Steins;Gate – One Day of HOLY SHIT

I waited. I waited and waited and waited.

Since Spring, I’ve been waiting for Stein’s;Gate to finish so that I can marathon the shit out of it. You see, when I see a show that I think is going to be really really good. I like to wait for all of the episodes to air as opposed for waiting a whole week for each individual episode to air. Once I watch one episode, I can’t wait, I need them all.

So, instead of being tortured week to week, my mind consumed with anticipation for an entire summer, I opted to wait. So how do I feel about my decision?

I’m a bigger genius then Makise Kurisu.


Okay using that analogy just made me feel like a huge loser. Whatever, Steins;Gate was fucking awesome.

Sometimes when you finish marathoning a show, you feel great. A good sense of accomplishment. Sometimes that’s accompanied by the feeling or thought of “That was a pretty good show.” And sometimes, when the show is really really really really good, you just can’t stop shaking. I can still barely type, and it’s been at least 4 minutes since I finished Steins;Gate. Let me point out the obvious first real quick;

  1. As I’ve said over and over again, Time Travel, when done well, will yield completely fucking awesome shows. I love time travel, you like time travel. FUCKING AWESOME. Now, while I have my own  thoughts about time travel (and they don’t exactly match up with the theories in S;G), I still love what they did here. BRILLIANT. WE NEED MORE TIME TRAVEL AND LESS FANSERVICE.
  2. Okabe steals the show. Case Closed. One of the coolest male protagonists EVER. Probably my favorite since Tatsuhiro Satō from Welcome to the N.H.K.
  3. Some of these people need to pick up their phones. I feel like whenever Okabe tried to call someone, they didn’t pick up. You got em people, use them!

So on to the main topic which Steins;Gate revolves around and does pretty well: Time Travel.

Time Travel Done RIGHT

In Steins;Gate, they seem to go with the string theory/butterfly effect theory, where when you change something in the past, this and that can happen, which can create many different parallel worlds and such. I’m quite different. To me, the past, present, and future is all one line, and as such, anything in the past can’t be changed, because here in the present, we already know how the past went. I’ve explained this before and it’s boring and dumb so I’m not going to waste time again. Pretty much, recorded history is recorded.

The strange thing is, usually if a show doesn’t match up with my idea of thinking on time travel, I’m never really a big fan. But fuck me if Steins;gate wasn’t fucking awesome. They gave an explanation of how the time travel of the anime was going to work, and they followed it for the most part. One part that was kind of meh:

At the end, Okabe goes back and….whoops, he kills Kurisu. I loved that, because I saw it coming since episode 1. But then he goes back AGAIN and does it over, the right way…..technically, when he went back the second time, shouldn’t he have run into himself from the first time he went back in time? That wasn’t confusing or anything.

The facts are these: Steins;Gate was filled with BAM moments, Time Travel, Awesome characters ranging from Mad Scientists to people speaking Engrish, and it makes you fuckin think, which a lot of anime can’t do now a days (I just said now a days……wow I’m old). I’m still shaking, and I’ just finished this review (almost). Now, with all of this said, it would be damn fuckin inappropriate of me NOT to give Steins;Gate a


See Grading System Here

Bill tried 35 times to go back in time and change the fact that he got his ass kicked, but you can't escape the Attractor Field Convergence.

28 thoughts on “Steins;Gate – One Day of HOLY SHIT

  1. I should probably write my own review soon…

    So how about that Steins;Gate movie announcement at the end? It’ll be forever until it comes out, but it’ll be fucking awesome.

  2. The VN-esque ‘dating route’ episodes with Feyris and Ruka bothered me a bit, but other than that I’m with you completely. High-fives and hugs etc.

    Also, wouldn’t avoiding a show you’d like to see (and keep hearing everyone talking about) until it’s finished airing just be a different kind of tortue? Seems like it to me!

    • Ruka bothered me as a whole….except it was funny when he turned into a girl and Okabe had no clue.

      No see. I just ignore the fact that it exists, and if I hear people talking about it…..well…..let’s be honest I’m never going to HEAR anyone around me talking about it….but basically the only way I’ll see any talk about it would be going on Anime Nano, which I still did, but seeing a post title doesn’t bother me.

  3. Nice to see I’m not the only one who held off watching this show for the purpose of marathoning. Unfortunately, I haven’t gotten around to watching it yet, but I have them all and I’m ready!

  4. you are very annoying about time travel…. I think you just have to face the fact that it is completely impossible and no matter what it doesnt make sense… like the more you try to dissect it the more it doesnt make sense.. so you should just accept it as sci-fi and enjoy what shows do with it (as long as they are consistent of course).

    • Neutrinos faster than light HOW YOU FEEL ABOUT THAT MANG

      I actually marathoned the series for the last five episodes too (not before that cause frankly the episodes before that sucked, especially the harem arc, seriously I cannot imagine sitting through all of that for two hours) and it was pretty awesome.

      They don’t actually go with the butterfly effect though because of attractor fields and shit and string theory’s got nothing to do with anything son. Also, the second time he went back was in a different timeline from the first time he went back – that’s why when he keeps on going back in time to save Mayuri, he doesn’t see himself again, because he’s in a different timeline. You could also argue that there is also only one timeline, and it’s Rintarou’s timeline – because if you look at the timeline with Steins;Gate episode 1 as the first event and episode 24 as the final event, it’s still a timeline and it still makes sense.



      • It’s one timeline that’s the easiest to understand I like it.

        I thought that the whole series was awesome all the way through, even with the harem shit. I can deal with harem shit even if it’s shit. I mean, if it’s really really cliche AND unfunny or something than I’m gonna be pissed but if it’s really really cliche and done well then I like it and that’s all I have to say.

