Negima!…or…What I’ve Been Doing With My Life

Okay, so I’ve updated what….3 times in the month of August. That’s pretty shitty. Clearly my ISSS is dying, right? I mean, this surely must show that I’ve not been watching much if any anime at all lately, and that my general like for anime has dried up like a 60 year old woman’s pussy, right?

Wellllll, not so fast. While you’ve been obsessing over wondering what has become of the infamous legend Glo, I’ve been busy reading.

…and reading…

…and reading some more.

Then after all reading was extinguished, and I could no longer carry on with more reading…


What was I reading over this course of time? Well, glothelegend can’t be bothered with books, so clearly I was enjoying a surplus of manga that I had purchased both before and after the sad demise of a storied book franchise (that’s sort of a pun…like…get it? Storied? Story?). The product?



Yerrrp. Been reading some of this shit. And while it does have it’s problems, there’s a lot to like about Negima!, and I’m now going to waste your time telling you about them.

Ken Akamatsu.

The creator of Love Hina, Akamatsu has a knack for creating manga that are…well…not really all that great.

At the same time, I can’t get enough of them. I go through his manga like a a fat kid does a chocolate cake. Love Hina was one of the first anime I watched and was also one of the first manga I read. Certainly one of the first long running manga that I completed (InuYasha being the obvious first). The fact is, Love Hina, despite being a fanservicey harem cliche conundrum, was actually really really enjoyable for me. I don’t know why, but I just liked everything about it. Despite all of the pointless ass shots and “hot springs’/bath moments,” I loved the shit out of Love Hina (that’s not a fucking pun so there’s nothing intentional in that sentence).

Negima! is the same way. It’s loaded to the brim with “hot springs” moments and “bath” moments and “oh look at your boobs! I want bigger ones! We’re in a FUCKING BATH AGAIN” moments, but for all of it’s flaws, it’s fucking awesome.

There’s BAM moments around every corner, there’s leveling up, there’s FUCKING FIGHTING TOURNAMENTS!!!!

Time to get nostalgic for a second, but do any of you recall my thoughts on fighting tournaments in anime/manga? Here’s a tip bitch: I FUCKING LOVE THEM.

I love tournaments. Sure, they’re all pretty predictable (the main character’s at least going to get to the final match), but you’re still on the edge of your seat with anticipation of HOW. Ken Akumatsu excels in this, and that might be why he has tournaments all over the fucking place. Here I am on volume 30 or so, and already most of the manga has been comprised of the following:

  1. Gigantic Magical Tournament (that was passed off as a special effects tournament)
  2. Bathing scenes
  4. Hot Springs Scenes
  6. Gigantic Actual Magic Tournament (that was actually passed off as magic since it actually took place in fucking magic world or whatever)
  7. Bath Time or Hot Springs Time or Some kind of naked girl time

Besides fighting tournaments, there’s one other element in anime that I love, and that’s TRAINING. Naruto was awesome because of the episodes where Naruto learned cool new shit, and then used his cool new shit to beat the shit out of some bad ass evil dude. The same can be said for…well…most shonen manga actually. I should read more of that…

Anyway, All story outline shit aside, let’s talk about the content, which is what really makes everything gel.

Sure there’s so many God damn characters that I sometime see one and think to myself, “Who the fuck is that person?” And sure Ken Akamatsu’s drawing style makes every person look eerily similar (but I like his style nontheless), but the backstory and infinite character personalities/backstories is so awesome (despite seeming generic when described in a one sentence premise), that one can’t helped but be intrigued.

Whether you’re talking about how Negi ended up learning magic from Eva (evil vampire who’s actually not evil), or how Setsuna is a fucking awesome lesbian who loves Konoka, or how Asuna is actually a magical princess or ho-

Bottomline is. In a world of magic, there’s unlimited possibilities, and when you’re writing, there is unlimited possibilities, and Ken Akamatsu kind of added them together to explode possibilities into a fucking awesome manga that everyone should read now.


Favorite Character

Perfect Couple

Okay, instead of this, I’m going to go ahead and say that if you don’t agree with shipping Setsuna and Konoka REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD, then you suck. At this point, one of the things that I want to see the most is these two girls get together (I don’t want to see them bang per-say……although………no. Okay. Yeah. I just want to see them like…I dunno, become a couple.

