The Rie Quest: Dance in the Vampire Bund

Dance in the……wait, Rie Kugimiya was in this? I never noticed her. BITCH WHAT YOU KNOW ABOUT VOICE ACTING!?


Rie Kugimiya is more versatile than you know son. You might be used to seeing her play short tsundere bitches with no tits, but she can do more than that. Bitch what you know about large titted vampire freaks!?


Hysterica? Really? I could tell, then again, I’m a connoisseur of Rie Kugimiya’s voice. But enough about how awesome Rie Kugimiya actually is. How about the show itself?

I heard a lot of rumbling about this show early on, saying how bad it was. One thing I thought was good were the seiyuu, mainly that of Mina Tepes, because she made me actually believe that Mina Tepes was older than she looked. Yet still, people seemed to not enjoy the show.

Fuck all that noise, DitVB was pretty damn good. A solid show anyway, and anyone who thinks otherwise can suck my dick. Since this show ended ages ago, and nobody’s probably going to read this post, I’m going to keep it kind of short. How short?


See my grading system here

Bill couldn’t make it to this review in time, because it was so quick.


24 thoughts on “The Rie Quest: Dance in the Vampire Bund

    • Hhahaha manchest. At least she wasn’t really ever naked. I mean, the way people were talking I assumed I’d get a bunch of constant child nudity which I do not want in my….well……anything.

  1. You sly devil. Your rating system always throws me for a loop. I keep thinking.. 5? For the likes of this? And then I remember you also have a 5* and 5^^. I used to like the manga more, but the manga’s really turned out to be a emo shitfest. And I don’t use words like “emo” or “shitfest” lightly. The anime probably did the right thing by just ending on a weird note.

      • Go for it. You might enjoy it more. But so far I’m wishing it was more actively about ruthless vampire politics, rather than one werewolf’s exceptionally melodramatic backstory catching up to him in the present, with vague hints that it has something to do with vampire politics.

        Yeah, your rating system’s fine, stick with what works for you. Just throws me for a loop 🙂

  2. I will always remember the final episode and how everyone saluted the dude with a woof. I lost it there. I’d been with it sort of up to that point, I dug the Kobayashi yu anime original candy eating werewolf chick and the first ep was pretty boss, but I couldn’t handle the woofing salute, it was just too absurd. Everything I thought was quality about DitVB came crumbling down in that moment and it became my lasting impression of the show.

    • I could never get into the manga because the series was so God awful. Anytime I’m reminded of anything related to D. Gray Man I’m also immediately reminded of shit.

      It’s like when you drink a lot of Captain Morgan and then throw up all night. You can’t have Captain Morgan, even if it’s a different kind, for years, because you immediately want to throw up.

  3. The first couple of episodes made me rage. It feels like I was cheated since I honestly looking forward to the show. I guess you already know that I dropped this after that 2nd episodes. But since you give it a 5, I think I should give this one another chance.

    tbh, I have problem with the loli is all.

  4. Next to Shiki, this was my favorite vampire anime of 2010. for the life of me I still think all the reasons people bash this show are petty and pathetic. For pete’s sakes, go whine and bitch about something that deserves it, like Astarotte’s toy or something. Pathetic mortals and their nonsensical logic…if you can even call it that. Okay I’ll stop now.

    • Liked Shiki a lot. But I feel like DitVB was good enough where it would be tough for me to pick a favorite. I really liked the SHAFTiness, which I’ve been starting to get sick of of late.

      I don’t know any real roles that Aoi Yuuki has done besides her roles in Hyakka Ryouran: Samurai Girls (did not like character), Durarara (awesome job), obviously Dance in the Vampire Bund (absolutely AMAZING job), Akikan (did not like character), Shiki (good), and Shikabane Hime (awesome show, can’t remember her role)……okay that’s actually a decent amount of roles (not as many as Kugimiya though!).

      There’s a lot of female seiyuu I really like. Rie Kugimiya of course. But then there’s the OTHER Rie, Rie Tanaka, who’s my second favorite. She’s a babe, and she voices a lot of different types of characters, including Maria, who is the 2nd best female character of all time:

    • If you read the manga and it was different then maybe I can see where you’re coming from. I thought it was solid all the way around. It wasn’t mind blowing or anything, but solid.

      I mean, it wasn’t as bad as Bakemonogatari. That show was a piece of shit.

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