        Fuck a format.

  5. The Problem I had with the time travel mechanics was that, while they did manage to send the D-mails to the past, Okabe always apeared at around the same time in the new world line, so it would have been more acurate to call it trans-dimensional travel as each world line was a new dimension, and all the world lines exist parallel to each other. So, they never changed the past per say, but instead moved to a dimension where it had already happened.

    Other then that, I am dammned satisfied.

  6. Well steins gate was definitely really something – and was insanely captivating…I still have yet to watch the last episode (I WANT KURISU BACK!!!). In this show, which such mellow characters, then only ones who I didn’t like was mr. Braun, & the hacker. Everyone else did a great job…seriously. But anyways along time no post, hope you’re doing alright

    • How can you have not finished it yet I watched it almost in one sitting can’t stop once you start fucking unreal series.

      I’ve been postin all month son what you know about progress?

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  8. just started this show. there are many words to refer to it. commonly converge in ‘crazy’ ‘weird’ ‘abnormal’ and spanish words that make no sense on other languages.

    • just finished it. there was no other way than a Marathon coz the series is so good, there is that constant feeling of ‘i need to see what fuking happens next!!!’ and i fell in love with Makise Kurisu, and finally a good series have a good ending! i consider such a think rare on animes. (or it used to be rare and its good now on most moder series?) will read your post now.

  9. I finished reading. I bless my genius becoz there was a huge spoiler in there (the very very END of the series). I loved the love declaration, most animes stall before that step, can become very close, but there’s never a confesion, and lets dont speak about a proper kiss. That was refreshing, specked and supremaly late-in-the-show, but good never the less, (is the reason i have seen too much shonen? in which those love affairs dont occur).

    about the time travel, it was well executed, except perhaps, the end. I liked their approximation very much, coz its multiuniverse plus buttlerfly efect (corupted time line) and also features not one, BUT TREE ways of time travel!! the D-mail, the ‘send your memories back in time to yourself’ and the actual old school ‘get into the machine and go back’. they take analogies with movies ‘back to the future’ , ‘the time machine’ and ‘butterfly efect’.

    I particular saw ‘the time machine’ movie clearly when he tried again and again to save her beloved Mayuri, but he cant. in ‘the time machine’ they explain it saying that its a paradox, becoz her dying was the cause for him going back in time, has her be saved and theres no time trivel, hence no one to save her, hence: paradox. the take this idea and twist it saying there such a think as ‘Alpha’ and ‘Beta’ lines, in the Alpha Mayuri dies, always, in the Beta, she dont, but Kurisu dies… i have never been fan of ‘the time machine’ interpretation of time travel, so im glad the dont just trew that paradox shit on my face and we was able to evitate her dead.

    the ‘butterfly efect’ references are obvius, mostly in the D-mail stuff, but also on the ‘time leap’ method. This last with a twist: he doesn’t return to the moment he made the time leap, like in ‘the butterfly effect’, hence the movie parallels the D-mail method much closer.

    ‘back to the future’ references are clear when they actually have a machine that can go ‘back and forth’ and the multiple time lines take in the show.

    my take on time travels is similar. but i only have think of actual ‘time travel inside machine’ case: when you go back lets say 2 years past, the time-space duplicates perfectly, with a twist: you (time traveler) are there in a certain time on past (in a duplicated time-line), and no future is determined and you can change it big or small. 2 cases:

    A) you make little to no changes: hence, the world will run exactly as you know by history for the next 2 years. say perhaps you stayed one hour and you ‘back to the future’ to an hour latter you departed to past, nothing have changed.

    B) you make changes enough to prevent your DUPLICATE self to engage in time travel ‘ever’ that means if you go ‘back to the future’ to that one-hour-after-travel you will find ‘yourself’, in the world. your duplicate had not engaged in time travel and your TWO share the same time space ever, (provided no more time travels occur to any of you). also there is no paradox, you can talk to your duplicate with no extraordinary universe threatening consequences.

    final grade: A (as in 5/5)

    • For me there are two types of time travel:

      1) Whatever happened in the past can’t be changed. Example: You want to go back in time and kill Hitler before the war. Obviously, you will fail, because here in 2012, we have it recorded that the war did happen and Hitler was not killed before. Perhaps you want to go back in time and become King of the World. We know that you will fail, because no where in our History books does it say something like, “In 1894, Glothelegend became King of the World.”

      2) Rewinding time. In this case, you’re rewinding time itself, so as you go back in time, you erase everything. For example, if you go back to 1970, you completely erase anything that has happened in the 2000s, 1990s, and 1980s, meaning that history can be changed, since it doesn’t exist anymore. Basically, you make the past the present. In this way, only one person can go back in time, because once he goes back, he erases all technology of the time machine, as well as other people who know of it. This eliminates the possibility of going back in time and seeing a version of you that has already gone back in time.

      The craziest thing I think of is going back in time and teaching yourself something. That would mean that you’re teaching yourself something that you learned from yourself. CRAZY.

      • yes. in your number 2 in ‘the craziest think…’ is called the ‘bootstrap paradox’ where you cant really tell where the fuck came the very first piece of knowledge witch you used to teach your past self. after rethinking the series, i have to add this very same paradox to the whole series, and all the other movie references, ARE by force contained into a BIG bootstrap paradox. we can only get and the end: that poor ‘past self Rintaro Okabe’ will repeat EVERY single situation we saw on the series, the and probably the ‘present self Rintaro’ will help this new-self by sending the very same video to past. is very confusing coz you cant get how the whole loop started. is either a paradox or a closed time loophole; thats anothe crazy theory.

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