Deadman Wonderland Was Awesome And You’re All Just Too Stupid To Notice

Yeah. That’s right pal. A while ago, I posed a question on twitter, asking if it were true that most people just didn’t like Deadman Wonderland. I got retarded answers like these:

tweet deadman

First of all, I didn’t really see much lolicon pandering, with the exception of the tiny girl who FUCKING KILLED PEOPLE.

In fact, I think people lost sight of why this show was awesome: BLOODY DEATH

Limbs were getting mangled, blood was flying left and right, and heads were poppin like cherries on prom night. How could you not like this? It’s not like this was Tokko, where the animation sucked large amounts of fecal remnants. This had quality animation, even if the really bloody stuff got blurred out from time to time (that pissed me off). And what’s more, it had fucking AWESOME CHARACTERS.

Senji is awesome

Just like I loved High School of the Dead for it’s bad-ass characters who knew no bounds of bad-assness, I loved almost all of the characters in Deadman Wonderland because they were all crazy psychopaths to some degree. Senji loved slicing people up, Genkaku thought he was saving people by murdering the FUCK out of them, even Nagi, the leader of the rebellious deadmen, a person who seemed more sane than anyone, had more than a few screws loose, and then eventually lost it and killed fucking everyone. Then there was Yoh’s nut-job of a sister, who was like some kind of twisted tsundere/yandere mix of complete psychoness…….even Ganta, who was a huge pussy, was crazy to some degree.

I mean, he doesn’t really question anything. If I woke one day and could control my FUCKING BLOOD, I would….well okay I’d go nuts on everything in sight (not killing stuff, but destroying stuff with no end. I would be a very bad person to give a super power to).

But I’d at least question where the fuck my power came from.

He does that though. He questioned it for like…..3 episodes.

Yeah, but he never questioned the crazy amount of power that he has. Doesn’t he realize that at some moments he has an unreasonably high amount of power? Like…really.

Then there’s the twists. The end of the series didn’t have as many, but there were BAM moments to be had all over. Like when Shiro turns out to be a split personality crazy bitch reminiscent of Lucy from Elfen Lied, who may or may not be the one who killed everyone in Ganta’s class, ultimately leading to him being confined to the nutty prison.


That being said, Ganta was a pussy, and pissed me off to know end. STOP CRYING EVERY FIVE SECONDS AND MAN UP. YOU FUCKING PUSSY.

He brings this show down to a


Bill forgot to eat his candy.

At this point, I’m going to start the manga, which is most likely 600 times better due to the high detail of bloodiness. I fully expect a second season of Deadman Wonderland though, and I will watch.

Time to finish up some other series from the Spring.


36 thoughts on “Deadman Wonderland Was Awesome And You’re All Just Too Stupid To Notice

    • Ganta sucked. For the most part, I just ignored him. If he had more growth, ie: Growth from a pussy to a bad ass, then I might have a shred of respect for him….but nope, he just sucks. Even his “training” was shitty. I wanted to see him actually get stronger. Best training ever goes to Raki from Claymore. He became a beastly man’s man.

      The Training episodes from Naruto were actually pretty good. I love almost any training episode. But this one was a joke.

    • Ganta started off kind of a pussy, but if you end up in a prison where its nearly impossible to survive every day, anyone would act scared like hell, but the character immedietly starts developing into someone who can fight for their self. Sure, he did act kind of an idiot a few times, but anyone would do that in his place. He realized he was relying too much on others and then asks to get stronger, and even makes a lot of epic speeches throughout the anime. The flaw that nearly ruined this anime for me was the cliffhanger, and how Shiro and hummingbird’s backstories weren’t revealed at all

  1. I’ve followed the manga and anime up to this point. It’s not “great”, but it’s certainly not bad either. I guess some people are just turned off by the nastiness and violence, but Deadman Wonderland would be kind of bland if it wasn’t this sick and nasty.

    Senji slicing those two Undertakers to pieces before they could execute Ganta was awesome. Just had to get this out there.

  2. I watched the series, and while it was pretty dumb, I honestly don’t think it was that bad. Still, I personally think the characters were the worst part of the show. I’m not surprised I disagree with you on this, as I also hated the characters in HSotD (and the show in general!).

    For a start, as the likes of Shinmaru have already stated, you have Hana Kana pulling yet another full-retard character (too soon after Nessa!) in Shiro, while the over use of crazy distorted facial features, coupled with hysterically bad melodramatic back stories, are pretty much a staple for every villain in the series. I liked the campness of it all, but DW took itself far too seriously at times (usually with Ganta’s self pitying whines) that I have to wonder if the manga/anime ever realised how laughably ott it was. There were some great characters in the show, but their execution was awful. Saying that, the silliness was the reason I kept watching till the end.

    Ok, I concede I also liked the violence (minus the stomach-churning eye gouging scene), especially Shiro going all Tetsuo on peoples asses and ripping bodies to pieces

    So yeah, I enjoyed it as brainfart television. Anything more than that would be overly generous.

    • I liked Shiro. Any character with any semblance of psychotic actions is okay in my book. Split personality craziness? Awesome!

      Ganta sucked. Brought down the show. Honestly, a 4 isn’t even that great of a rating from me. It’s kind of like an “average”.

    • Botch job on my part. I didn’t even know I mentioned it. But funny you should mention Astarotte’s Toy, seeing as I just tweeted about it:

  3. I guess this is another 11 episode show I must review next to C and AnoHana. My my my, I’ll be a busy beaver this Summer with both ongoing Summer shows, Spring remnants and real life stuff.

