My Diary of Watching Anime Drunk



That’s right assholes, I’m going to start a diary, and a tradition of watching anime buzzed, drunk, and even completely shitfaced. YOU KNOW WHAT WOULD BE TOTALLY AWESOME!? WATCHING IT BLACKOUT DRUNK, AND WRITING DOWN WHAT YOU DID! THEN YOU CAN READ WHAT HAPPENED LATER WHEN YOU FORGET!!!!

God damn I’m so excited. I haven’t been this excited since the Hartford Whalers moved back to Hart- what? That didn’t happen yet? WHAT THE FUCK.

So today (well, in context, this was written 2 days ago) no one was home and I decided to drink a bunch of Gin. I’m drunk right now, but not THAT drunk. I can clearly still type (thought not that well….loooooot of backspacing). Let me first point out a few things about being drunk while indulging in anime:

  1. It’s always a really really happy drunk. Like….you can feel the emotion of happiness, and it’s all warm and fuzzy. Wow I just wrote that sentimental piece of shit? I’ must really be Baltic. Wait……we need a definition here:

Baltic (adj): The act of being completely intoxicated.

Example: The people of the Baltic region have nothing to do but drink all day. I mean…they don’t just get drunk…they get BALTIC.

So anyway. drunk anime? REALLY ENJOYABLE. It’s strange, because it’s the most pathetic loserly thing any person could ever do (getting drunk alone with anime? WOW), yet you don’t feel like a loser at all. Kinda weird to me idk…

On to the anime. Today I was catching up with Hanasaku Iroha (ep 17-20 or whatever). I said WAS because after getting to the middle of episode 19 (and drinking throughout), I realized the first, most important thing about drunk anime viewing:

Rule #1: Stick to comedies

Yondemasu yo Azazel-san

Honestly, right now I can’t follow a God damn thing that’s going on, and honestly, I don’t give a shit anyway. I just want to laugh to be amazed by some easy to follow, pointless bullshit. And so I will

*During the time it takes you to read this, I will be getting more drunk (only slightly) and watching more of a different genre of anime*

So I realized I was only on episode 6 of Yondemasuyo, Azazel-san. AWESOME. That shit is FUNNY AS FUCK. AND SHORT!!!! YEAHHHH!!! The funny perverted, crude, sometimes sexual humor is JUST WHAT I NEED! (on a side note, everyone now calls me The Big Hour due to my sexual stamina. It makes me feel pretty good and I’m drunk so I’m allowed to toot my own horn right now….this pos- err….diary is getting a bit long. I’ll finish up.




20 thoughts on “My Diary of Watching Anime Drunk

  1. Holy crap, I should’ve done this a long time ago. Then I can actually cry at sad parts and laugh at funny parts. Damn this emotion suppression I have going on.

  2. This is precisely how I got through Lucky Star and Milky Holmes (except I watched Rucky Sitar with friends). I didn’t write about it though, because I was too busy giggling like an idiot and not giving a shit.

  3. I typically do this while watching terribad anime (well when I’m not on medication that prohibits alcohol :(), sometimes being drunk is the only way to survive since it just makes everything x10 funnier! (I’m also a very happy drunk)

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