Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Worst fucking game I ever bought in my life.

It looked sick. It looked like the kind of game I would like. Instead, I got:

  1. Really slow loading times every 5 minutes. REALLY REALLY slow. Like want to shoot yourself in the face slow.
  2. A situation where, every time I started the game from the previous autosave, I would immediately be shot and killed, and there’s nothing I could do, other than restart the game from the fucking beginning.
  3. Boring, shitty, non-action gameplay.
  4. Obnoxiously, dull story.
  5. Shitty fucking shit.
  6. Awesome augmented arms that don’t do shit.
  7. You die after getting shot like once.
  8. In order to take someone’s dropped ammo, you have to be looking EXACTLY at it and then press X to pick it up. ANNOYING. I’d rather just be able to run over it and have it be picked up automatically. Way to completely stall and interrupt the gameplay.
  9. I paid 50 bucks for this shit!?
That being said, I’ve already  given up, and have no ambition to ever play this piece of shit game ever again. I’d rather shit on my own face. I’m going to sell this piece of shit on ebay and see if I can at least get a few bucks for it. What a GOD DAMN WASTE. I hope the creators of this shit-fuck-up-ass game get fired and forced to live in the streets. I can make a better game than this shit. It’s called fucking tic tac toe. Suck a dick Eidos.