Steins;Gate – One Day of HOLY SHIT

I waited. I waited and waited and waited.

Since Spring, I’ve been waiting for Stein’s;Gate to finish so that I can marathon the shit out of it. You see, when I see a show that I think is going to be really really good. I like to wait for all of the episodes to air as opposed for waiting a whole week for each individual episode to air. Once I watch one episode, I can’t wait, I need them all.

So, instead of being tortured week to week, my mind consumed with anticipation for an entire summer, I opted to wait. So how do I feel about my decision?

I’m a bigger genius then Makise Kurisu.


Okay using that analogy just made me feel like a huge loser. Whatever, Steins;Gate was fucking awesome.

Sometimes when you finish marathoning a show, you feel great. A good sense of accomplishment. Sometimes that’s accompanied by the feeling or thought of “That was a pretty good show.” And sometimes, when the show is really really really really good, you just can’t stop shaking. I can still barely type, and it’s been at least 4 minutes since I finished Steins;Gate. Let me point out the obvious first real quick;

  1. As I’ve said over and over again, Time Travel, when done well, will yield completely fucking awesome shows. I love time travel, you like time travel. FUCKING AWESOME. Now, while I have my own  thoughts about time travel (and they don’t exactly match up with the theories in S;G), I still love what they did here. BRILLIANT. WE NEED MORE TIME TRAVEL AND LESS FANSERVICE.
  2. Okabe steals the show. Case Closed. One of the coolest male protagonists EVER. Probably my favorite since Tatsuhiro Satō from Welcome to the N.H.K.
  3. Some of these people need to pick up their phones. I feel like whenever Okabe tried to call someone, they didn’t pick up. You got em people, use them!

So on to the main topic which Steins;Gate revolves around and does pretty well: Time Travel.

Time Travel Done RIGHT

In Steins;Gate, they seem to go with the string theory/butterfly effect theory, where when you change something in the past, this and that can happen, which can create many different parallel worlds and such. I’m quite different. To me, the past, present, and future is all one line, and as such, anything in the past can’t be changed, because here in the present, we already know how the past went. I’ve explained this before and it’s boring and dumb so I’m not going to waste time again. Pretty much, recorded history is recorded.

The strange thing is, usually if a show doesn’t match up with my idea of thinking on time travel, I’m never really a big fan. But fuck me if Steins;gate wasn’t fucking awesome. They gave an explanation of how the time travel of the anime was going to work, and they followed it for the most part. One part that was kind of meh:

At the end, Okabe goes back and….whoops, he kills Kurisu. I loved that, because I saw it coming since episode 1. But then he goes back AGAIN and does it over, the right way…..technically, when he went back the second time, shouldn’t he have run into himself from the first time he went back in time? That wasn’t confusing or anything.

The facts are these: Steins;Gate was filled with BAM moments, Time Travel, Awesome characters ranging from Mad Scientists to people speaking Engrish, and it makes you fuckin think, which a lot of anime can’t do now a days (I just said now a days……wow I’m old). I’m still shaking, and I’ just finished this review (almost). Now, with all of this said, it would be damn fuckin inappropriate of me NOT to give Steins;Gate a


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