Working’!! – This Cast Needs To Straighten Up

For anyone who didn’t see the first season (very poor decision by the way), let me fill you in on how it kind of went:

  1. First it was pretty dumb. In fact I’d say that the first 3 episodes were boring and relatively unentertaining.
  2. After that, the show’s enjoyability rating rose not steadily, but EXPONENTIALLY, until, by the end, the Working! was just plain FUCKING AWESOME.
  3. It had everything, characters that ruled, a lesbian with a sword, a badass manager who enjoys sweets, and even Sanji from one piece (well, a carbon copy at least).

After finally watching the first episode of this most anticipated sequel season, I can say that this appears to be starting the same way, in that the first episode was boring, repetitive, and too fucking introductory. I hate when the second season reintroduces the characters. I saw the first season bro, I didn’t forget anything, just get on with it.

I mean, sure Sanji (I can’t remember the cook’s actual name so I’m calling him Sanji) was great when he made fun of Taneshima (did I remember that? Wow……also, I just remembered Sanji’s name is actually Sato. They’re pretty much the same fucking character though. That reminds me, I need to watch some One Piece.)

So that was about it. The characters were re-introduced, and then Sato made Taneshima look like a moron (because she is really. Really. Dumb).

Then Inami got depressed. Big deal. Stop hitting guys you idiot, it’s not cute and it’s getting old.

In fact, everyone in this show needs to grow up:


Inami – Stop hitting guys. Not fucking hard to do. I can quit anything cold turkey, even jerking off (for a while……certainly not a month). If I can stop doing that for a week or two, then you can stop hitting someone guys when you see them. Better yet, get some professional help. Also, how can you have a crush on Takanashi when he’s a dude, and you don’t like dudes? Start making some fucking sense you closet lesbian!

Takanashi – Stop being fucking weird. No one thinks your fetish is cute or funny, you just look like fuck. Maybe it’s best that Inami does continue to hit you. That’s right, you get your ass beat by a girl daily. Time to hit the gym bro.

Taneshima – You’re such an airhead it’s unbelievable. Don’t you have one redeeming quality? Sure you can work hard doing an unskilled profession, but I’m fucking fantastic at that too, it’s not hard. You’re pretty much hopeless at this point. Maybe whore yourself out to guys for a living.

Sato – I kinda like him. He’s in a hopeless situation with Yachiyo, but it’s a hot girl with a samurai  sword, so it’s understandable.

Yachiyo – Step your game up, Kyoko isn’t just gonna wait around forever. You want that pussy you gotta take it!

Kyoko – Ever think that it might be bad for business if you eat all your fucking food that you’re supposed to sell to make a profit? And how are you not fat? … You better start jumping on the Yachiyo bandwagon soon or else.

Soma – Nothing bad to say but nothing good to say either……DO SOMETHING. HAVE SOME KIND OF IMPACT ON THE GOING ONS OF YOUR RESTAURANT. You’re unimportant.

Yamada – “And so I says to her……WHO THE FUCK ARE YOU!? OHHHHHHHH!” (wait, is it a bad idea to put inside jokes in a post when the people who are involved with the jokes will never read said statement? Oh well, I still fucking did it.) Yamada, you can’t just show up at a restaurant, live there, and get a job. Oh wait, apparently you can, because in Japan, standard background checks aren’t needed to get a job. You can just invite yourself into a place, and as long as you forcibly park your ass there and mooch off the workers, you too can be granted work. Go back home and stop referring to yourself in the third person. No one likes you (I kinda do actually).

With all that being said, I have confidence that this season will be awesome……once Shana starts though……God I can’t wait.