUZ THERE’S NOTHING THAT’S THAT BAD! (lie….half this post was a lie to be honest).

      Maybe it’s just recently, but I can’t remember the last time I saw a show I didn’t like.

  2. Dammit, I do all five of the things you mentioned, but then again, I /do/ suck at watching anime ;__;

    As to defend those who are similar to me:

    1. Some people have lives/jobs/whatever = the anime they watch better be fucking awesome.
    2. Anime is generally good; if something sucks so bad I doubt that the producers would even release it ’cause it’d just be a waste of money. Thus, it’s harder to judge anime based on how good they are than to judge anime based on how bad it is.
    3. All five of the things mentioned above have something to do with repetitiveness. If the characters in the shows you watch are cliche’d, that generally means that you’ve seen a character extremely similar to them some time before, and so it’s repetitive to see them again. Most shows don’t have depth – watching another depth-less show is repetitive. Harems? Though some may be good, the majority aren’t, solidly making harem shows the most repetitive repetitive the world has known. Length? …eh, #1 (I lied!). Fillers? Of course they’re repetitive. Fanservice? Most fanservicing shows don’t do anything different from other fanservicing shows = repetitive. Why is repetitive not good? #1.
    4. If you’re going to watch shows, why not watch less repetitive, more different ones?

    Finally, ANN predicts that by 2101, all possible animu ideas will be exhausted (Rule 34.5: if there is an idea or concept, it has been made into an anime), and then WAR WAS BEGINNING

    • 1. I have a life/job/whatever = the anime I watch is fucking awesome.
      2. Yes, but by some people’s standards, you’d think there wasn’t.
      3. Repetitive can be good if you like what’s being repeated. I love cheesecake, but just cuz I eat it once doesn’t mean I’ll like it less the next time I eat it.
      4. I watch those too.

      ANN’s predictions suck, it’s already happened.

  3. I agree with you on a lot of things. I also feel sorry for those guys that always seem to complain about almost every single anime. That’s why when trying to tell another fan how good an anime, you can always say “it’s not as good as rabid fanboys say, nor as bad as the old cranky cynics make it out to be.
    That said, I always try to enjoy the shows I watch. I can recognize clichés, plot holes and the like, but I try to get in the “mood” of the show and enjoy it. There’s no point it seriously raging at shows for not being something they were not trying to be in the first place. It’s with this mindset that I enjoyed Dragon Crisis, Okamikakushi, Okami-san, Dragonaut and some other shows that are considered crap.

  4. That’s the reason why I’m such a complaining bitch. Because I’m not picky about what I watch. I just roll with whatever seems to be watchable and I feel like watching at the time. I wouldn’t complain about Angel Beats if I didn’t watch it. But I don’t watch them to complain about them, I watch them because I want to. I wouldn’t complain much at all if I just watched stuff I thought was awesome (I just wouldn’t watch much of anything at all). I don’t want any awards for it, and couldn’t care less about what people think. That’s why I don’t blog or write reviews – I don’t mind having a small part of the circlejerk, but I don’t need a key role.. it takes away from what little time I have to watch anime in the first place. I don’t need to be better than anyone else.

  5. well, what do you know… that’s me you pointed out there but hey I’m still happy with my choices because I chose it to be so. I rather rage quit some anime then watching something that will effect my mental stability. I take my anime seriously.

  6. It took me a day, but I finally remembered where that last pic is from. Koharu no Hibi. Its pretty much full of delicious yandere.

  7. “I still have to watch Legend of the Galactic Heroes. I’m not putting it off because it’s too long, I’m putting it off because it really doesn’t interest me.”

    You’re hurting no one but yourself.

  8. My response to Number 5:

    I actually liked the Naruto filers (including the mask one)….until they started showing nothing BUT fillers. And flashbacks. Why do we need a whole episode of someone explaining what happened three episodes ago? I’d complain more, but I’d just be repeating what Baka-Raptor said.

    And yeah, Inuyasha had some good ones, including the ones where:

    Inuyasha tries to fix a bicycle
    The school festival with the demons running around
    The Panther Tribe side story
    The ghost girl Kagome meets in her time
    The gang meets a giant raccoon dog (“I’m a weasel, dammit!”)

    Any others you thought were good?

    Also, about not nitpicking on every little thing is why I rarely listen to critics; most of them have no sense of humor or taste these days.

  9. This sounds like something along the lines of ignorance is bliss.

    Anyways, I’m with you on too much fanservice is not necessarily always a bad thing.

  10. Well said on every aspect against haters and posers. If I may, allow me to post my own thoughts on some things:

    -Too cliche: The era of originality is dead. These days all you can do is be patient and see how writers take cliches and add their own spice to them. Conclusion: Cliche argument is lame.

    -Noe enough depth: Since WHEN does a show need depth to be good? I’ve watched plenty of good shows that had no actual plot direction or goal that still managed to amuse me to no end. I don’t always need to see a character’s (usually) tragic past for me to sympathize or feel for the person. I can like them based on their attitude or clothing.

