America! Fuck Yeah!

InuYasha is still awesome as fuck!

So, here we go pal, FOURTH OF JULY! AMERICA! HOT DOGS! BURGERS! FIREWORKS! BEER! Happy Independance Day to all Americans out there!



Also: I’m going to be posting more often I hope.


11 thoughts on “America! Fuck Yeah!

  1. I like that song for some inexplicable reason…oh wait, it’s the main chorus.

    America, FUCK YEAH!
    Here we come to save the Motherfuckin’ dayay!
    America, FUCK YEAH!

    Anyway, happy Independence day to you free spirited one.

  2. Happy Independence Day! (FUCK YEAH!)

    Except I’m posting 5 minutes after midnight. We should just make all of July independence month.

  3. Reply to all:


    Canada gained it’s Independence? From whom? I always thought that no one gave a shit about them, and just left them to their own devices.

  4. To put it in simple terms, the last 15 minutes or so of the movie are the ONLY parts worth watching because that’s where the Transformers FINALLY get to do something related to who they are.

    My main gripe with the Bayformers series is a very simple one, I watch a Bayformer or anything Transformers related for the robots, not the humans. I couldn’t care less about the fucking humans, especially Shia la Shithole and his 2 no talent model girls. Basically the fact that the Transformers are SUPPORTING cast members of their own movies bugs me.

    T2 didn’t kinda suck, it REALLY SUCKED! T1 was tolerable.

    Oh and one more thing, can you name any more Decepticons in the 3 movies other than Megatron, Starscream and Scorponok? Because I sure can’t.

    • Who’s Scorponok? My favorite Decepticon was Shockwave. He kicked ASS.

      No I can’t really name any more. I think they killed all of them.

      I thought the humans kicked ass, and the Transformers kicked ass…..I was never not entertained throughout this movie.

      I really don’t know how to move this to the Transformers post though. I’d copy and paste it, but people’d think I was talking to myself.

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