Negima!…or…What I’ve Been Doing With My Life

Okay, so I’ve updated what….3 times in the month of August. That’s pretty shitty. Clearly my ISSS is dying, right? I mean, this surely must show that I’ve not been watching much if any anime at all lately, and that my general like for anime has dried up like a 60 year old woman’s pussy, right?

Wellllll, not so fast. While you’ve been obsessing over wondering what has become of the infamous legend Glo, I’ve been busy reading.

…and reading…

…and reading some more.

Then after all reading was extinguished, and I could no longer carry on with more reading…


What was I reading over this course of time? Well, glothelegend can’t be bothered with books, so clearly I was enjoying a surplus of manga that I had purchased both before and after the sad demise of a storied book franchise (that’s sort of a pun…like…get it? Storied? Story?). The product?



Yerrrp. Been reading some of this shit. And while it does have it’s problems, there’s a lot to like about Negima!, and I’m now going to waste your time telling you about them.

Ken Akamatsu.

The creator of Love Hina, Akamatsu has a knack for creating manga that are…well…not really all that great.

At the same time, I can’t get enough of them. I go through his manga like a a fat kid does a chocolate cake. Love Hina was one of the first anime I watched and was also one of the first manga I read. Certainly one of the first long running manga that I completed (InuYasha being the obvious first). The fact is, Love Hina, despite being a fanservicey harem cliche conundrum, was actually really really enjoyable for me. I don’t know why, but I just liked everything about it. Despite all of the pointless ass shots and “hot springs’/bath moments,” I loved the shit out of Love Hina (that’s not a fucking pun so there’s nothing intentional in that sentence).

Negima! is the same way. It’s loaded to the brim with “hot springs” moments and “bath” moments and “oh look at your boobs! I want bigger ones! We’re in a FUCKING BATH AGAIN” moments, but for all of it’s flaws, it’s fucking awesome.

There’s BAM moments around every corner, there’s leveling up, there’s FUCKING FIGHTING TOURNAMENTS!!!!

Time to get nostalgic for a second, but do any of you recall my thoughts on fighting tournaments in anime/manga? Here’s a tip bitch: I FUCKING LOVE THEM.

I love tournaments. Sure, they’re all pretty predictable (the main character’s at least going to get to the final match), but you’re still on the edge of your seat with anticipation of HOW. Ken Akumatsu excels in this, and that might be why he has tournaments all over the fucking place. Here I am on volume 30 or so, and already most of the manga has been comprised of the following:

  1. Gigantic Magical Tournament (that was passed off as a special effects tournament)
  2. Bathing scenes
  4. Hot Springs Scenes
  6. Gigantic Actual Magic Tournament (that was actually passed off as magic since it actually took place in fucking magic world or whatever)
  7. Bath Time or Hot Springs Time or Some kind of naked girl time

Besides fighting tournaments, there’s one other element in anime that I love, and that’s TRAINING. Naruto was awesome because of the episodes where Naruto learned cool new shit, and then used his cool new shit to beat the shit out of some bad ass evil dude. The same can be said for…well…most shonen manga actually. I should read more of that…

Anyway, All story outline shit aside, let’s talk about the content, which is what really makes everything gel.

Sure there’s so many God damn characters that I sometime see one and think to myself, “Who the fuck is that person?” And sure Ken Akamatsu’s drawing style makes every person look eerily similar (but I like his style nontheless), but the backstory and infinite character personalities/backstories is so awesome (despite seeming generic when described in a one sentence premise), that one can’t helped but be intrigued.

Whether you’re talking about how Negi ended up learning magic from Eva (evil vampire who’s actually not evil), or how Setsuna is a fucking awesome lesbian who loves Konoka, or how Asuna is actually a magical princess or ho-

Bottomline is. In a world of magic, there’s unlimited possibilities, and when you’re writing, there is unlimited possibilities, and Ken Akamatsu kind of added them together to explode possibilities into a fucking awesome manga that everyone should read now.


Favorite Character

Perfect Couple

Okay, instead of this, I’m going to go ahead and say that if you don’t agree with shipping Setsuna and Konoka REALLY REALLY REALLY HARD, then you suck. At this point, one of the things that I want to see the most is these two girls get together (I don’t want to see them bang per-say……although………no. Okay. Yeah. I just want to see them like…I dunno, become a couple.

Favorite Arc


By far the story got most interesting when they all traveled to fucking Disney World Magic Kingdom Land. One of my favorite parts was when Negi got fucking bad ass awesome dark powers and leveled Jack Rakan, aka most bad ass character in the manga, and then they just started punching each other for fun. I wish I could have a huge brawl with a friend that ended with us just exchanging punches until we got tired/bored. Looks like a lot of fun.

Favorite……idk…Other Thing


Negi’s backstory keeps getting more and more interesting. Asuna is getting involved with everything and her backstory is coming into play, and that’s making my dick get reaaaal hard metaphorically.

Okay, at this point, I’d like to keep going, but this post is almost 1000 words, and that’s absurd. Honestly, I don’t like writing posts this long. I’d rather almost stop the post mid-sentence instead of

12 thoughts on “Negima!…or…What I’ve Been Doing With My Life

  1. I really like how the magic isn’t just a bunch of fancy sort of Latin sounding words (like in that other series with magic). There’s some real research behind it. The lexicon alone makes it my favourite manga.

    Of course, the cool battles and characters do help.

    And the fact that Negi is really just a big nerd that defeats opponents by outsmarting them (most of the times, sometimes just with pure power).

    • I wish they’d release American volumes quicker. I’m still only done with volume 30 and in Japan there’s like 04849 volumes already. Gotta see that movie that came out too…(gotta catch up to the manga first though).

      • Negima is a damn hard manga to translate. It’s wordier than most manga and refers to a lot of mythology which does get explained, but then that explanation has to get translated too. There were some delays after Kodansha took over and the omnibus with vol 1-3 was retranslated too.

        I’m just glad enough the bad translators are gone, really.

  2. Negima is definitely my favorite manga of all time. I love his badass dark I’m-going-to-suck-up-your-power magic. I’m also a really big fan of mahou shoujos so with 13 ish of them, I be happy.

    • The dark magic kicks ass. In fact, I’m pretty sure that any kind of “Dark” powers in any form in any genre always kick ass. I love the fact that a main character has them and not a main villain.

  3. Hey, fucker, guess what else you could be doing with your life? MAKING THE BEST FUCKING PODCAST WITH ME, THAT’S WHAT. FUCK.

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