Favorite Arc


By far the story got most interesting when they all traveled to fucking Disney World Magic Kingdom Land. One of my favorite parts was when Negi got fucking bad ass awesome dark powers and leveled Jack Rakan, aka most bad ass character in the manga, and then they just started punching each other for fun. I wish I could have a huge brawl with a friend that ended with us just exchanging punches until we got tired/bored. Looks like a lot of fun.

Favorite……idk…Other Thing


Negi’s backstory keeps getting more and more interesting. Asuna is getting involved with everything and her backstory is coming into play, and that’s making my dick get reaaaal hard metaphorically.

Okay, at this point, I’d like to keep going, but this post is almost 1000 words, and that’s absurd. Honestly, I don’t like writing posts this long. I’d rather almost stop the post mid-sentence instead of

Fall 2011….Take A Guess What This Post Is Really Going To Be About…

Well, Autumn is coming, which means an end to summer and a start to a whole bunch of shitty school work, including a fucking annoying SATURDAY CLASS. WHAT THE FUCK IS WITH THAT!? SATURDAY!? THAT’S THE ONLY DAY YOU OFFER IT!? FUCK YOU.

Anyway, there’s also a lot of good things that come out of it. For one, it gives a lazy author like me something to write about that more than 3 people will comment on (now that I said that though…). Not only that, but it also means the FIRST OFFICAL FULL SEASON OF CT WHALE HOCKEY! Can’t wait for that…..wasn’t I forgetting something? Oh yeah football is back (but the Giants are already all hurt so that season’s SHOT). That’s about it really…


OH SHIT!!!!!! I just realized this is probably the 5th post I’ve started with this GOD DAMN PICTURE.


Still, I WOULD like to do a short review of ALL of the upcoming shows…here it is:


Sorry…I can’t control myself. I’M SO EXCITED. Let me just get SnS out of the way and then I’ll do a real review, I promise.

What do I like about this? Everything would be a good answer, but specifically, I’m ready to see a season that doesn’t have any bullshit. The last season started off with some bullshit, but then it ended with amazing awesomeness. I want to see Shana kick ass, take names, and finish off whatever it is she does.

It’s a fact that seasons or movies that complete a series always rule. The last transformers was awesome, InuYasha The Final Act was awesome (bias), the end of Avatar (animated series) was better than the rest of the series (something many thought was impossible)…there was some other thing that I saw that was awesome but I forget the name of it. ARG this is bothering me now. It was a movie I think. Shit what was it. Okay, I can’t write any more of this until I remember…..was it Harry Potter? No that can’t be it……although that also supports my argument because the last two movies were the only ones that were actually good… was some kind of sequel that brought back all the characters for one last awesome battle or ending or something and it was awesome and I THOUGHT I typed up a review about it but apparently not….maybe it was an anime? Was it the end of FMA:B? Noooo…..ggggaahahhhhhh……The Disappearance of Haruhi?? No that can’t be it that didn’t really conclude anything……

Okay fuck it. I give up. If you think you know then tell me. I’m pretty sure it was some kind of movie, but that’s just a hunch. The bottomline is that most endings, especially ones years later, are fucking awesome.

Shakugan no Shana represents more than just an awesome anime to me. To me, it’s an awesome anime that helped me cross the border from someone who just watched a few anime, to someone who started watching all sorts of fuckin anime without regard to anything. You see, before SnS, I watched DBZ, InuYasha, Bleach…..mainly just shows that had premiered in the US at some point. But Shakugan no Shana had yet to have anything released in the US by the time I stumbled gratefully on it’s door.

And it was awesome. I’m gonna rewatch it it was so awesome. Rie is a goddess.

God that looks awesome. (Thanks to Riyoga for that link)

Anyway, here’s the real shit:


Here’s a list of what I want to watch:

Squid Girl – I actually liked the first season, so hey, I’m all for this one.

Working!! – GOD YES. The first season was arguably the best show of it’s respective season.

Fate/Zero – If you don’t watch this then you suck. I can’t get enough Saber to last me a lifetime.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai

I only JUST realized that BwTgS was on the list, and I’m immediately entering it as my sleeper pick for this season. I mean, maybe a lot of people have read the manga and realize that it’s awesome, and maybe it’s actually one of the most anticipated shows of the season, and I just don’t know because I’m so far out of the loop.

Then again, the fact that it’s one of my most anticipated shows probably means that no one’s heard of it.

The manga is awesome. I remember reading a bit of it a few months back, and I’m pretty pumped that they made this into an anime.

