The Rie Quest: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the……wait, Rie Kugimiya was in this? I never noticed her. BITCH WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT VOICE ACTING!?


Rie Kugimiya is more versatile than you know son. You might be used to seeing her play short tsundere bitches with no tits, but she can do more than that. Bitch what you know about large titted vampire freaks!?


Hysterica? Really? I could tell, then again, I’m a connoisseur of Rie Kugimiya’s voice. But enough about how awesome Rie Kugimiya actually is. How about the show itself?

I heard a lot of rumbling about this show early on, saying how bad it was. One thing I thought was good were the seiyuu, mainly that of Mina Tepes, because she made me actually believe that Mina Tepes was older than she looked. Yet still, people seemed to not enjoy the show.

Fuck all that noise, DitVB was pretty damn good. A solid show anyway, and anyone who thinks otherwise can suck my dick. Since this show ended ages ago, and nobody’s probably going to read this post, I’m going to keep it kind of short. How short?


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Bill couldn’t make it to this review in time, because it was so quick.