    -Harem: The most important thing here is that the “competitors” have to be likable. If the girls suck AND the male lead sucks, the show sucks. I know the male lead is lame 95% of the time but there are shows, such as Golden Boy, where I didn’t care much about the “competitors” but the male protagonist was pretty cool so I kept watching.

    -Hey as long as the show continues to entertain and doesn’t go down a questionable slump like Bleach did (I think), then it doesn’t matter how long a show is. There are just as many people complaining about certain shows being too short so this one’s yet another dud.

    -Fillers…there is such a thing as GOOD fillers. Hanasaku Iroha 10 was clearly a filler episode but I enjoyed it. The Naruto (not Shippuden) filler arcs did nothing to move the plot but some of them were enjoyable (The Hinata ones).

    -Too much fanservice: Really? Really? T and A is here to stay, DEAL WITH IT!

    -Ookami’s kitty glove boxing style of combat FTW BABY! Actually any anime girl who uses boxing as her fighting style is a winner in my book. Sure, I enjoy a wrestling diva every now and then but there are so few female anime boxers (that I’m aware of).

    -To sum it up, you seem to have a similar mindset on which anime to watch as I do. You see one that intrigues you, you watch it.

    Hmm, I liked Fruits Basket.
    I’ve never seen honey and Clover.
    K-ON is a love it or hate it show, there’s no such thing as in between.

    Sorry for the long reply. Good stuff dood.

    • Golden Boy was awesome in every single aspect.

      I hated almost every Naruto filler because they got sooooo repetitive. I kept hoping for them to end, not knowing that the series was pretty much over at that point. They should have just had a break for a month or two. Or thought up some imaginative plots. Or better yet, create an entire anime-exclusive arc so that the audience will be interested in the next episode. That’s what One Piece usually does that they’re the shit (comparatively).

      But yeah, everything else you said hit the nail on the head.

    • “Noe enough depth: Since WHEN does a show need depth to be good? I’ve watched plenty of good shows that had no actual plot direction or goal that still managed to amuse me to no end.”

      Ah, but there’s a difference between a show that shouldn’t have depth, and a show that should.

      Take Nichijou – it has no depth. It’s good. HotD – it tries to have depth. It doesn’t. It’s meh because that’s a show which had a lot of opportunities to add depth, but instead focused on fanservice or action (the latter was cool, though). Now, Fractale – it should have depth. It tried really hard to add depth. It didn’t. It sucked.

      Meh, to each his own.

      • I didn’t watch Fractale because I thought it would suck.

        Seeing as literally everyone has said that it was a disappointment, I’d say that the choice to not watch it makes me better than everyone at watching anime.

      • Ah, well said about HOTD. but here’s the thing, I myself thought the show was decent. Although it did focus more on fanservice than the Zombie Apocalypse, when it did focus on the latter it did so relatively well, so I cut it some slack. I saw the show and said and by the end I said, eh it could have been worse.

        Nichijou is awesome, nuff said.

        Fractale: It’s on my watchlist of shows to review. Why? Because it’s been a while since I’ve found a good show to bash that wasn’t a bad harem like MM! or Zombie desu-ka?

        I do agree with you on your main argument about shows that NEED to have depth in order to work and not shy away from the main formula. Take Kiddy Girl -and as an example. I am fully aware and agree that it’s a failure as a true sequel to the greatness that is Kiddy Grade…BUT, that doesn’t mean it sucked completely. As a separate show it’s okay, it just fails as a sequel.

  11. Yeah, people really do nitpick on anime way too much nowadays. I’ve enjoyed almost every single anime I’ve watched in one way or another. The only thing that will guarantee a show getting below a 5 is that it bored me or it’s more cheesy than the Kraft mac’ n’ cheese commercials. The only shows that made that cut were: Innocent Venus, Naruto fillers (watched every fucking minute of it too), the Bleach movies, Loups=Garous, Neo Angelique Abyss, Tsubasa (the OVA kicks ass, though) and Vampire Knight. That’s not really all that many, I think.

    Even terrrrrrrrible shows like Boku no Pico, Humanoid, Garzey’s Wing, MD Geist, and Mars of Destruction weren’t so bad because I was laughing the entire time. In truth, the shows I just listed had way more crappy visuals and writing than all the other ones I listed, but they were fucking hilarious and not boring at all whatsoever, so I guess I should give them a higher score? xD

    Glo, have you watched any so-bad-it’s-good anime?

  12. The best so bad its good anime was indeed Apocalypse Zero. I laughed my ASS off.

    Why would you ever watch Boku no Pico? I didn’t know what it was, so I read a premise, and vowed to never watch it.

    I too watched every second of the Naruto fillers.

    • Everyone who sat through those shitty Naruto fillers needs some trophies or medals or something.

      Well, I heard everyone talking about it on /a/… I should probably stop taking recommendations from those guys…

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