RIP Borders Books….Here’s How I’m Mourning

It’s very sad news indeed and I know you’ve all heard by now that Borders books is done for what seems like for good. Sure there’s a chance 30 stores or so might be saved, but either way, the news is still terrible, especially for someone like me. As I’ve said, and I quote:

“This has a very negative impact on people like Glothelegend, who gets %100 of his manga from Borders books, as no one else in his entire GOD DAMN STATE supplies a good supply of said reading material.”

So now that news has hit that Borders is going to be gone at the month’s end, there’s only one thing left to do.

Buy fucking everything.

Today marks the first day of liquidation sales, and as such, marks the first day that I’ve spent almost $100 on manga alone.



That doesn’t look like much. Only 9 volumes, but even with the sales, that still ran my bill for the day to $108 (I also bought Sucker Punch, just like I said I would). All in all I saved only about 16 dollars on the manga. That’s nothing, but hey, with those saved 16 dollars, I can go back when the sales get even bigger, and maybe buy 4 more volumes of manga. So THERE!

In the end, the demise of Borders is bittersweet. Barnes & Noble sucks, and there’s no way I’m buying from a place that overcharges the shit out of my books for school, so that leaves me with if I ever want more manga, and even though the manga is cheap as fuck (can find used for like……2 bucks), the shipping charges are a bitch, so it sucks cock to buy online. This is bullshit.

I plan on buying more shit there, because I fucking can. I have my eye set HEAVILY on a nice big table there, because I need one for all of my ceramics. Oh, you didn’t know that I throw clay on the wheel like a champ? Yeah, I’m the best at everything. Including buying manga that’s average when there’s shit like Gantz that I could’ve gotten instead. I’m a fucking moron.

RIP Borders. I’m going to mourn you, but first I’m going to eat you.


21 thoughts on “RIP Borders Books….Here’s How I’m Mourning

  1. *sniff* Borders will be missed.

    I got an AC/DC record, a bio on Syd Barrett and 2001: A Space Odyssey at the Borders I went to on closing day.

  2. actually borders rips you off more than b&n:
    10 volumes of negima @ 10.00 cost borders about 5.50 each. so on your $ 100 they make 45.00
    a 100 textbook cost the store $75. so they make 25.00.

    • I hate Barnes & Noble.

      And what are the prices for manga at Barnes & Noble? I bet their about the same in prices. Your comparison was of two different items from 2 different stores there’s no control variable.

  3. Don’t be so negative. At least you don’t live in Canada where the Chapters/Indigo monster has a monopoly on the whole freaking market. These bastards devote *40%* of their store space to “lifestyle” products and only 60% to books.

    Read what I just wrote again.

    A bookstore only devotes 60% of its shelf space to books.

    Needless to say, I get 95% of my books on Amazon, and you’re right, shipping charges are a bitch. It helps if you buy your books in large quantities, though. I usually order a month or so worth of books at a time and that brings my total purchase price to the point where Amazon offers “free super saver shipping,” so I don’t have to worry about shipping costs as long as I’m ordering directly from the site and not from a third-party dealer. The only problem is buying rare books which are no longer in print, but in that case you the seller is going to screw you anyway, so shipping becomes the least of your concerns.

  4. This is an absolute shame. I was just hired as a Cashier back in May and now I am going to be out of a job come September. I wish this didn’t have to go the way that it did, but it was for the best. RIP Borders, you will sadly be missed.

  5. A huge shame, but there are always other stores. And have recently found out that Best Buy sells anime! So there’s something.

  6. I argued with a guy about which Judas Priest singer was the best, bought the Necronomicon, and all the translated Haruhi light novels at Borders. It was also the only place that was worth visiting whenever I was dragged to the mall for whatever reason. Good times, man. They will be missed.

    • There were no Haruhi light novels at my borders. In fact, there was no good stuff last time I went. Still plenty of manga/anime, but nothing worth getting (except Gantz, but I had read all of the available chapters).

  7. It’s a sad day indeed when a loved bookstore or any store selling things you frequently buy there goes out of business. A crying shame. I o hope you’ll successfully “clean” the store of all its treasures. Gambatte dood.

  8. Well, you’ll he happy to hear that my friend and I went to B&N last week (first time I stepped inside a bookstore since our Borders shut down months ago) and they actually RAISED the price on their manga. Let’s just say that they just lost themselves a potential customer (not that I ever bought anything from there anyway).

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