Ano Hana Officially Joins An Exclusive Club

Through the first 10 and a half episodes, I told myself that I was ready for it. Certainly, this show would not get the best of me. At some point, Menma would have to make her final farewells, as she can’t come back from the dead. Her only option was to move on at some point, and everyone would be crying, and the show’s writers would try there hardest to get me all choked up. But I was ready.

Easily the best character. AWESOME GLASSES!

Ready and waiting. “They’ll never get me,” I pronounced arrogantly. I was on to their tricks. I knew just what to expect.

Well, the end came, and it included all of the sappy things I predicted: Lots of crying, sappy “hide and seek” metaphors, and finally, the last goodbye. Just as predicted, yet, I was ready for it. I……

Totally was not ready for it. As I sat there, watching this predicted ending unravel, the chokiness of my throat thickened and my eyes became moist. “Fuck me sideways if I cry from this shit. There’s no way this show can get the best of me, I PREPARED!” I bellowed inside my own head. My next thought?

“Ahhhhhhh fuck me.”

And with one tear, Ano Hana joins an exclusive club of anime that has made me cry. Now, when I say cry, I don’t mean sobbing uncontrollably. I mean tears that barely escaped from the tear jail that I keep in back of my eyeballs. Not many tears have escaped, and you need a full army to break even one tear out of that fortress, but hey, Ano Hana succeeded.

Anohana - 11 - Large 28

This is the scene that did it.

The rest of the lists is limited to, and I kid you not: Three Shows:

  1. Fate/Stay Night
  2. Tokyo Magnitude 8.0
  3. Clannad ~After Story~

That’s IT. Out of 200+ shows, only 3 made me shed a small amount of manly tears. I mean, it wasn’t as bad as Up, which is probably the most I’ve cried from a film.

But enough of that. Was the show itself good?

Yes and yes.

Even though some of the drama was a bit…overdone, and some of the feelings of the characters were a bit……extreme, I felt like it was all around a very good show. The characters were good (I mean, Anaru was just…AWESOME), the animation was great…it was very well done. And to think, originally, I wasn’t even going to watch this show. As it turns out, it’s the best show of Spring that I’ve completed so far (though I’ve only completed 2 shows). It saddens me to know that I now have to finish up Astarotte’s Toy, which is a heap of God awful shit, and should be burned apon it’s completion…oh wait, it’s already ended…commence burning.

But my motto is, if a show can make me cry, ESPECIALLY WHEN I THOUGHT I WAS PREPARED FOR IT, then shit. That show deserves a


...what a pussy.

PS: The ED was AWESOME. So awesome, that Scandal made a version! Here both of them are (I love 50 seconds in on the first one)


31 thoughts on “Ano Hana Officially Joins An Exclusive Club

  1. Got it still on my yet to finish list, but can’t wait to finish it once I get this stupid exam over with. Knew it would do great during its season once I heard the opening and saw the episodes. Very well done.

  2. I’m really glad that you liked it, Ano Hana has been getting a bad rep in the blogosphere because of the overdrama.

    Good to know that you agree that the overall quality of the show is predominantly positive.

  3. Grave of the Fireflies
    Clannad AS
    Tokyo Magnitude (I can’t remember if this was just misty or actual crying)

    AnoHana’s most emotional episode for me was the first one.

  4. Shows’ reps in the sphere (especially when they’re good) fluctuate: first, everyone thinks it’s good, then some people say ‘well, everyone thinks it’s so good and awesome but I THINK IT’S NOT THAT GOOD’ and suddenly everyone doesn’t think it’s good, and then some people say ‘well, everyone thinks it’s not that good but I THINK IT WAS ACTUALLY GOOD’, and then it goes on and on and on… to be honest, I don’t think a single person thought that AnoHana wasn’t good. Remember that the better the show is, the more you have to nitpick on its flaws – it does say something when the majority of criticisms are at a single flaw.

    Also, glo, go out in public and then shout ‘ANARU IS AWESOME!!’ and the top of your lungs. Preferably at a Japanese district.

    The sad thing about AnoHana for me was that I wanted to cry, I was prepared to be shaken by what they got, but the ending… was too quick, too sudden, and I didn’t know the characters well enough to cry. Maybe preparing to not cry makes you cry, and preparing to cry makes you not? All in all, there is of current only one animango that has successfully made me cry, and that was the end of Sky Island arc of the One Piece… manga. :v that’s pretty sad isn’t it

    Finally, you sure you’re not going to cry at how Lotte sucked?

    • Congrats, you’ve made all the jokes I thought about making in this post. The ass joke and the Crying at how bad an anime was joke.

      I tend to ignore what other people think about a show. Other people have no influence in how much I like something. Baka Raptor once said that Aria was a good show. In fact, so did everyone. Now, Baka Raptor had never steered me wrong before, but let’s be honest, Aria was a boring piece of poop.

      I felt like I knew the characters pretty good. Then again, I don’t need much for that to happen.

  5. Clannad ~After Story~ only.

    I’m not a wuss.

    On AnoHana: The ending was pretty melodramatic and Menma never appealed to me, but on the whole I liked the show. I think I gave it 8/10 or something.

  6. I didn’t read your post because I’m still delaying and refusing to watch the last episode of this show just yet. I just don’t want it to end.

    Will get back to you when I have completed this.

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  8. What part of Fate / Stay night made you cry? Just curious, I don’t remember it being too sad. I’m almost crying about Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 again just from the reminder though, that has to be the show that made me cry the most.

    And you might cry tears of joy after watching Astarotte. But the plan to set things on fire is definitely more manly, so stick with that.

    • Ok, that came across with the exact opposite meaning from what I intended. You might cry tears of joy *because you don’t have to watch any more*.

      • Don’t worry, I got what you meant (there’s no other possible ways to deduce what you said after all).

        Fate/Stay Night was awesome, but at the end Saber had to leave RIGHT after she said that she loved Shiro. and that was sad. THEN SHE FUCKING DIED. For the record, she’s one of my favorite female anime characters ever.

  9. At 54, skyhack is too old to shed manly tears. Just like you, I did it anyway.

    Like your list. Tokyo Magnitude didn’t get me, but the rest did. Add to that several 1 ep tearjerkers like COTS “Death of JInto” (before I’d watched it all), Aria’s “Letter”, Noir’s “Separation”, Azumanga’s “Thanks, Yukari”, geez, I’m a wuss….

    • Clannad was quite good. I didn’t really like the first season, but the second season was great. I’m one of the few people who liked the ending. I didn’t cry at all when people died, but when Nagisa like….came back to life. That got me chokey. I still hate Nagisa though. I wish she died again.

      Nagisa sucks. She was only funny when she was drunk that one time.

  10. Glad you enjoyed the show. I think you enjoyed it more than I did but that’s not saying I didn’t like it a lot. It’s one of those anime that defies giving a rating (in my opinion). When you have the time, check out my opinion and see how it compares with your own.

    Yup, the Anaru bandwagon is chock full of supporters and for good reason, she’s that awesome of a character.

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