Those are pretty much the only shows that I want to see. Honestly, I feel like every season is filled with bullshit fanservice anime. Not the good kind of fanservice anime, I’m talking about the kind where slutty sluts slut their slutty tits and asses around the screen like sluts. Everything’s slutty and there’s no plot other than the plot to slut.

Slutty slutty sluts.

Extra Shit

Okay okay….I know I’ve not really been updating much. You may think I haven’t been watching much anime, but actually……well you’re right, I haven’t been watching much anime, but that’s because I’ve been too busy blasting through Negima! mnga to care. The manga is so fucking awesome that I’m going to have sex with it. That’ right, I’m going to fornicate with some manga.

No I’m not.

But I have finished up the amount of manga that’s been released in the US (I went out and bought volumes 14-30 and read them all because the quality is just way better than what’s available online). I may not be able to control myself from reading the many chapters that have been subbed online, but I’ll try (why don’t they have simultaneous manga releases???).

Regardless, now that I’m all caught up (sort of), I’ve resumed anime viewing and am almost caught up with Ao no Exorcist (Blue Exorcist). It’s also fucking awesome and I like that shit.

All right, good talk.

Nichijou: Past Halfway Review Thing (there’s what, only a few episodes left right?)

The other day I was able to catch up on some anime from Spring, as luck would have it (until I was interrupted by NEIGHBORS, the most annoying creatures on Earth). I was able to watch about 10 episodes of Nichijou though, and frankly, I would have watched more, but I ran out of episodes.

Nichijou is awesome. Why.

I love this screenshot. It just looks awesome. It also highlights one of the things I love about this show: It's art. I love the sketchy kind of art that is used. Some of the time though, they get really fluid with the animation (cut scenes).

Oh. Here’s why: Complete randomness with a remaining semblance of continuous plot and consistent characters WHO ARE ALL (mostly) AWESOME.

So far my favorite is either Mai (the loudest, weirdest quiet girl ever), Sakamoto (the talking cat), or Misato.

The latter is who I want to talk about most.

Misato Tachibana.

Oh, you brought up evidence that might support the theory that I actually like you? NOW YOU GET A GRENADE.

First of all, if you know me, then you know I like the game Samurai Warriors, in particular is Ginchiyo Tachibana. She’s arguably my favorite character in the game, and now I love the name Tachibana. Complete bandwagon, but hey. What can you do?

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the reasons why I like her. In fact, there’s really only two [reasons]:

1. She’s a complete tsundere for goat boy.

2. She’s able to take huge weapons out of literally nowhere and shoot the shit out of goat boy if she get’s embarrassed by him. This can mean bazookas, machine guns, or even weird tanks that look like eggs (once).

And that’s why the show is so good. Years I’ve dreamed of a show with characters so fucking weird and out there that the show can help but be the same way. We have characters built on impulse. Jokes that come from nowhere, and at times can be so confusing that I can’t help but laugh and ask, “What the fuck was that?” Yet I’m still laughing, so I’m still satisfied.

I mean sure, there were 1 or 2 episodes that were just boring, but the rest, epecially in the second half of the season, were all enjoyable  on a pretty high level.

Most 4-koma adaptations suck. Well……..actually I like a lot of them but that doesn’t mean they’re good. What I mean to say is that they all follow a very similar pattern (they kind of have to). Usually some moe, a joke. haha great stuff move along an take your place in line.

Nichijou is the same way, except COMPLETELY RETARDED.

In a good way.

That’s it.

We Need A Show About GLaDOS!

One reason why I haven’t been watching a lot of anime lately: Portal/Portal 2.

For starters, Portal surpasses Mirror’s Edge for my favorite video game on xbox360. As such, GLaDOS has taken the place of Faith as my favorite character, though to be honest, Faith wasn’t ever really like…..super awesome, just regular awesome. Still awesome though.


GLaDOS is like Starburst, she’s a contradiction. She’s a computer. She’s filled with logic, yet she’s also a sarcastic bitch in the most awesome way possible. Check out these awesome quotes!

Ellen McLain is the shit. She’s a fucking great voice actress. And she can sing too! CHECK OUT THE GOD DAMN ENDING SONGS!!!

Personally, I like the second ending more. It’s more GLaDOS-like. The first one, while awesome, sounds more like a turret. God I can’t wait for Portal 3.

Yup, this was one of my shortest posts ever.