    Anyway, I’ll keep your pros and the others’ cons in mind when reviewing this show.

  4. The action was fun and campy, the characters had no transition or development, and it ended on a shitty note. I think that summarizes my opinion on it perfectly. I came in here expecting people to bludgeon the shit out of each other and cut each other in twain, not people to share their feelings or backstories.

  5. My big problem with the series is why would you even care about it when there’s shit out there that’s so much better? Black Lagoon does hardcore action way better than Deadman Wonderland. Cobra the Animation does goofy action way better than Deadman Wonderland. The series doesn’t really do anything to make itself stand out except throw in a bunch of lulzy censorship (I was dying at the censorship holes in the finale). This show sucked just like Ganta.

    • Black Lagoon is among the best shows ever. But I’ve already seen it. There hasn’t been much bloody anime lately. I mean like….bloody. Maybe I jumped the gun because I was so happy to see some blood.

      I still only gave the anime a 4, which is slightly above average.

  6. I liked it for pretty much the same reason I sort of liked the Gantz anime: the premise was pretty cool, there was something resembling super powers, and gratuitous violence and gore.

    Also I sort of liked Shiro as well. HanaKana’s depiction of her…I’m not sure. But the character herself was cool for the element of chaos she could throw in. Maybe she wasn’t always appearing out a ventilation shaft to save the day or kicking a robot in the face or raining down eviscerated guardsmen, but there was always the potential she was gonna do something like that. I just tuned out the moping/sweet eating/idiot being.

    Ganta sucked period. It’s sad because it made me dislike a Paku Romi character and by extension a Paku Romi performance. 😦

  7. I simply adored this anime for it’s violence and psychotic characters! They’re prisoners, I expected no less from convicted felons with super powers! The manga in my opinion is waaaayyy better however the anime was great, I mean even the fucking staff were crazy and a bunch of locos! Ganta sort of ruined it for me because he received no character development, he was still whiny and a little girl…. I wanted him to man up and stop bitching! I mean I could understand why he was whiny and bitchy at first (I mean we all would if you were in his position) but after all he’s been through you think the kid became a MAN! Well no…. However the other characters were great, how can you hate these characters? They’re all crazy and a bunch of lunatics! Nagi who I thought was calm and composed ended up being crazy too, Minatsuki who appeared to be so innocent ended up being a complete sadist who a fetish for killing! I mean who can not hate that? I give the anime a 7!

  8. I love this show. Yes, it’s got flaw, but it’s supposed to have flaws. For one, it’s an anime- not a big budget hollywood film the Chris Nolan wrote. It’s an ANIME almost every anime in the history of the world has seriously, stupidly, insanely cheesy, bullshit in it.

    Yes, Ganta is a pussy, but he has his moments when he stands up and starts to kick some ass. It’s called character evolution, Crow, for instance, is a bit stagnant, he stays basically the same most episodes because it’s not Crow’s evolution we’re watching- it’s Ganta’s. And Ganta’s character is affected by the people surrounding him- Crow’s a pretty big part of that influence. As for Shiro… yeah, she’s annoying as hell, but she’s also going to show a completely different side of her. Good movies, books, ect. don’t just throw you in at the end where the characters are as strong as they’re going to get, where they’ve already got it all figured out and everything’s basically going to work out, good movies build it up let you lose a little before you gain it back. That’s the triumph in the end, Batman usually gets outsmarted before he beats the joker, Sarah Connor usually gets her ass kicked before she blows up a terminator, Dorthy has to defeath the Wicked Witch before she gets to go home, it just started, and season 1 is barely HALF the INCOMPLETE manga, give it a minute, alright? Lol, didn’t Ash die in the first pokemon movie before coming back to life? It’s gonna be a little rough before you get what you want. Patience children… patience.

    • One of us just went off on a completely unnecessary tangent about movies and shit (hint: you)

      Ganta’s a pussy. I’d rather read the manga, which I hear is awesome and 12-49593 times better than the anime.

      • Don’t know why you’re being a righteous dick dude, but okay. I was comparing the other movies to this show? Anyway.

        He is a pussy. Especially in the anime, which is barely half the manga, which is still incomplete. I’m just saying, every review I’ve read about this anime says something about how they didn’t ‘wrap it up’, when the entire series has barely taken off. I’m just saying to give it time- Ganta’s gonna own up, it’s just gonna take more than one season.

  9. Yeah, I found Shiro really annoying. I mean, people are dying and she acts all stupid about it. This show had some elements that didn’t make it incredibly dark, and I think Shiro’s characater was there for that purpose: to make the show less dark. But yeah, I’m really upset that the charcaters other than Ganta stayed nearly exactly the same. Ugh, if it wasn’t for the stupid cliffhanger, this show would’ve probably been my favorite anime.

  10. Why do people complain about a protagonist who develops and fights throughout the course of the show and acts a bit realistically, yet strong? the anime ends in a cliffhanger (why the red man did what it did), and it doesn’t explain how the mc used the random superpower blast. It has it’s flaws, but it’s decent.

  11. Tbh I’m mostly only commenting because I’m confused on you. Do you like DW or not? The way you wrote the post made me think you like it, but then you don’t?

    I personally disliked DW at first. To me, it was boring. I finished the anime, and it was a 5 to me. It was okay, but not interesting enough for me to read the manga. Then one day my friend literally just shoved it at my face so I read it. I suggest you read the manga until the end, because in the ending Ganta actually HAD a development. Senji got a bigger role. Shiro was…. Well Shiro was…….. She was, yeah.

    I didn’t like the anime. But after I finished the manga, I literally loved it.

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