The Rie Quest: Hidan no Aria

Hidan no Aria was a show that I started when it aired, but then somewhere along the line I think I blended it into Dragon Crisis and never finished watching it. So the other day when I was checking my list and saw that I had only watched up to episode 7, I first assumed that I simply never forgot to write down that I finished it. I checked it out though, and low and behold, I really hadn’t finished it.


Of course, now I clearly HAVE finished it (as this is a review of IT), and here’s what I’ve got.

Hidan no Aria was……average.

I mean, I’m a big fan of Rie Kugimiya……some may say I’m completely bias……but honestly, I’m realistic. I’m not going to give this show  5 just because Rie Kugimiya is voicing her classic tsundere role of a character who’s short with no breasts. Here’s what was most wrong:

1. The Old “Just-because-you’re-related-to-some-dude-it-means-you-have-powers-or-something” Trope

Sherlock Homes, Lupin, and Dracula. Who gives a shit about their ancestors? Honestly, I had a real problem with the stupidity of the entire premise……and one girl can move her hair on command just because she’s a descendent of Lupin? Who the fuck is Lupin anyway? (I assume I’ll take some heat for that question). And where the fuck did Vlad (dracula) come from? How come it’s only a select amount of people who get powers from their decedents? There’s been a lot of famous people in the past, so how come everyone doesn’t get powers?

2. The Most Obvious Villain


On to the villian. I knew who the villain was from the second I saw him, and for reference: Any male character with long hair and glasses will almost always be a villain. Using that hunch, I immediately knew who Vlad was the second I saw him. Pretty fuckin obvious.

3. Where’d the Skitsos Go?


Remember Shirayuki and her split personality yandere like attitude that she started out with? What the fuck happened to that? She was one of the reasons why the show started off so well in my opinion. Also, Kinji. He used to go from normal to complete bad ass whenever he popped a boner, but by the end, I couldn’t tell the difference between him in hysteria mode and him normal. Those were probably the two best things about the series. I also didn’t like the powers and stuff…..should’ve kept it all realistic.

In the end this show  started off awesome and then turned into some battle of mythical creatures and decendents with powers. What the fuck is that shit? For that crap, I give you, Hidan no Aria, a


Bill didn't need to be a butei to kick this show's ass.