Nichijou: Past Halfway Review Thing (there’s what, only a few episodes left right?)

The other day I was able to catch up on some anime from Spring, as luck would have it (until I was interrupted by NEIGHBORS, the most annoying creatures on Earth). I was able to watch about 10 episodes of Nichijou though, and frankly, I would have watched more, but I ran out of episodes.

Nichijou is awesome. Why.

I love this screenshot. It just looks awesome. It also highlights one of the things I love about this show: It's art. I love the sketchy kind of art that is used. Some of the time though, they get really fluid with the animation (cut scenes).

Oh. Here’s why: Complete randomness with a remaining semblance of continuous plot and consistent characters WHO ARE ALL (mostly) AWESOME.

So far my favorite is either Mai (the loudest, weirdest quiet girl ever), Sakamoto (the talking cat), or Misato.

The latter is who I want to talk about most.

Misato Tachibana.

Oh, you brought up evidence that might support the theory that I actually like you? NOW YOU GET A GRENADE.

First of all, if you know me, then you know I like the game Samurai Warriors, in particular is Ginchiyo Tachibana. She’s arguably my favorite character in the game, and now I love the name Tachibana. Complete bandwagon, but hey. What can you do?

Anyway, that has nothing to do with the reasons why I like her. In fact, there’s really only two [reasons]:

1. She’s a complete tsundere for goat boy.

2. She’s able to take huge weapons out of literally nowhere and shoot the shit out of goat boy if she get’s embarrassed by him. This can mean bazookas, machine guns, or even weird tanks that look like eggs (once).

And that’s why the show is so good. Years I’ve dreamed of a show with characters so fucking weird and out there that the show can help but be the same way. We have characters built on impulse. Jokes that come from nowhere, and at times can be so confusing that I can’t help but laugh and ask, “What the fuck was that?” Yet I’m still laughing, so I’m still satisfied.

I mean sure, there were 1 or 2 episodes that were just boring, but the rest, epecially in the second half of the season, were all enjoyable  on a pretty high level.

Most 4-koma adaptations suck. Well……..actually I like a lot of them but that doesn’t mean they’re good. What I mean to say is that they all follow a very similar pattern (they kind of have to). Usually some moe, a joke. haha great stuff move along an take your place in line.

Nichijou is the same way, except COMPLETELY RETARDED.

In a good way.

That’s it.


21 thoughts on “Nichijou: Past Halfway Review Thing (there’s what, only a few episodes left right?)

  1. I was wondering where you went, this recent lack of updates. I get a kick over the fact that when I google ‘Eye Sed’ I get eye seduction as a suggestion. Also Kanade from Angel Beats! Has the family name of Tachibana as well. Nothing like a bandwagon.

    • Hell yeah Kanade was the best character from that show (besides Iwasawa who I MISS TERRIBLY).

      Yeah I update like an old slow thing…I have time to watch anime, but I’m always using that time with stuff that I have to get done. My priorities are all fucked up. Can you believe I used to update 3 times a day for like….a year and a half!? UNREAL.

  2. Sometimes this show is incredibly fun (the “ehhhhhhhhh” between professor and student is nice), sometimes it falls in the idiocy like with the card castle episode…:|
    Anyway I like a lot Misato Tachibana as well…:D

    • The card castle was AWESOMEE!!!!!

      And I love the WHAATT???? between the professor and the student. Everything about those scenes are funny. Kind of reminds me of Lassie how it’s always the same girl coming along with some “got stuck in the well” nonsense story.

  3. The card castle was the most artistic scene in the entire Nichijou, period.

    That said, Nichijou’s art is only good because of their fucking huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge budget. And then the sales figures 😐

    ‘Nichijou is the same way, except COMPLETELY RETARDED.’
    I completely agree. And that’s a good thing (except when it’s not).

    • I didn’t know that had a big budget, but I’ve thought about it. Their art is way to good to not have one, but then again, it’s good in a sketchy kind of way, so it’s plausible to see them having a smaller budget too.

      • I don’t actually remember whether they did or not, but I think I saw it around somewhere when it was being announced so :v

        Yeah, their budget looks fucking huge with the way they’re (out)doing their art.

  4. I think I’ll take your advice and split my review of the show in 2 parts…mostly because in the 2nd half…the show actually starts to develop a plot. I know, shocking but all those minor hints during the course of the 1st half eventually build up to something, which is the ongoing 2nd half. Sorry I’m repeating things you already know but the more Mai Minakami, Nano and The Professor antics I get in my balanced randomness/insanity diet, the better.

    • Mai has gotten progressively more awesome as the series went on. The episode where Yuko tried to ignore her, and started noticing all sorts of weird shit she was doing was hilarious.

  5. The temple scene was absolutely legendary. I mean I watched it five times in a row, and it never stopped being funny. Ever.
    I think that’s one advantage that Nichijou has over the competition. It may not pack as many good jokes, but the ones that are good stick and never get old simply because of how absurd they are.

  6. I know a lot of people think the series is randomness for randomness’ sake, but I’m still really enjoying it. The VA talent and high-end animation really do elevate the show to an extent, but even without its still pretty funny, even if some scenes are hit-and-miss, or get dragged on too long (especially in the first half).

    Granted, I still don’t think it anywhere as good as Azumanga Diaoh, aka the ultimate 4-koma adaption, which managed to be hilarious on a near non-existent budget; but hey, I still love for Nichijou. Especially Nano… oh Nano, why can’t you be legal… and y’know, real and all?

    • Azumanga Daioh was awesome. It’d be tough to replicate that, but I’d say that Nichijou is very close in terms of everything. Like….very close…..actually I might say it’s better. I don’t know they’re about the same to me.

  7. Cromartie with girls, and also a budget. Nichijou has quickly skyrocketed to the top of my favorite comedies, only major drawback for me is those long set ups for a pretty meh punchline. But those bits aside, I have a smile from beginning to end throughout the entire show.

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